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About Siemens…

Siemens was found in 1847 in Germany as a telegraph manufacturer before expanding rapidly and entering many more industries such as producing aeroplanes during world war I.

Today Siemens are involved in a number of different products, such as high speed trains and wind turbines and are one of the largest engineering companies in Europe.

Siemens home appliances offer innovative technology and design. Features such as Zeolith® and Home Connect ensure Siemens home appliances are environmentally conscious and completely flexible, allowing you to operate them from anywhere in the world!

Siemens SensoFresh

You can’t prevent your clothes from picking up odours when you’re out and about enjoying the moment – but that’s no problem with Siemens SensoFresh.

Thanks to the use of active oxygen, you can now remove odours quickly in your washing machine, without using water or detergent. Even for sensitive dry-clean only clothes or textiles that aren’t meant to be washed.

The use of active oxygen marks the latest revolution in laundry care. The new Washing Machines with the sensoFresh System provide the ideal solution to refresh almost any type of textile without using water or detergent. Whether it comes to odours or germs – active oxygen removes them easily and thoroughly, providing pleasantly fresh clothes and outstanding hygiene. Its so easy to now make your clothes smell as fresh as they did at the beginning of the day, at any time during the day.

Siemens zeolith

Sparkling results with Siemens Zeolith technology. Economical drying and brilliant shine – Siemens unique Zeolith technology makes it possible.

Zeolith is a natural mineral that is capable of absorbing moisture due to its special surface and converting this in to thermal energy. The Zeolith mineral then emits this energy therefore drying your dishes quickly and energy efficiently.

This leaves your dishes gleaming and smear free. The perfect outcome for shiny and sparkling dishes every time.

Siemens Home Connect

As innovation moves on, new possibilities arise. With this in mind Siemens bring to you their latest innovation; Home Connect. Connected Siemens appliances, intelligent software and the intuitive Home Connect App offer a new world of exciting uses.

Ease the workload by letting the app choose the best washing programme – or open up completely new possibilities by looking inside your fridge from anywhere. A smart appliance with Home Connect makes everyday life more efficient, allowing you to spend more time on the things you love. For a life less ordinary.