Rangemaster is common household name around the world and there’s a good reason for that.

Rangemaster was founded over 200 years ago by John Flavel. Shortly after it’s inception, he built the original factory in Leamington Spa. That factory still remains though I doubt Mr. Flavel would recognise it today. It’s had loads of changes and investment to make it the state of the art range cooker facility that it is today.

In 1833, John’s son William Flavel would go on to invent the world’s first range cooker, then known as “The Kitchener”. Little did William know, the Kitchener would still be manufactured and sold throughout the world nearly 200 years later.

The Kitchener would revolutionise how homes prepared their food from then on. The ability to roast, boil, bake and warm were now available from one compact device in the kitchen. I say compact, but this was in fact a cast iron serious set of machinery built for anything from the smallest of houses to the biggest of hotels. Culinary activities were forever changed.

1851 saw The Kitchener featured at the Great Exhibition at Crystal Palace. During it’s period on display Queen Victoria and the Duchess were taken by it’s majesty and even had one ordered for the kitchens in Kensington Palace. From then on monarchy’s around the world touted The Kitchener as the most sought after appliance to have in the kitchen.

The Kitchener - Rangemaster

Fast forward to 2011. Rangemaster is still producing the historical Kitchener but it looks a bit different. More modern, no solid fuel and much more energy efficient.

The cookers of the modern generation look much different to their original cast iron grand fathers. In 1951, Rangemaster offered the first range cooker that was available in “colour”. Rangemaster would go on to to create features that seemed futuristic like dual fuel and fold away grills. Rangemaster hasn’t stopped being innovative since its beginnings.

In 1995, Rangemaster would up their game and offer the first double oven range cookers. The Rangemaster 110 would go on to be the highest selling range cooker in the portfolio.

Rangemaster 110 - Appliance City

Rangemaster has come a long way from offering fabulous range cookers. They’ve extended their reach, offering built in appliances, refrigeration and dishwashers.

This is where things take an exciting turn. We know that Rangemaster makes range cookers to die for, but what about everything else they make?


Refrigeration by Rangemaster - Appliance City


Rangemaster American and French style fridge freezers provide ample space in both the fridge and freezer sections for even the largest of families. Typically British homes are outfitted to handle a fridge freezer of this size so it is best to have one fitted specifically when you are designing or redoing your kitchen.

If you are looking for top of the line features, Rangemaster American or French style fridge freezers won’t disappoint. Many arrive with built in water and ice dispensers, crisper and freezer drawers and a ultra low decibel rating approximately 45dB. Both fridge freezer styles come in a variety of colours to suit your needs.

If you’re more in the market for integrated refrigeration, Rangemaster can still be your solution. With separate integrated fridges and freezers or an integrated 70/30 split fridge freezer, Rangemaster tailors to different designs for different kitchens.


rangemaster integrated dishwasher - appliance city

Currently, if you are in the market for a fully integrated dishwasher, Rangemaster can fulfill your needs. They don’t currently make a freestanding dishwasher, but there’s nothing stopping them from doing it in the future. Their fully integrated dishwashers are built to the highest of standards with A++ energy ratings, room enough for up to 12 place settings and two year parts and labour warranty as standard. Outfitting your kitchen in Rangemaster appliances not only looks good, but is great for the environment as well.

Rangemaster not only does range cooking but built in ovens, hobs and even cooker hoods to match their appliances. What’s stopping you from checking out our full selection of Rangemaster products?


Built From Experience: Our story begins. 2015. AGA Rangemaster . [ONLINE] Available at: http://www.rangemaster.co.uk/why-rangemaster/built-from-experience. [Accessed 11 November 15].

So a friend of mine is in my kitchen the other day as I’m scrubbing my bin lid. Yes, this is a weekly chore because I detest a dirty bin lid. I know it’s for rubbish, but I can’t allow it to look dirty, call me OCD.

