As AEG celebrates over 125 years, here at Appliance City we’d like our customers to get to know this global brand and celebrate their long lasting heritage in the electronics and home appliance world.

From lightbulbs to heavy machinery to airplanes and breaking land speed records, AEG has touched every facet of the electrical industry for more than a century.

AEG was founded in Berlin, Germany in 1883 by Emil Rathenau.

AEG History - Appliance City

Herr Rathenau had acquired the rights to Edison’s lightbulb patent that same year. It was the beginning of AEG’s extensive and illustrious history in electronics engineering and manufacturing.

AEG’s original name was Deutsch Edison – Gesellschaft für angewadte Elektricität. In 1887, the company changed it’s name to Allgemeine Elektricitäts – Gesellschaft (AEG) removing Edison from the name of it’s company. By this time, AEG had far surpassed manufacturing lightbulbs and had moved on to bigger electrical milestones.

1891 saw one such milestone completed when AEG completed a massive electrical hurdle at the International Electrotechnical Exhibition in Frankfurt. Two of their key electrical designers powered 1000 lightbulbs over the span of 109 miles from a hydro electric power plant to the exhibition. This feat was the beginning of an bringing widespread electricity to Germany.


In 1894, AEG purchased a third property to house one of it’s factories, a cattle market. This cattle market had rail access. In order for their factories to have rail access between them AEG had Siemens & Halske construct an underground railway tunnel. This tunnel is still standing today and is now in use by Germany’s public transportation department.

In 1896 AEG was already excelling at home appliances and home comfort products. It’s catalogue boasted a fantastic eighty products for customers and businesses to choose from. These products included everything from coffee machines to hot plates.

At an exhibition in 1889 AEG announced a line of electric personal care items including curling tongs, cigar lighters and tea kettles. Only two years later the hair dressing world would be forever changed with AEG’s invention of the hair dryer. I mean, where would we be without them today!? Poofy haired. That’s where.

In 1902 like other electrical manufacturers of the time, AEG entered into the automotive industry. With the purchase of Külstein in 1902, AEG announced Neue Automobil Gesellschaft and it’s production of cars.

From 1902 – 1908 AEG (Neue Automobil Gesellschaft) produced four separate models of cars but discontinued their production in 1908.

AEG - Neue Automobil Gesellschaft

Image Credit: CarsGur

In 1903, AEG (competing with Siemens & Halske) broke the world speed record for rail vehicles at 131 miles per hour with this electric locomotive.

1903 locomotive record breaker - AEG - Appliance City

Image Credit: Heimatstube-Sperenberg

Later that year, AEG’s radio company and Siemens & Halske merged to create Telefunken.

Peter Behrens - AEG - Appliance City

Image Credit: Design History Research

In 1907 the illustrious Peter Behrens joined AEG as their artistic advisor. Originally he was brought in to design their buildings but he went on to design the bulk of their original appliance product lines as well. From his work with AEG Peter Behrens has been knows as the creator of the corporate identity and the Father of German Industrial Design. In the AEG factory he designed he made room for turbines to move above machinery on the warehouse floor creating a fully workable, efficient factory.

AEG Turbine Factory - Behrens - Appliance City

Image Credit: Architectuul

In 1908, AEG begins production of it’s line of electric fans, adding to its line of home comfort products.

In 1910, AEG makes leaps and bounds into a completely different direction than home comfort products and electricity into the world of aeroplanes. Hennigsdorf was the site of the AEG aeroplane factory built in 1910. Their original aircrafts were modelled after the Kitty Hawk, North Carolina Wright Brothers biplane design.

AEG Aeroplane

“AEGC4” by Unknown

From 1912 – 1918 AEG was the major manufacturer or World War I bombers. The most popular and widely used was the AEG G IV.

AEG G IV Bomber - AEG - Appliance City

Image Credit: Wings Over The Rockies Air & Space Museum

In 1917 AEG would be in the record books again. This time with one of it’s own aircraft, setting the world record for a high altitude flight. But with the end of World War I in 1918, AEG ended it’s production of aircraft.

AEG - Appliance City

Image Credit: Electric Edwardians

On the 14th of April 1913 AEG delivered the first of it’s long distance electrical locomotives. These locomotives would go beyond the distances of the electrical trams systems of the time.

