This month we’ve been doing loads of posts featuring vegan recipes. I thought it was high time we did a meat lovers, carnivore focused blog. First meat up? Pork. It goes with fruit, barbecue sauce, slaw, mustard. You name it pork’s been put with it. I didn’t want to dish up recipes for last weeks pork chops, but give you something to give your next pork dish a bit of inspiration. You know my motto “You don’t know if you love something until you try it”.

Normandy Pork Casserole

Pork Recipes - Appliance City - Normandy Pork Casserole

Woman and Home never disappoints when they set out to share a recipe and this Normandy Pork Casserole is no exception to the rule. My husband tends to eat mustard with just about any meat regardless of whether it has a sauce or gravy. This casserole combines his favourite flavours of meat and mustard in this perfect casserole for autumn. Warm, creamy and indulgent this pork dish is fantastic served with a side of roast potatoes or even by adding the potatoes into the casserole itself. One word. Delicious.

Paprika Pork

Paprika Pork - Recipes - Appliance City

Pork tenderloin has to be some of the most tender meat on the planet. Of course, that is dependent upon the person cooking it, when cooked to perfection it is juicy and delicious. This recipe from Slimming World checks all those boxes. Don’t be put off by the fact that is was created by a diet program. This doesn’t taste like diet food, it’s appetising, warm and filling – perfect for the whole family.

Does your oven cook unevenly? Check out our British made Belling and Stoves collection. Delivering culinary perfection every time.

French Pork with Apple Cream Sauce

Pork Recipes - French Pork with Apple Cream Sauce - Appliance City

Doesn’t this look absolutely mesmerising? Don’t let the word “French” put you off. I know that French food can more often than not take more than just amateur cooking skills. This recipe doesn’t happen to fall into that difficulty category. The Wanderlust Kitchen gives you the perfect step by step instruction to make this tantalising recipe. The writer of The Wanderlust Kitchen blog touts this as a date night meal and boy is she right. If you’re looking for the meal to seal the deal this is the one!

Bacon Wrapped Sage and Sausage Stuffing

Bacon Wrapped Sage and Sausage Stuffing - Recipes - Appliance City

Love bacon? Get a double dose of pork paradise in this bacon wrapped delight from Erren’s Kitchen. This isn’t your typical British stuffing. Forget the dry stuffing balls, no offence, they are nothing like the stuffing I grew up with in America. This dish has all your favourite stuffing flavours but it’s moist and covered in smokey bacon wrapped goodness. If you’ve ever had American stuffing, and loved it, then this recipe will be right right up your alley and definitely something to add to your Christmas menu.

There’s nothing stopping you from adding bacon to nearly everything to celebrate pork. If I’ve missed out your favourite pork dish, please feel free to share it with me and get it into one of our future blogs!

Who are Belling and Stoves? Have you heard of them before? Are you a lover of the brands? Well here at Appliance City we are.


Belling is brand that has been in production since 1912. Originally started by Charles Reginald Belling in Enfield. Still to this day Belling is proudly made and manufactured right here in Britain.

Belling isn’t just another brand that’s been around for over 100 years. They’ve also been the pioneers behind some of the greatest cooking inventions we still use today, like induction ovens. The question you must ask yourself, is not ‘Why Belling?’ but ‘Why not Belling?’

Belling Stainless Steel Range Cooker - Appliance City

This induction range cooker from Belling is nothing short of gorgeous. Induction range cookers are probably one of the safest forms of cooking in the modern world. The cooktop only gets hot when in contact with a pan set made of magnetised materials. This means that if a little one turns the hob on, on accident they won’t get burned. Brilliant if you ask me!

Take a look at the kitchen above. The Belling induction range cooker looks modern and sleek amongst the black cabinetry and white granite counter tops. Coming with features like variable rate grill and easy clean enamel interior everything is cooked and cleaned to perfection. Plus with the two ovens, the main one being a fan oven you can cook enough to feed the whole family, and then some!

Cooking goes from being a horrid chore to a heavenly hobby!

