C  A  R  E  E  R  S

Our Teams

With over 30 years of appliance expertise we strive to ensure our customers get their perfect bespoke kitchen package, with the best service from start to finish, partnered with the best possible price. Our staff are not only incredibly knowledgeable and friendly, they are passionate about what they do.

They strive to give our customers the best possible service from the initial sales enquiry all the way through to delivery. Our staff are valuable assets to this company and without them Appliance City wouldn’t be a successful business. They work above and beyond everyday to give our customers a first class experience every time.

J  O  I  N    O  U  R    T  E  A  M 


A small hand picked team of friendly, knowledgeable and hard working individuals who put their customers needs first providing them with nothing other than a first class service, expert advice and the best possible prices.

A busy and cheerful atmosphere, sales is where the journey begins. Working well as individuals but even better as a team, our sales team are unbeatable! Passionate, proud and full of love for the appliances. Our sales team take a personable approach, building relationships with the customers. Could you see yourself working with the best?

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Our marketing team are always striving to move the business forward. Marketing the business successfully requires a team of passionate and hardworking individuals to be at the top of their game, 100% of the time.

With a brand refresh and a new website, our marketing team have worked incredibly hard to give our customers the best possible web experience, with newly updated brand and product content, quick & easy navigation and the ability to compare numerous products with ease. Passion, pride and love of the appliances, is reflected in the way we market.

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Customer Care

Our customer care team are a patient and diligent team who work conscientiously to find a resolution as quickly and efficiently as they can. They work to their best ability to give each individual customer the after sales care they truly deserve.

We care about all our customers, so whether they are right or wrong we just want to make them happy and give them the best possible outcome. We encourage our teams to work together, so sales and customer care often work hand in hand to ensure the customer gets their desired outcome with the highest level of attention and care.

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Our logistics team ensure all routes are precisely planned, not only to benefit the customers but for it to make logical sense for the drivers too.

They have a great knowledge of the routes within mainland UK ensuring every customer receives their goods on the right day and time specified. Working very closely with sales, they are the go to team for all postal code information and any delivery enquiries.

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Our warehouse team operate behind the scenes to ensure all vans are carefully loaded, all stock is checked and that everything runs like clockwork.

We pride ourselves on ensuring every customer receives their boxed appliance undamaged. So, with that in mind, we take great care when it comes to damaged items, we always ensure any damaged packaging doesn’t leave the warehouse.

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Our delivery drivers are important to us and immensely valued. They are the face of Appliance City, the final port of call for the customer.

Always happy, polite and smiling our drivers give the best possible service, leaving a lasting impression on our customers, ensuring we are their first port of call in the future. Our customers can’t thank our delivery drivers enough for their conscientious efforts.

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