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About AEG

AEG was founded in 1883 in Berlin. AEG initially produced electrical equipment before venturing into many other markets. AEG played an important part in German railway history. The company was involved on the development and manufacture of the electrical parts of almost all German electric locomotive series and contributed to the introduction of electrical power in German railways. Now AEG are a very popular home appliance brand, bringing a wide range of cooking, laundry and refrigeration products to market.

AEG ProClean

AEG ProClean is a new generation of dishwashers. Each ProClean machine has five spray levels and an innovative satellite spray which ensures that your dishes will always be perfectly clean. This superior cleaning method reaches the corners of your dishwasher by whirling around them – something that other dishwashers might miss. AEG machines are also great at removing food residue so there is no longer any need for pre-washing your dishes.

Get superior cleaning results using just half the water of a regular dishwasher. The new WaterSave system is one of the most water-efficient systems on the market. During each cycle, some water is saved in a storage tank to re-use in the prewash phase of the next cycle. ProClean™ saves 2,100 litres per year compared to a standard dishwasher – that’s 12 bathtubs of water. So if you want to save the pennies and have cleaner than clean dishes a ProClean dishwasher is the perfect choice.

AEG Steambake

AEG, have a new range of multifunctional single ovens with SteamBake, which is the secret to a great bake. By pouring 100ml water into the shallow well at the bottom of
the oven, and pressing the SteamBake button, Yorkshire puddings will always be golden brown, muffins will be soft and moist, and bread will rise higher and have a crispier crust.

The SteamBake function adds steam at the beginning of the baking process. The steam cooking keeps the dough moist on the surface to create a golden colour and tasty crust on your bakes, while the heart stays soft and tender. It also enables higher performance and increases energy efficiency. The hot air fan system ensures hot air circulates evenly throughout the oven cavity, for a cooking process that is faster and more energy efficient.

AEG ÖKOMix Technology

AEG ÖKOMix technology gets the very best out of your detergent and fabric softener. Unlike the average washing machine, it pre-mixes detergent and softener with water outside of the drum. So when this solution reaches your clothes it’s distributed evenly across every single fibre. This gives the same performance of a 40° wash at a gentler 30°. So your clothes will always feel cleaner, more protected and noticeably softer.

ÖKOMix isn’t just kind to your clothes, it helps the environment too! The ability to wash at 30° means you get the deepest, most thorough clean at the gentlest temperature. So you can enjoy having your clothes look and feel like they are brand new, wash after wash.