View our full Belling Range and find out just what Belling can do for you


The Stoves brand is nearly as equally as old as the Belling brand. Stoves originated in 1920 and since then they’ve been pushing the boundaries of what we call ovens and cookers for home cooks and professions alike.  Like Belling, Stoves originated in Britain and is still currently manufactured in Britain. So when you buy either brand you’re contributing to the local economy.

Stoves Range Cooker - Jalapeno Red - Appliance City

Stoves offers to add a punch of colour to your kitchen with their cookers. For example, the range cooker above is in hot jalapeno red. It definitely becomes the focal point of the kitchen, whilst providing professional standard results when whipping up culinary creations. Others coloursavailable in the Colour Boutique are Icy Brook (a pearlescent white), Days Break (a vivid, light blue), Floral Burst (an intense, bright pink), Midnight Gaze (a rich, deep blue) and Wild Berry (a vibrant purple). Add character to an otherwise white kitchen, bring your own personal flare with a beautiful swatch of intense colour. The choice is yours and can completely recreate your kitchen.

What to give your kitchen a punch of colour? Try these Stoves Colour Boutique range cookers on for size.

Whether you choose a Belling or Stoves cooker you can rest assured they have and always will be made in Britain. They’re a tried and tested brand with nearly 200 years of history between them. Plus, they work to the upmost standards delivering high quality culinary delights time after time.

Yes, you read that right! For a limited time only we’re giving you a FREE matching cooker hood when you buy any Belling Range cooker! Simply call us to purchase a Belling Range Cooker and you can choose a free cooker hood* to complement your new range cooker and your kitchen!

Whether you’re looking for a Dual Fuel, Ceramic or Induction model, we’re sure to have the right range cooker for you. Plus, this exclusive offer is also available on Belling’s Colour Boutique Range, meaning there are even more range cooker colours to choose from. From Classic Cream to Stainless Steel or ‘Hot Jalapeno’ red to  the beautiful ‘Days Break’ Blue there’s a Belling Range cooker for everyone!

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For a limited time Appliance City are giving away a free cooker hood with selected Belling & Stoves Range Cookers! Call our sales team to discuss your requirements and we will talk you through the options.


Belling Range Cookers are not only big on choice, but they are big on features and design too. Choose from the more traditional Classic models to the sleek modern DB4 collection which are available in dual fuel, ceramic and induction versions.


Whether your sense of style is classic or contemporary there is a Stoves Range Cooker to suit all tastes. From the classically styled Richmond to the modern, stylish Sterling collection there is something for everyone in a selection of different sizes and colours.


The free cooker hood which will be supplied with your Belling cooker is the standard 90cm, 100cm or 110cm model finished in either black or stainless steel. The Stoves cooker with be supplied with the 90cm, 100cm or 110cm DCP cooker hood in either black or stainless steel to match your cooker.

* This promotion applies to selected range cookers purchased from 1st April to 30th June 2013 – The Country Classic and Colour Boutique models are not included in the promotion.

Saturday 9th March is the day to eat cakes, donate to a worthwhile charity and get a great deal on a new range cooker!

The event, sponsored by Rangemaster, will feature live cooking demos and baking in the showroom from 10am till 4pm.

We have a wide selection of range cookers on display, all at fantastic prices! We will also be running special offers and giving away free gifts from many brands, including Rangemaster, Falcon, Mercury, Britannia, Stoves and Belling! Plus, if you buy any red appliance on the day you will recieve a mystery prize as well!

We will also be giving 2% of range cooker sales on the day to Comic Relief

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Induction – The future of cooking!

Stoves pride themselves on being at the forefront of innovation and technology. That’s why, in a number of their products you’ll find induction technology – a unique new way of cooking that uses no direct heat source.

Without getting too technical, induction is like having an individual heating element embedded in the base of each pan. When the pan is placed on an induction hob it completes a magnetic circuit below the hob’s surface. This circuit creates energy within the base of the pan which, in turn, heats the pan and its contents. What’s more, because the heat is generated inside the pan, using a smaller pan than the hob’s surface will not waste any energy.

