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About Elica..

Elica’s story is an Italian story that has long crossed over geographical boundaries: Elica is appreciated and recognised worldwide as a symbol of Made in Italy quality, know-how and design, its name synonymous with appliances featuring high-level technology and innovation.

Passion, innovative thinking, sharing, energy channelled into constantly achieving new goals: these are the factors that make up the Elica philosophy, experienced and lived through daily in every single phase of production.

Elica have a truly beautiful extraction range that suits all kitchen styles, colours and taste. If you want a first class extraction hood that oozes elegance, style and class then an Elica hood is one you should consider. Elica strive to ensure we have the best designed air inside our kitchens with its innovative cooking hoods and new products for air purification and fragrance diffusion, Elica is its first architect.

Elica BIO

Bio is the new Elica hood that maintains traditional lines while being, at the same time, innovative. Satin white paired with natural wood, allows for great versatility, making it go together with any space.

This Elica hood becomes a one of a kind element of design, blending together nature with top Elica home technology, in terms of aspiration, noise levels and filtering efficiency.

The Bio is designed to be either wall mounted or island, it is modular and can be adapted thanks to its shelves, which make it completely able to blend in with the rest of your kitchen layout.

It has an innovative feature called Tune-White degrees, which allows you to regulate the tone of white of the lighting, in order to adapt the hood light with other kitchen lighting, thus creating the best environment according to your taste and needs.

It is also operated by a touch control on transparent elements, designed to ensure maximum comfort. Equipped with tablet/smartphone support and a USB charger, it also includes sensor technology, which allows for the best automatic aspiration of vapors.

Snap Air Quality Balancer

Snap ‘Air Quality Balancer’ by Elica is an innovative product for aspiration of bad air, and is able to monitor and improve the quality of the air in your indoor environments automatically by calibrating the device according to your needs and expectations.

The air inside our home is more polluted than the outdoor air, because every activity that we carry out within the home has a negative impact on indoor air quality. Whether it’s air born viruses, pet smells or general germs, our indoor air is contaminated by these.

The three sensors constantly monitor the quality, humidity and temperature of your air. Snap can be activated either automatically, or whenever you need it. Its motor can completely recycle the air in a 25sqm room, in an impressive 30 minutes.

Snap communicates with the outside of your house through a hole in the wall, by means of which it removes unpleasant odours, pollutants and excess vapours from your house. Snap can do it without any heat dispersion and preventing insects or other unpleasant ‘guests’ from getting into your house.

Elica Cirrus

Meet the exquisite Elica Cirrus. In white glass with stainless steel, it could be mistaken for a stunning piece of art. With 3 speed settings plus boost, controlled by remote control, this will clear a steamy kitchen extremely quickly. 2 LED strips illuminate the cooker below, bathing it in an aura of light. Elica have delivered something really special here.

Elica Ascent

This superb chimney style cooker hood from Elica boasts a 625m³/645m³ per hour extraction rate. This unit is designed for ducted extraction but can also be used for recirculation with optional charcoal filters. Available in 90cm or 60cm and finished in the choice of stainless steel, white or black it will create a real focal point in your kitchen.

Elica Hidden

This Elica stainless steel and white glass cooker hood is a slab chimney hood which is hidden in a cupboard so it looks like a canopy hood. It has an extraction rate of 580m³ per hour and is designed to be ducted through an external wall but can also be operated in recirculation mode with the use of optional charcoal filters. Available in 60cm, 90cm and 120cm wide.

Elica Sleek

This extractor hood from Elica offers new design solutions in kitchens with a minimalist style. Sleek offers excellent performance, with extraction up to 600m³ per hour. Available in stainless steel and stainless steel/white glass finishes, with LED diffused lighting and touch controls. The Sleek is elegantly enclosed in the cabinet. It’s available in 52/73cm wide.


Elica’s Tèchne hoods are the ultimate expression of technology and innovation at the service of those who love cooking and entertaining at home. The air-suction systems, lighting and interactivity of Elica’s new Tèchne hoods respond with intelligence, simplicity and maximum efficiency to the concrete needs of everyday life in the kitchen.

Low noise level

The high-performance, super-silent Elica Tèchne hoods have an intake capacity of over 700 m³/h and low levels of noise – between 55 and 60 dBA at full speed. Performance and silence to ensure excellent levels of functioning and improve air quality and comfort. Elica’s new Techne hoods are a perfect and essential appliance for every kitchen.


Elica’s Tèchne hoods are equipped with intelligent sensors for the recognition of the quantity of steam and the consequent self-regulation of the air suction mode. In other words the hood recognises the cooking mode activated on the cooktop in real time and acts accordingly, adopting the optimal level of functioning in relation to the quantity of steam present.

The filter

The new Revolution Filter is the result of Elica research. It represents a major innovation applied to the filtering of odours. The new hoods with the Revolution Filter reach a filtration level of 82% compared to a market average of 60%. The new Elica hood filters have the ability to regenerate and last up to 3 years with some simple home maintenance.

The lighting

The new cooker hoods are designed to provide alternative ways to illuminate the kitchen depending on needs, habits and lifestyle, to ensure well-being, harmony and comfort in every home. The new GK Changing function installed in the LED strip makes it possible for you to select the hood lighting by standardising it. The Dimmer allows you to further adjust.