I digress. She asked my why I was putting my hands in scalding hot water ladened with bleach. I had no idea what she was on about and looked at her as if she had blue skin. She told me that the best way to clean my bin lid was in my dishwasher. Seriously, I thought she was nuts. Washing my bin lid, where I wash the dishes I eat off of. Instead of taking her word for it, I googled washing your bin lid in the dishwasher and sure enough, there is a whole host of items you can wash in your dishwasher! So here we go Spring err Autumn cleaning is a go!

Bin Lids

Go on, wash your bin lid in the dishwasher. Your bin will thank you for it.

Now this one only works if your bin lid fits into your dishwasher. I wouldn’t suggest trying to wash the ones from outside, stick to the garden hose for those. But the ones inside, mine is a swinging variety, fit nicely.

The way to wash: Hottest water cycle possible and that’s it. Voila! Instantly clean rubbish bin lid.


Wash your wellies in the dishwasher? Why not!

This doesn’t mean go putting your Ted Baker stiletto’s on the rinse cycle. This is only for shoes that are able to be worn in wet conditions, so wellingtons, flip flops and pool shoes. Before putting them in the dishwasher remove any cloth liners that they may be sporting and off you go.

How to wash: Hottest cycle to remove any stinky smells.

Ball Caps

What can you wash in the dishwasher? Hats!

Adults and children alike love to sport a ball cap, but during Summer they tend to go dingy and smell of sweat, especially if you wear them for sports. These can be quickly cleaned and deodorised in the dishwasher. To ensure they keep their shape you can buy a cast that they sit in specifically for washing them in the dishwasher.

How to wash: Top rack only. Put a container with 150ml of white vinegar in the bottom of the dishwasher to ensure it comes out smelling fresh and clean.

Need a dishwasher right now? Check out our selection.

Makeup Brushes

Dishwasher Tips from Appliance City - Makeup Brushes

If you’re like me, you’ve spent a bomb on makeup brushes. They aren’t cheap and for some reason when I go for a smoky eye I can never use that brush again for ice pink. There’s always a touch of darkness in otherwise light colours. The same goes for rouge. Well, you’ll never have to worry about that again. You can clean (and sanitise) your makeup brushes in the dishwasher.

How to wash: Put your makeup brushes brush side up in the silverware holder. Just ensure that you allow them to fully dry before attempting to use them.

Dog Accessories

Dishwasher Tips and tricks - dog toys, collars, leashes and bowls

If you own a dog, you know just how smelly their collars, leashes and toys can be, regardless of how many baths we give them. The dishwasher is the perfect way to get all your dogs accessories clean. Just remember that once the dishwasher finishes, fully dry any metal pieces on harnesses, collars or leashes to prevent rusting. Also, putting anything with sparkly rhinestones or leather in the dishwasher, is a no no. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

How to wash: Run through a normal cycle, it doesn’t need to be the hottest water. Putting 150ml of white vinegar in the bottom of the dishwasher will help to remove any foul dog smell.

Knobs and Handles

What to wash in the dishwasher - handles of all sorts - tip 6

If you’ve had a sickness bug in your house lately and want to completely deep clean, throwing all your door handles or cabinet knobs in the dishwasher is a cinch. Not only will they come sparkly clean but they will also be sanitised. Even if you haven’t had a sickness bug in your house, dishwashing your door handles once a year is perfect for keeping any of those nasty viruses at bay.

How to wash: Place into a mesh bag and run on the hottest cycle. Remove once the cycle is finished and dry thoroughly to avoid rust.

Children’s Plastic Toys

Appliance City - Hints and TIps - What to clean in your dishwasher - Childrens Toys

Now I’m not just talking about rubber ducks in the bathtub, but those were the first to come to mind. Children’s bath toys tend to be disgusting, despite always being in a clean bath! Stick them in your dishwasher once or twice a month to completely disinfect them. This also works for all your child’s plastic toys. Bringing in the sandbox toys for the winter or has their been a sickness recently? Putting your child plastic toys in the dishwasher gets them clean and makes sure they are nearly germ free.