  • Ceramic hobs use more energy by heating the entire ring even if a pan is only covering half the surface (see image on right)
  • Induction cooking gives you outstanding low-heat performance and increased control. Melting chocolate without it sticking to the pan becomes simple. Induction hobs create no direct heat so controlling the temperature is simple and instantaneous.
  • Induction hobs heat the pan not the surface of the hob, so no energy is even wasted (see image on right). As you can see the ice cube on the unused section of the hob doesn’t melt even when the hob is in use.
  • Induction hobs work with any pan that has iron in its base.
  • Induction hobs can boil water considerably faster than a ceramic hob and twice as fast as a gas hob.

How induction can be a revelation in your kitchen….

With its helpful, intuitive technology, fast heat-up times, added safety and increased energy efficiency, cooking with Stoves induction range cookers means you can achieve perfect results every time.


Intuitive technology that helps you achieve perfect results

  • Pause function – this allows you to shutdown and re-start the product at the touch of a button
  • Recall function – this automatically saves your last temperature setting in the hob’s intelligent management system
  • Automatic switch off – this allows you to pre-programme each of the hob’s cookzones to turn off whenever you wish.
  • Griddle zone – this allows you to pair two of the cooking elements to create one large cooking zone
  • Minute minder – a timer and alarm system that tells you when your selected time has elapsed
  • Keep warm – delivers constant low temperature, perfect for melting chocolate and delicate sauces.


Reaches the required temperature faster

  • Induction technology – nearly twice as fast as a gas hob and 30% faster than a ceramic hob
  • The hob’s automatic heat up function will initially heat up to its highest temperature before dropping to the selected setting. This really speeds up the heating process, ideal for cooking pasta
  • Power boost – draws additional power when recquired, perfect for wok cooking


Added peace of mind

  • Safety shutdown function. If left unattended for a long period, all cookzones on the hob are turned off safely
  • Child lock – disables all of the hob’s controls for added safety
  • Pan overheat sensor – if left unattended, the hob automatically shuts down before a dangerous temperature is reached
  • Pan detection function – this means the hob will not function until a suitable pan is placed on the ring


The most energy efficient way to cook

  • Induction technology – approximately 30% more efficient than a gas hob and 25% more than a ceramic hob
  • Ceramic finish – this is easy to wipe-clean, meaning that spillages don’t burn onto the surface.

For a limited time we will be offering a free S600DW Stoves integrated dishwasher, worth £340, with selected Stoves induction range cookers sold. View our range of Stoves induction range cookers now.

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At Appliance City we pride ourselves on being one of the UK’s specialist range cooker retailers. We offer an amazing selection of range cookers from some of the best brands on the market including Rangemaster, Britannia, Stoves, Falcon, Belling and Smeg to name but a few. There are many different colours and designs available from traditional Aga style to ultra modern stainless steel designs incorporating Dual Fuel, Natural Gas, Ceramic and Induction models.

On Saturday 7th July we are holding a special Range Cooker event with some great promotions from our top brands! We will be having live cooking demonstrations, show lorries displaying the latest ranges from selected brands as well as expert advice on the latest in range cooker technology. We will also be offering some fantastic show deals and offers on range cookers purchased on the day.

If you can’t get down to our showroom fear not, we will also be offering these limited special offers on the phone as well so feel free to give us a call on the day!

As well as inventing the world’s first range cooker, Rangemaster are part of AGA Rangemaster, a group which is home to the world’s top range cooking brands. Consequently their expertise in range cooking is second to none and that means they are always focused on ensuring every one of  their cookers is manufactured to exacting standards and offers the right mix of quality, performance, choice and design. When you buy a Rangemaster you get a whole lot more than you might with an ordinary cooker. Rangemaster hot plates feature a range of burners in different sizes allowing you to cook a delicate sauce at the same time as a stir fry. On most models handy accessories such as griddle plates and wok stands come as standard. All pan supports are precision engineered to be smooth and easy to clean. All cookers are even fully height adjustable so that they fit perfectly flush with your kitchen worktop. With every Rangemaster range cooker purchased on the day we are offering a free set of Rangemaster pans worth £200!

