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About Gorenje…

Gorenje was founded in 1950, and is the largest Slovenian manufacturer of white goods, with a continent wide market share of 4%, it is one of the eight largest manufacturers of home appliances in Europe.

Since the company’s beginnings in 1950, Gorenje has expanded into a multinational corporation and the Gorenje Group currently includes 83 companies.

Gorenje have a couple of great ranges such as Gorenje + and the Retro Collection which
are becoming increasingly popular in the world of kitchen appliances.

Retro Collection…

The Gorenje Retro Collection brings a splash of colour to your kitchen. The vintage design can add romance to your kitchen, chic in your urban abode and funky in your party room. Each retro refrigeration in these amazing collections boasts a striking appearance, optimal space usage and all features one would expect from a cooling and freezing appliance. No matter what colour you decide to go for, these modern icons are an instant hit wherever they are.

The Retro Collection consists of the Romantic, Chic and Funky range bringing to you an array of bright, elegant and classic colours.


A line of exclusive built-in appliances…

Gorenje+ line of appliances takes the advantages most appreciated by advanced and demanding home chefs. The Gorenje+ boasts state-of-the-art technological solutions, improved functionality and capacity, exclusive appearance, and high level of warranty and after-sales services. Gorenje+ are designed with home chefs in mind who want to add another plus to their lives, to make cooking the ultimate experience everyday.

Gorenje HomeMade…

Gorenje HomeMade ovens have a rounded shape making it one of the most beneficial Gorenje ovens. Inspired by traditional wood-burning ovens, it enables the hot air to move around freely giving more even cooking. Your food is cooked more evenly and from all sides, making your dishes perfect every time. Crispy and golden on the outside yet juicy and succulent on the inside.

In superior models of the HomeMade ovens this shape is combined with the MultiFlow 360 ventilation system which enables baking on all 5 levels. And PureSteam which cooks your food solely with steam for the healthier alternative to cooking.