Fisher & Paykel are renowned for creating beautiful products with you in mind and from now until 16th November 2015 you can claim a whopping £100 cashback on selected Fisher & Paykel appliances. From their iconic DishDrawer Dishwasher to the innovative SmartDrive Washing Machine right through to their ActiveSmart Fridge Freezers and superb cooking appliances, there’s something for everyone in this latest promotion.


“Turning everyday routines into experiences

Behind every product is a story that starts with you. Your home is an expression of who you are and how you enjoy life with others. Our passion is creating experiences that turn a routine into a ritual, a meal into a creation, a chore into a pleasure.”

This promotion runs from 15th September – 16th November and Full Terms & Conditions can be found here

We have more wonderful new products that have just landed on and we’re pretty excited to share the all new side by side fridge freezers from Fisher & Paykel. Previously only offering large freestanding and french style models, we’re over the moon to introduce the new American Style models. Of course as with all F&P appliances the new models are easy on the eye and are full of features to save you money on your energy bills and make your fresh food last longer. So without further ado,  let’s me the all new Fisher & Paykel side by side family…

Fisher Paykel RX611DUX1 

American Style Fridge Freezer Ice & Water

Meet the RX611DUX1, the stylish American style fridge freezer from Fisher Paykel. Boasting a 552 litre capacity and a range of flexible shelving and compartments, this side by side fridge freezer is perfect for a large family on the go. The ice and water dispenser is easy to use and provides instant refreshment at the touch of a button. Plus, with other handy features such as holiday mode and the humidity controlled crisper drawers, this fridge freezer works hard to save you energy and makes your fresh veg last longer too. Finished in stainless steel this model is easy on the eye and you can be assured that with its A+ energy rating it’s extremely efficient.

Fisher Paykel RX628DW1

American Style Fridge Freezer

Introducing the RX628DW1, a stylish white American style fridge freezer from Fisher Paykel. Offering a whopping 570 litre capacity and a wealth of flexible shelving and drawers, this side by side fridge freezer is perfect for a big household. The internal ice maker is easy to use and requires no plumbing and teamed with the ice storage drawer you can fill it up ready for a hot summers day or dinner party. Plus with other handy features such as holiday mode and the humidity controlled and deli drawers, this fridge freezer works hard to save you energy and makes your fresh food last longer too. Finished in white this model will make a big impression and you can be assured that with its A+ energy rating it’s extremely efficient

Fisher Paykel RX628DX1

American Style Fridge Freezer

Say hello to the RX628DX1, a stylish stainless steel American style fridge freezer from Fisher Paykel. Offering large households a huge 570 litre capacity and a wealth of flexible shelving and drawers, this side by side fridge freezer is sure to fit all the family favourites in. The non-plumbed internal ice maker is easy to use and teamed with the ice storage drawer you can make sure it’s ready stocked for hosting that big dinner party. Plus with other handy features such as holiday mode and the humidity controlled and deli drawers, this fridge freezer works hard to save you energy and makes your fresh food last longer too. Finished in stainless steel this model really looks the part and you can be assured that with its A+ energy rating it’s extremely efficient.

For more information or advice on buying your new Fisher & Paykel Side by Side Fridge Freezer feel free to call our Sales Team on 0115 965 1937 

We’re very pleased to introduce the new range of Fisher & Paykel Front Loader Washing Machines. We’ve been busy discovering all there is to know about these great energy efficient machines, here’s what you need to know!

“At Fisher & Paykel, our goal has always been to design and create the world’s most intelligent washing machines that care for your clothes by making them faster, better and more energy efficient.”

What is the Fisher & Paykel SmartDrive™ Technology & Vortex Wash?

Fisher & Paykel SmartDrive™ washing machines use their world first direct drive technology, which has revolutionised clothes washing and clothes care since the 1990s. By combining smart electronics with a direct drive motor and removing the belt and pulleys, these intelligent washing machines sense and respond to each individual load, delivering exceptional clothes care quickly, quietly and more efficiently.

Unique to Fisher & Paykel is the Vortex Wash which speeds up the cleaning process making most cycles less than an hour to complete when washing at 30˚C. Fisher & Paykel explain this feature as “an explosion” It quite simply uses the force of the spinning drum to deliver the soapy water deep into the fabric surface to get the clothes clean quicker.

1. Whisper Quiet

SmartDrive™ front loaders have a noise level of just 54dBA during the wash and less than 68dBA when spinning so you can wash at any time without disturbing those around you. This is achieved by removing cumbersome parts like belts and pulleys, making the washing more not only more reliable but it also produces less vibration and brings the noise levels down to just a whisper.

2. SmartTouch Control Dial

The SmartTouch™ Control Dial is your interface to SmartDrive™ technology. It distils 21 years of SmartDrive™ development into a user-friendly interface, to deliver an expert wash every time.

3. Self Diagnosis

Fisher & Paykel’s Front loader Washing Machines are capable of diagnosing their own problems. A series of user warnings guide you to solve simple issues like “taps not on” or “overdosing detergent”. Should a more complex problem arise a series of fault codes will guide an authorised service person to a speedy solution.

4. Hot & Cold Fill

Unlike many others, Fisher & Paykel’s front loader Washing Machines give you the option to choose whether the water is heated in the washing machine or uses your hot water supply. You can connect to cold only and let the washer heat the water, or if you wish to use hot water from your supply, connect to both hot and cold. Depending on your hot water supply, this may be a more energy efficient option, and speed up the cycles.

