Small Appliances at Appliance city

Small appliances are those appliances that become essentials when we have everything else in our kitchens completed. The every day appliances that make the day an easier one. When it comes to tea and toast in the mornings, baking and cooking using a stand mixer or blender, a caffeine treat after dinner with a coffee machine and keeping your home clean and liveable with a vacuum cleaner - all essentials for our day to day. We have a small range to choose from by some of our top brands such as Miele, Smeg and Bosch.

Stand Mixers

These Smeg stand mixers make the perfect appliance for anyone who loves to bake. Available in a range of stunning colours such as cream, pastel green, pastel blue, pink, red, silver and black, these stand mixers will match any colour scheme. With 10 speed settings and a 4.8Litre stainless steel mixing bowl, this Smeg mixer is the perfect baking essential.


Smeg kettles not only look great, they also make a great cup of tea. Available in a range of stunning colours such as cream, pastel green, pastel blue, polished steel, pink and black, these kettles will go well with any kitchen colour scheme. All Smeg kettles come with a 1.7 capacity, so big enough for all those daily cups of tea you'll be drinking.


Love a perfect slice of toast in the mornings? Then a perfect slice of toast you will have, with these stunning Smeg toasters. Available in a range of lovely colours such as cream, pastel green, pink, red, pastel blue, chrome and black, these toasters are the perfect accessory for any kitchen. With the choice of 2 or 4 slices, you'll never have 'average' toast again.


Smoothie season can be all year round with these brilliant Smeg blenders. Available in a range of stunning colours such as black, cream, pastel green, pastel blue, pink, red and silver, these blenders will be a 'can't live without' daily essential. With 4 speed settings you can create your favourite smoothies within minutes.

Coffee Machines

Coffee machines are an essential part of a coffee lover’s kitchen, whether you need a strong luxury coffee to accommodate those early mornings or simply like to show off your coffee making skills at dinner with friends. Built-in or freestanding, nothing is more impressive for a coffee lover than a proper posh coffee.

Vacuum Cleaners

As we all know vacuum cleaners have become an essential appliance for cleaning the carpets and floors in our homes. With that in mind, we have a small range of superior deep cleaning vacuum cleaners to accommodate your cleaning needs. We all love a clean home after all.