Since 1995 Britannia has been one of the leading suppliers of premium kitchen appliances, offering a variety of classic and contemporary range cookers, built-in ovens and hobs, cooker hoods and accessories to suit any kitchen. All Britannia appliances are manufactured to the highest quality standards – ideal for any lifestyle and designed to make cooking a pleasure! Britannia even have their own Home Economists to help Britannia owners with any cooking queries, or to simply provide some culinary inspiration.

With every Britannia range cooker purchased on the day we are offering a free set of 60cm telescopic shelves. Even when fully extended, the telescopic system is safe, providing a convenient way of serving directly from the grill pan or oven tray. Three pairs of ultra-smooth telescopic runners and two fixed shelf positions create the most flexibility.

Stoves is part of the only major kitchen appliance company still committed to manufacturing in the UK. They know exactly what the British cook expects from their appliances and tailor their products accordingly. Designed and hand crafted by their dedicated product teams right here in the UK, this stunning collection is the pinnacle of British quality and excellence, and has the features to match. Like open door grilling  – found on the majority of their products allowing air to circulate around the grill so food grills rather than bakes. Then there are the multifunction ovens that are equipped with all the features a British cook could ever desire. However, it’s the painstaking attention to detail that really makes their products stand out. The factory is purposely split into small teams who work solely on just one product, carefully assembling each and every one from the ground up, by hand. When it comes to being completely confident in their products, there’s no one more so than Stoves. That’s why across their collections they offer a fantastic two years labour and five year parts warranty.

A passion for cooking deserves an outstanding cooker, with a harmonious blend of practicality and style. Inspired by the cookers used by the world’s greatest chefs, Smeg offers genuine design icons where style and elegance go hand in hand with high performance, user-friendliness and minimal consumption. From 60cm models for people with limited available space to 150cm models with a double oven, Smeg cookers are guaranteed to fit into any kitchen setting. Available in stainless steel, black or cream versions for people after a more classic look, the cookers vary in terms of oven and hob type. Smeg electric or gas cookers feature design innovations that improve functionality and performance, such as the telescopic shelf guides which allow you to put food in the oven and take it out again without having to put your hand in, and the Easy clean enamel finish, a special pyrolytic and antacid lining which makes removing dirt and grease from the cavity walls easy.

Baumatic range cookers offer you total control and flexibility. Baumatic electric cookers have multifunction capability so a more suitable cooking function can be selected to suit your personal style of cooking. Thanks to several hidden and concealed heating elements inside the large oven capacity, there is suitable heat source with or without a combination of the fan; that best matches your recipes. The outcome is that your cooking results are enhanced so you can enjoy the full flavours of your favourite dishes time and time again.

Baumatic are currently offering a half price stainless steel or curved glass 90cm chimney hood with selected Baumatic range cookers.

Belling’s fantastic collection is inspired by a whole-host of great ideas including some genuine world firsts. So, whether it is designer styling, world leading technology or energy efficiency you’re after, this collection has all the quality and reliability you have come to  expect from a brand that has been established for 100 years! They are dedicated to manufacturing their products to the highest standards possible, that’s why the majority are designed and built at their factory right here in Britain – something they are very proud of. Belling products are designed and built in Britain, for British cooks. Belling know you love to grill with the door open to let the air circulate and grill your food to perfection, so they design the majority of their products this way. They can also boast an unrivalled capacity in their ovens – perfect when you need to cook lots of things at once or something large with ease.

Stoves and Belling are also offering a free Roberts Revival DAB Radio with every range cooker sale on the day!

Falcon’s heritage as the UK’s leading manufacturer of professional catering equipment spans more than 75 years, and has earned them an enviable reputation amongst the nation’s top chefs. By bringing professional build quality to the domestic market, today Falcon is also revered in the home, and the celebrated collection of domestic kitchen products continues to go from strength to strength. Sleek and stylish on the outside, and brimming with the latest technology and features on the inside, every Falcon product comes with a full guarantee and the support of expert customer services team. As part of the AGA Rangemaster Group, Falcon is backed by some of the most inspirational and best known consumer brands in the world, and shares the technical excellence, innovation and customer support for which the AGA Rangemaster Group is renowned. All Falcon cookers are manufactured in the UK, using professional grade materials, highly skilled workmanship and the latest machinery. They are proud of their reputation as the ‘professional’s choice’, and work hard to ensure every product bearing the Falcon brand is capable of inspiring the hidden chef in anyone.