How to wash: Bigger toys can be placed anywhere in the dishwasher, the smaller toys are better off being placed either in a mesh bag. This will keep them all in one place. No detergent needed, just run on the hottest cycle to ensure everything is germ free. If there are any metal pieces ensure they are fully dried to keep rust at bay.

Clean with more energy efficiency with an A++ rated Miele dishwasher.

Sponges and Mop Heads

Appliance City - Hints and Tips - What can I clean in my dishwasher - Sponges and Mop heads

Kitchen sponges tend to get quite disgusting. According to WebMD it is “the No. 1 source for germs in your home”. Coming into cold and flu season we really should do everything we can to keep our families as healthy as possible. That starts with keeping that kitchen sponge clean. Unless you have a load of them at your disposal and you can use a new one every time, sticking them in the dishwasher is a quick way to get them clean and nearly germ free.

You can also stick your mop head in the dishwasher to get it clean and disinfected, particularly useful after sickness.

How to wash: Sponges can be washed on the top rack of the dishwasher even when you are doing your normal dishes. For mop heads, I pour a generous amount of bleach onto the mop head before running it on the hottest cycle.

Ensure that if you do use bleach that  you do a few rinse cycles to ensure you don’t have bleach remnants left over when you want to run a normal dish cycle.

Shower Head

Appliance City - Hints and Tips - What to wash in the dishwasher - Showerheads

Don’t be misled by the picture above. My shower head looks nothing like this. Unfortunately, I live in an area that has hard water and the build up doesn’t take long to make my shower head start spraying everywhere but on me.

Quickest way to descale your shower head is to place it in the dishwasher. Since my water is extra hard, I make a paste of bicarbonate of soda and water and put it all over the spray part and leave it for about 20 minutes before placing in the dishwasher. My shower head comes out looking new.

How to wash: Disassemble your shower head if it is one that is able to be taken apart. Place in the dishwasher with normal dishwasher liquid or use my method above. Remove from the dishwasher once the cycle is finished and reassemble. Repeat at least once a month, twice if your water is extra hard.

These aren’t the only things you can wash in your dishwasher. You can wash bike parts, tools, any facial brushes or hair brushes. If you paid good money for your dishwasher it is best to use it as much as you can! Plus, many of them have eco settings that will use less water than you would if you washed it by hand.

After all these dishwasher “extras” your dishwasher may need a serious clean. We have the answer for that as well!

How to clean your dishwasher

Appliance City - Hints and Tips - How to clean your dishwasher

There are a few things you will need to ensure that your dishwasher has a good deep clean.

  • White distilled vinegar
  • Washing up liquid
  • Water
  • Sponges / Washing up cloths
  • Scrubber – If it is extra dirty
  • Tweezers
  • Bleach
  • Gloves

Seems like a lot for just your dishwasher, certainly you could just run a cycle with just water and it would be clean. Right? Wrong. Your dishwasher needs a deep clean several times a year to make sure it is running at optimal levels.

  1. Fill your sink half full with hot water and two cups of the white distilled vinegar.
  2. Remove all the parts of your dishwasher that are meant to be removed, so racks, holders, etc. Place these into your sink that has the water and vinegar solution. If the parts don’t fit take your scrubber soaked in the solution and scrub off any food debris that may be stuck to your racks or holders. Once all the debris is removed, fully wipe down all the removable parts with a washing up cloth soaked in the vinegar solution. Leave these to dry.
  3. If your dishwasher has spinning arms you will need to clean the holes that are at the end of them to ensure water can run through them effortlessly. If they are completely blocked up you may need to grab something like pointy ended pliers to pull any gunk out of them. If the holes are extra small a pipe cleaner can be inserted into the small hole to help you remove any debris.
  4. Clean the parts that your dishwasher doesn’t reach. This includes wiping down all around the edges where the seals are. When your dishwasher is running, these areas don’t get clean. Use a washing up cloth and the vinegar solution to clean around these edges, removing any debris and sanitising it at the same time. Ensure that you get all the seal areas including the area between the door and the cavity at the bottom, this area tends to be particularly dirty. If you washing up cloth isn’t doing the trick, get your sponge on it.
  5. If it has been a long time or this is the first time you’re cleaning your dishwasher you may need to remove any mildew or mold that has built up.  When using bleach it is important that you don’t mix it with any other chemicals and because it is particularly harsh make sure that you are wearing gloves. Using a new washing up cloth and bleach you can remove the mold or mildew in your dishwasher.

