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About Britannia

Britannia, a premium brand in it’s own right was established in 1995. They were one of the first companies to introduce range cookers to the UK and have dedicated themselves to providing quality range cookers and built in appliances ever since.

This makes Britannia one of the top brands in the world of range cookers. So you can rest assured that you will get the best quality and great customer care with Britannia.


The Britannia Delphi which comes in several sizes, boasts professional features to help you master the art of cooking. With a quick start, meat probe, heavy duty shelves and telescopic runners as standard, the Delphi is Britannia’s flagship model and will quickly become the heart of your home. The Delphi is available in a variety of standard colours and finishes to suit all kitchens. Choose your own shade of cooker colours with the Britannia ColourRange – make your range cooker a one of a kind.

Q Line…

The Britannia Q Line available with a stainless steel or gloss black finish, has an impressive appearance equalled only by its exceptional performance too. The Q Line is an A-rated range cooker which also comes with telescopic runners (grill compartment) and a soft-close storage drawer as standard, creating a high-quality feel and making the Q line a joy to cook with.

The Q Line comes in 90cm and 100cm either single, twin or XG so perfect for any kitchen. Create your own colour range cooker with Britannia’s ColourRange – make your cooker reflect your individual style.


If your after a modern range cooker with sleek style, Britannia quality and at a great affordable price then the Britannia Stanza is the cooker for you. Britannia’s 90cm and 100cm dual fuel models work wonderfully in any kitchen and home. Plus with Quickstart technology, 5kW wok burners plus a fully automatic programmer and minute minder function they certainly fit the bill when it comes to tasty features.

The Stanza comes in stainless steel and gloss black as standard although much like the Delphi and the Q Line, you can create your own colour with Britannia’s ColourRange option.


The britannia Fleet range cooker is not only elegant in its appearance and professional in functionality, it has curved windows and a gloss finish which have a more traditional appeal. The A-rated cooker comes with heavy duty shelves, telescopic runners and a soft close drawer. The Fleet features a full-size grill in every oven, nine-function cooking, Quickstart technology and stay-clean oven liners.

The Fleet comes in a variation of sizes and colours, available in gloss cream, gloss black and stainless steel as standard. However if you fancy something a bit different you can create your own cooker colour with Britannia’s ColourRange.

Britannia Oven Features...

Britannia range cookers are available in four product families, offering different styles, features and benefits to suit the requirements of all cooking enthusiasts.

The Britannia Delphi, Q Line, Stanza and Fleet range cookers are all built to the same high quality specification and to suit different kitchen styles.

Bottom element only

This element is suitable for the slow cooking of perfect winter warmers like stews and casseroles and for cooking tasty pizzas and sweet or savoury flans at high temperatures.

Conventional cooking

This element is suitable for roasting succulent meats for those perfect roast dinners and homemade baking on one shelf only, e.g. bread, fruitcakes.

Fan assisted grilling

This fan assisted grill directs heat downwards. The fan then circulates the hot air, reducing the need to baste and turn. Ideal function for cooking meats like chops, sausages etc.

Fan assisted oven

The fan assisted oven feature is the most suitable function for frozen potato products and breaded or battered fish and chicken. Perfect if you like to cook from frozen often.

Pizza function

The pizza function is great for giving you the perfect pizza. The lower element ensures a perfectly cooked base, while a gentle all-round heat browns the topping. Perfection.

Quickstart and defrost

Quickstart function provides a fast preheat system, 0-200°c in 6 minutes in a 60cm oven. Defrost ensures safe defrosting of smaller items such as fish and poultry pieces.

Top element only

The top element generates a more delicate heat and is generally used for browning dishes such as lasagne, moussaka, cottage pie, cheese toppings on gratin dishes.

Traditional grilling

Traditional grilling is suitable for filling snacks such as crumpets, muffins, teacakes and Welsh rarebit. Browned round the edges and soft in the middle – the perfect snack.

True fan oven

A true fan oven allows several kinds of food to be cooked at the same time on several shelves, e.g. batch baking of cakes, biscuits or party foods like sausage rolls and pizza.

Britannia Rotisserie

Britannia’s rotisserie is a superb way to cook pork, chicken, duck and other game birds with even cooking, succulent meat on the inside and a crispy skin on the out.

The rotisserie uses the grill element of the oven meaning minimal spitting which enables you to maintain a cleaner oven cavity. The rotisserie comes with every Britannia, except the 120cm cooker.

More than just cooking...

In addition to Britannia’s cooking quality, they have two fridge freezer ranges which are designed to keep your food fresh and full of flavour.

First of all, the American style Montana is available in four colours to complement your oven range. Also, the new A+ Breeze range is available in a variety of configurations and stylish colours.