AEG - Appliance City

Image Credit – Age of Diesel –  1931 Transformer

The 1920’s was a time of fantastic growth for AEG. They increased their electrical goods line massively including the production of steam turbines, electric motors, transformers, vacuum tubes, fuses and starters. They really were the electrical manufacturing company that you could go to for absolutely any of your electrical needs.

With the beginnings of Hollywood and silent films in North America, AEG was making it’s own advancements in television broadcasting in the mid 1920s. In 1924 AEG (AEG Telefunken) started it’s production of television / television sets and in 1928 they put their first television set on display at the German Radio Exhibition in Berlin.

AEG - History - Appliance City

Image Credit – TV History

1929 saw AEG further branch out into home appliances with the introduction of refrigerators driven by compressors and irons that included temperature controls. Whilst AEG continued to expand it’s home comfort line it still worked on greater electrical masterpieces, including the first high performance locomotive in 1938.

AEG 1938 Locomotive

Image Credit: Diesel Punks

Following the merger of Siemens & Halske and AEG to create Telefunken in 1903 the partnership was steadfast until AEG bought Siemens out in 1941 becoming a single enterprise.

1950 saw an explosion of advanced home comfort appliances including the start of AEG’s cooling range. In 1950 AEG also launched the first automatic washing machine and by 1953 their Nuremburg factory was producing them for general demand.

AEG Lavamat

Image Credit: Bydleni

1938 saw the production of the first fully automatic washing machine by AEG the “Lavamat” and they changed their tagline to “AEG – aus Erfahning gut” meaning “AEG – Good from Experience”.

3 January 1963 saw another telecommunications advancement with AEG Telefunken. AEG showcased their first colour television for the European Broadcasting Union. AEG - Telefunken - Colour televisions

This advancement would change people’s leisure time forever, bringing colour to their entertainment. By 1970 AEG / Telefunken was the 12th largest electronics manufacturer and employed over 175,000 people.

On the utility side of AEG they also saw many advancements during the 1960s. In 1967 AEG achieved heating an entire city – Essen with its electrical stone heaters. Shortly after in 1972, AEG created the world’s largest diesel generator for use in Berlin’s Ghent Municiple Utilities. At this point, AEG had been building generators for nearly 100 years.

AEG 1955 Generator - Appliance City

Image Credit: A. E. Fitzgerald: Electric machinery side 164.

AEG’s ovens and hobs have come quite a way since they first introduced the fully electronic oven in 1976. AEG brought the first generation of induction hobs and other fantastic features to the kitchen since then.

AEG - Appliance City

Since the 1970’s parts of AEG have changed hands with different companies. The majority of AEG was purchased by Daimler – Benz in 1985 then in 1994 the AEG Hausgerate GmbH Nuremburg was purchased by Electrolux, this was the home comforts and appliances line of AEG. In 2004, AEG was fully incorporated into Electrolux.

For over 125 AEG has been innovating every facet of electrical systems and appliances. Today and for the future to come they will continue to set the standard for what is the best in high end white goods.

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Modern Country Kitchen

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You don’t have to live in a character home to feature a kitchen with some personality. In this white, modern country kitchen from Modern Country Style there are clean lines mixed with shabby chic. What really completes this look is the retro Smeg fridge freezer.  Made to look like it’s fresh out of the 1950’s but performing like the next generation this fridge freezer is the perfect addition to a modern country styled kitchen.


Asian Inspired Kitchen

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Open plan homes are quickly becoming the most popular type of floor plan to have.  They are modern, airy and bright and perfect for growing families. In this Asian inspired kitchen from Cast Architecture classic wood and stainless steel make this kitchen look timeless. It features an American Style Fridge Freezer, a beautiful Range Cooker and plenty of storage and cooking options with loads of worktop space, perfect for those amateur cooks or busy families.


Modern Contemporary Kitchen

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One of the most popular kitchen trends this year is mixing furniture inspired architecture with clean lines to create a stunning space loaded with personality. This modern contemporary kitchen features in Forbes is a mixture of black and white, brick and marble and is gorgeous. Even in small British kitchens this look can be pulled off and with lovely built in ovens and gas hobs. Plus built in appliances free up under worktop space for other white goods or storage areas.