Cleaning is never something we like to do but alas it is essential. Keeping your dishwasher up to scratch will make it last longer and work just like it’s supposed to. Plus, with all it’s extra uses it’s going to need this deep clean now more than ever.

Most would assume that a dishwasher (as the name quite simply states) is for washing dishes. But here at Appliance City we are slightly more imaginative.Yes it gets your dishes super clean with minimal effort, but believe it or not this rather marvellous appliance is a bit more versatile. Take a look at this ten unusual items you can give a thorough clean in your dishwasher.

1.) Hats


Image Source

Yes it’s true! Stick your hats in the dishwasher and they will come out fresh as a daisy.Washing machines having a tendency to damage or misshape hats, so using your dishwasher is a great alternative. Place them on the top rack and run them through a regular cycle; they’ll come out sparkly clean and in perfect shape!

2.) Computer Keyboards

Image Source

Keyboards get dirty FAST, especially if they are used by numerous people in your household. Sticky fingers, food spills, and unwashed hands all play a part in the build-up of nasty germs and sticky residue. Try sticking your keyboard in the dishwasher to get it squeaky clean and germ free! But beware, we can’t guarantee it will survive the trip!

3.) Sporting Gear

Image Source

If you participate in sports yourself or if you have children that do then you know how much of a nightmare it can be to wash all those smelly sporting accessories such as knee and shin pads. Well guest what?  You can whack them in the dishwasher as well. Even mouth guards can benefit from a quick spin.

4.) Car Parts

Image Source

If you like your car to be clean but don’t like to break your back scrubbing then I have some great news for you. You can pop some of those tricky to clean car parts in the dishwasher and they will polish up rather nicely. Hubcaps, cup holders and change holders can all be spruced up but be sure to put any small parts into mesh bags to avoid losing them!

5.) Plastic Toys

Image Source

If you have young children or children of any age in fact, than the dishwasher is, quite frankly, a life saver. Wash plastic toys, action figures, Lego, and even baby teethers quickly and easily using your dishwasher. They’ll come out sterilized and safe for your children to play with again.

6.) Shoes

Image Source

Dishwashers are awesome for bringing a new lease of life to dirty shoes. Try washing canvas shoes such as converse,  and even flip flops and wellies. Be sure to turn off the dry setting as it could ruin any rubber elements!

7.) Potatoes

Image Source

Scrubbing potatoes is a tedious task! Get rid of any muddy residue without the elbow grease but simply putting them in the dishwasher. If you buy fresh vegetables that are still covered in mud, such as carrots or parsnips, why not try those too.

8.) Plastic Hairbrushes and Combs


Image Source

Tackle dust, dirt and hairspray by simply sending your combs and hairbrushes for a spin in the dishwasher. Make sure you remove all hair from the teeth first though.

9.) Toothbrushes

Image Source

Tooth brushes need to be sterilized fairly frequently in order to be effective and believe it or not putting your toothbrush in the dishwashers is a great way to do this. Tackle the whole families at once by tying them together and placing them on the top rack with their bristles facing down.

10.) Oven Knobs

Image Source

If you’re a messy cooker like me, then there is no doubt that your oven knobs get their fair share of food splatters and sticky fingers. So instead of wasting your time trying to clean every nook and cranny pop them in the dishwasher and hey presto – clean, shiny, and ready to get messy again!