If you can make it down to our showroom on the day you will also have the opportunity to see the brand new Fine Finish Furniture kitchen showroom which is situated next door to our showroom. Here you will be able to see a fantastic selection of kitchen displays incorporating a selection of our built in appliances.


To celebrate their birthday, Belling has created the 100 Collection, an iconic range which combines their rich heritage as a great British brand with modern good looks and technical innovation.

The 100 Collection features clean lines, a brilliant white finish and chrome-look accents to create a range of eye-catching and effortlessly stylish cooking appliances. The collection offers a choice of four freestanding ovens, four range cookers, four built-in ovens and a new-look for the legendary Baby Belling.


In this landmark year Belling have also partnered with the Anthony Nolan Trust and will be donating a percentage of all 100 Collection sales to help fight against blood cancer.

View the collection now!

A UK Manufacturing Site

Belling are dedicated to manufacturing their products to the highest standards possible, that’s why the majority are designed and built at their factory right here in Britain – something they are very proud of. You’ll never see any mass production lines at Belling, they divide their workspace into small cells that produce individual products, which means build quality is always the very best it can be.

Their products are designed and built in Britain, for British cooks. They know you love to grill with the door open to let the air circulate and grill your food to perfection, so they design the majority of their products this way. They can also boast an unrivalled capacity in the main oven of their under counter double ovens – perfect when you need to cook lots of things at once or something large with ease.

UK Customer Support

Belling are also part of a company who are the only mass producer of built-in, freestanding and range appliances who still manufacture in the UK, that’s why they understand what the British consumer wants – even their award-winning call centre is based right here!

Much loved cooking brand to celebrate its centenary in 2012

Leading cooking appliance brand, Belling has announced a 12 month programme of activity to take place throughout 2012 to celebrate its centenary year.

Founded in 1912 by Charles Reginald Belling with capital of just £150, a shed in Enfield and a young assistant, Belling has become one of the UK’s best loved appliance brands, with a multi-million pound turnover, worldwide exports and more than 1000 employees in the UK.

As part of the 100 year celebrations, Belling will unveil the Centenary Collection – a suite of specially designed products, plus a calendar of events for retailers, customers and employees. With the help of Belling employees and Facebook fans a Charity of the Year will also be selected, to be supported by 12 months of fundraising activity.

To commemorate its centenary, Belling has developed a special badge that will be used throughout the year on a dedicated advertising campaign. A new brochure and website will be unveiled and a limited edition Belling history book will also be produced that will chart the formation of the brand through to the present day.

Denver Hewlett, Chief Executive of Belling, said: “We are extremely proud of our heritage and all that the brand has achieved, so we intend 2012 to be a year of celebration that engages consumers with our history and rewards our customers and employees for all they have done to make Belling a great British brand.”

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We have a fantastic collection of Belling built-in single ovens, double ovens and built-under ovens bringing you cutting edge technology with a sleek new design.

Our exciting new range of Stoves built-in ovens includes A energy rated single ovens and AA energy rated double ovens and built-under ovens. There’s plenty of choice to make a statement in your kitchen!

To qualify you must return redemption form, fully completed, along with a copy of your original receipt for your Stoves or Belling built-in oven and hob purchase to: Roberts Radio Promotion, Marketing Department, Glen Dimplex Home Appliances, Stoney Lane, Prescot, Merseyside, L35 2XW

Promotion runs from 1st October to 31st March 2012

Purchase any Belling Range Cooker from Appliance City between 1st June and 21st August 2011 and receive a free Morphy Richards kettle and toaster.

The promotion includes all models including the Country Classic, Gourmet, DB4 and Classic models in all sizes.

All you have to do is fill out the claimform, send it off with a copy of your receipt and you kettle and toaster will be delivered within 30 days. For further information download the claim form or call our expert sales team