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About NEFF…

Founded in 1877 in Germany, Neff is proud of its manufacturing and engineering heritage. Through a number of firsts such as introducing the induction cooker in Europe in 1957 and continuous innovation, Neff grew and became a highly regarded manufacturer.

Today, pioneering technologies such as Vitafresh™, Slide&Hide™ and Variostream™ have kept Neff as a high quality brand for home appliances.

After its appearance on ‘The Great British Bake Off’ the Neff Slide&Hide oven has become a particularly popular buy amongst home owners due to its clever sliding door and stunning appearance.

Neff Slide&Hide Oven

The Neff Slide&Hide is an oven with a disappearing door which is completely unique to Neff. The actual access to the oven cavity is uninhibited making it much safer and easier to use.

The Slide&Hide provides a great space saving solution, so less trip ups or near miss accidents.

Neff Circotherm

Neff Circotherm means you can cook a three course meal at the same time with multi-level cooking and even better than that, there is no intermingling of smells and flavours. Circotherm also means faster cooking with no pre-heating of the oven. If you want better cooking results this enables even heat transference through the oven cavity and no loss of heat when opening the oven door.


Neff Vitafresh

Neff VitaFresh® 0˚C comprises two humidity zones. The dry section maintains 50% humidity to preserve meat and fish, whilst the moist zone at 90% humidity extends the life of  salad, fruit and vegetables.

In these conditions, the vitamins and nutrients of food are preserved for up to 3 times longer. Keeping your food like it has just been picked for longer. Storing these separate foods within these zones also prevents intermingling of smells.

Neff VarioSteam

Neff Vario Steam adds just the right amount of moisture to dishes by adding steam at three intensity levels for baking, roasting or just heating.

Foods come out with a more intense flavour and an appetising appearance. Really enhancing your foods to create the perfect crisp yet tender, flavoursome creations, making your cooking experience one to be loved and embraced daily.