LG Electronics has announced that its new TrueSteamTM Dishwasher (D1454BF) has been awarded the ‘Waterwise Recommended Checkmark’.  Using as little as 9 litres of water for a fully loaded dishwasher cycle – typically the same load would use up to 60 litres if washed by hand.

is an independent, not for profit organisation focused on decreasing water consumption in the UK and building the evidence base for large scale water efficiency; as such are the leading authority on water efficiency in the UK.  The Waterwise Recommended Checkmark is a progression from the previous Waterwise award, ‘the Marque’, over 70 Marques were awarded previously, across a broad spectrum of products from dishwashers to showerheads, from water storing gels for the garden to toilets.

Jacob Tompkins, Waterwise Managing Director says “Amazingly the UK has less available water per person than many Mediterranean countries and lots of the country is currently suffering drought. Smart technology and innovation can help us all save water in our homes and Waterwise is delighted that LG’s new dishwasher has been awarded the Waterwise Recommended Checkmark. The clever use of steam means it can wash 14 place settings worth of dishes with less than a washing up bowl of water, it’s a great combination of performance and water saving – that’s what water efficiency is all about”

Dishwashers are still seen as a non-essential appliance, still well under 50% penetration here in the UK, however recommendations from Energy & Water conservation bodies all help to emphasise that the investment of a dishwasher can indeed pay off in energy and utility bills and in turn help in the conservation of valuable resources.

Dawn Stockell, LG Marketing Communications Manager adds: “After introducing our TrueSteamTM dishwasher range back in October, we are delighted that it has been recommended by Waterwise, highlighting its excellent water efficiency in a time when utility costs are on the increase.” 

To find out more information about Waterwise and their recommended products, please go to:  http://www.waterwise.org.uk/pages/products.html

If you’re looking for a top quality stainless steel dishwasher look no further than the Siemens IQ-300 SN26M830GB – it comes loaded with features such as 13 place settings, 6 programes, 46dB noise level and a triple A rating for energy, washing and drying performance.

It doesn’t stop there, it also comes with a free five year parts & labour warranty subject to registration with the manufacturer, so you’ll have peace of mind until 2016!

13 place settings
6 programmes
Load sensor
LCD salt and rinse aid indicator
Varioflex baskets
VarioSpeed option
HydroDry drying system
Stainless steel interior
HydroSafe ulitmate leak protection system
Noise level 46 dB
Energy rating A
Washing efficiency A
Drying efficiency A
Water consumption 10 litres

Bosch not only manufactures the most energy and water efficient dishwashers available but you can also claim a further £70 cashback on certain models when you purchase between 18th April to 31st May 2011!

The Exxcel Aquastar uses as little as 6.5 litres of water, 50% less than standard dishwashers and is rated A++ for Energy. The Logixx machine can also load up to 14 place settings per wash with perfect cleaning results every time. So when you buy a Bosch dishwasher you use less water, less energy and can now save even more money on selected models from our the 2011 dishwasher range.

Buy one of the following models from Appliance City and claim £70 cashback which will be sent to you on a pre-paid Visa card:

Logixx 60cm Free-standing dishwasher SMS69L22GB

Logixx 60cm Fully Integrated dishwasher SMV69T20GB

Logixx 60cm Semi Integrated dishwasher SMI69T15GB

Exxcel 60cm Free-standing dishwasher (Aquastar) SMS65E12GB

Exxcel 60cm Free-standing dishwasher (Aquastar) SMS65E18GB

Exxcel 60cm Fully Integrated dishwasher (Aquastar) SMV65M00GB

Exxcel 60cm Fully Integrated dishwasher (Aquastar) SBV65M00GB

Exxcel 60cm Semi Integrated dishwasher (Aquastar) SMI53M15GB

This Siemens SE64M351GB fully integrated dishwasher is amazing value at £399!

It’s loaded with features including four programmes, three temperatures, half load option and a time delay facility.

It’s also very efficient with an ‘A’ energy rating, 13 litres water consumption with a half load option for smaller washes. 

This model boasts LED salt and rinse aid indicators, Hydrosafe anti leak protection and a height adjustable top basket with foldable plate racks in both baskets.