Industrial Style Kitchen

Industrial style kitchen


A new kitchen design that is trending is the industrial style kitchen. We see distressed woods mixed with the clean modern lines of metal to create an artistic style of kitchen that would suit any modern home. This kitchen featured in Decoist features a gorgeous modern range cooker.  The Mercury Range Cooker is stunning and comes in a variety of colours if you’re wanting to add a punch of colour to your industrial designed kitchen.


Small Kitchen Design

Appliance City - Food & home

We haven’t forgotten that most homes in the UK have limited space. Love a modern look but have limited space? This small kitchen design inspired by AEG Appliances brings fashion and functionality together. The built in oven and induction hob are perfect for kitchens short on space. Not only do they look fabulous they perform up to professional standards.

If you aren’t looking to completely remodel your kitchen, the white goods that you choose can add a flare of personality to your decor. Whether its the Retro or Victorian Range from Smeg, the French inspired design of the Rangemaster Elise range cookers or the ultra modern Mercury line, just a change of a white good can bring a whole new focal point to a kitchen without all the work of a redesign.

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Nothing should get in the way of achieving beautiful results. That’s why AEG are dedicated to creating appliances that help you pursue your passion – your own personal definition of perfection. It’s this thinking that lies at the heart of everything they do… it shapes design, advancements in technology…..

Great cooking is both an art and a science. It’s your artistry on show, your own human touch…..and AEG are here to back you up with advanced technology and an extensive range. Including the MaxiKlasse oven with the largest interior capacity in a standard single oven, and Induction Hob with DirekTouch controls providing instant, precise control of the cooking levels, in just one touch.

aeg ovens

When reaching for that extra pan or that extra-large serving dish, a serious cook should never have to worry about whether the dishwasher can cope. The AEG ProClean Cleaning System takes it all in its stride, with the largest loading volume available (10 litres more than than standard dishwashers), 5 spray levels and a double-action rotation arm that allows water spray to reach every corner.

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to keeping food fresh. So with the AEG PerfektFit, you can choose from a suite of combinations as you wish, to fit your own needs precisely. And whatever your choice, you’ll have a stunning iconic design that will be perfectly aligned with the rest of your kitchen furniture, with a flat, professional style stainless steel finish and anti-fingerprint protection.

In today’s hectic world, who has time to go shopping for fresh food every day? But you can still eat fresh food every day, with all the nutritional and taste benefits that implies, thanks to LongFresh, designed to extend freshness by up to three times longer. AEG fridges and freezers offer excellent energy efficiency too and with a wide range of built-in models, you’ll find a refrigerator and freezer combination that matches your needs perfectly.

All AEG laundry appliances take exceptional care of your clothes, whether your load is small or large, with stubborn stains or delicates, making sure they stay looking newer for longer. Choose from state of the art washing machines or the ultimate space saving practicality of a washer dryer.

aeg cashback models

Nothing should get in the way of achieving beautiful results. That’s why AEG are dedicated to creating appliances that help you pursue your passion – your own personal definition of perfection. It’s this thinking that lies at the heart of everything they do…. it shapes design, advancements in technology, hence the Neue Kollektion.

Style is never an accident. For over a hundred years AEG have been using cutting egde designers to help create and develop their products, recognising that good design doesn’t just make things easy on the eye, but easier for you to use too. Following a seamless line to the present day, the Neue Kollektion combines high performance with excellent German design: form und funktion.

Perfekt in form. AEG design continues the great tradition of form und funktion, working perfectly together. In the Neue Kollektion, horizontal lines give a sense of flow and integrity across all appliances, while vertical lines delineate the intuitive control panels. High-value materials are used, but the number of different materials is kept to a minimum, for purity and consistency.

Radical thinking, rigorous application. AEG are not afraid to do things differently, but innovations must be proven by being tested again and again and again. For example, the AEG MaxiKlasse ovens have been developed with the advanced ThermiC Hot Air cooking system. It uses air circulation within a larger interior space to give more even cooking, for the perfect crust and colour every time – a major advantage, but one that had to undergo intensive testing with many types of food and recipes.

Noticeable difference. Design innovation is a continuous process. But changes aren’t made for change sake: in every case, innovation brings a benefit that significantly improves results. AEG’s ProClean dishwashers, for example, have a satellite spray arm that gives water coverage where other dishwashers can not, for superior cleaning regardless of load.

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