Other features in the Fisher & Paykel Washing Machine Range include:

‘Add a garment’ 

The ‘add a garment’ feature allows you to quickly add or remove a garment mid cycle – so if you’ve missed a pesky sock on the stairs you can pop it in no problem. Simply select add a garment and for most cycles the door will unlock immediately. If the drum water is too high, just enough will be drained out before the door is unlocked.

More Control

A wrinkle free option and a choice of three soil levels, give you more control over your wash.


Preventing the unpleasant build-ups that create smells has been made possible with the combination of anti-microbial materials, a Drum Clean cycle and a free draining door gasket.

Which model will you choose?

There are 3 washing machines to choose from within the new range all with A+++ efficiency and a varying capacities (7kg /8kg) spin speed (1200rpm/1400pm) and wash cycles (9 /13) Plus a wealth of features to make life easier and more efficient. Just scroll below to find out more about the different models.

Fisher Paykel WH7060J1 – 7kg Freestanding Washing Machine 1200rpm

Fisher Paykel WH7060P1 – 7kg Freestanding Washing Machine 1400rpm

Fisher Paykel WH8060P1 – 8kg Freestanding Washing Machine 1400rpm

For any more information or advice on buying a new Fisher & Paykel Washing Machine don’t hesitate to give our sales team a call who will gladly help you. Just call 0115 965 1937.

On the outside, style is a matter of taste. So a little chef awaits on the inside that can’t wait to impress. Fisher and Paykel’s Range Cookers give you the flexibility to prepare several courses simultaneously. With extra-large or double ovens, combined with five or six-burner gas hobs, the clean lines in glass and stainless steel compliment any modern kitchen.

Kitchen inspiration doesnt exist in a vacuum but simple and responsive extraction is always important. Built to perform, Fisher & Paykel’s Cooker Hoods effectively capture and eliminates cooking odours, vapour and steam. Each has been designed as the perfect partner product to our hobs and range cookers and features sleek black glass with brush stainless steel.

Team these two products together and you create a stunning feature in any kitchen. Plus if you buy one of our Fisher & Paykel Range Cookers and Cooker Hoods you can save up to £120!

Buy the OR90LDBGX2 90cm Fisher & Paykel Range Cooker and HC90DCXB1 Cooker Hood and save £100!

Buy the OR120DDWGX2 Fisher & Paykel 120cm Range Cooker and the HC120DCXB1 Fisher & Paykel 120cm Cooker Hood and save £120!

Come Dishwash With Us! Win a Fisher Paykel Stainless Steel Double DishDrawer™ In Our Free Prize Draw!

Let’s be honest, Summer 2012 hasn’t been too great weather wise! True, we have had 29 shiny gold medals so far, to brighten up our days and hopefully more to come in the 2012 London Paralympics, but the good old British weather hasn’t allowed for too many smoky BBQ’s or outdoor eating.

Some might say a big thank goodness, clear up afterwards is always something to be avoided at all costs! Plates, glasses, salad bowls, not to mention awkward cooking utensils and cookware…….

We have the solution – The Fisher & Paykel Double DishDrawer™ has the ability to be used as both a large dishwasher and also two smaller dishdrawers, for those smaller lunchtime loads, to help make dishwashing as time, energy and hassle saving as possible.

Fancy winning one???

Just answer our easy question below, give us some contact details, even recommend a friend for an extra entry, and you will be placed in our prize draw to win a stainless steel Fisher Paykel Double DishDrawer™

More about the Fisher Paykel DishDrawer™


While the advantages of dishwashing in a drawer format make so much sense to the customer, it is Fisher & Paykel’s technological ability to make it work that is genius. The challenge has been to make a drawer dishwasher achievable, yet simple. Fisher & Paykel’s DishDrawer™ dishwasher successfully combines compact technologies to provide a space efficient dishwasher in a drawer. The combination of the unique SmartDrive™ motor technology with intelligent electronics and simple mechanics means more space for dishes, greater reliability and better performance. The DishDrawer™ dishwasher’s internal microprocessor controls how the wash mechanism operates based on the load and wash cycle. The spray arm rotates at different speeds depending on the wash cycle selected to deliver better dish care.

SmartDrive™ Wash Mechanism

The unique brushless DC motor acts as both a wash pump and a drain pump, which means less moving parts and greater reliability. The pump brings water into the spray arm, which rotates at different speeds depending on the wash cycle selected to deliver a superior clean and better dish care.

Nine Wash Options

All DishDrawer™ dishwashers feature nine wash programmes tailored to different washing requirements: Rinse, Fast Eco, Fast, Delicate Eco, Delicate, Normal Eco, Normal, Heavy Eco, Heavy. The range of settings enables DishDrawer™ to wash everything from fine glass and crystal to heavily soiled pots and pans at the touch of a button. Primary and secondary controls provide a simple interface for programme selection and operation while the delay start setting means the dishes can be done when it’s most convenient.

Superior Filtration

One of the challenges in all dishwashers is a robust filter system that removes debris and avoids blocking. The kidney filter and overmoulded filter plate creates a firm seal to ensure that debris does not enter the wash mechanism and cause backflow. It is designed to be removable for easy and hygienic cleaning.

Adjustable Racking System

DishDrawer™ includes a range of flexible and adjustable racking options for different wash requirements. The flexible cutlery basket can be customised for different utensils and incorporates a separate small item container for easy loading and unloading. Pitch adjustable folding tines allow greater flexibility to customise loads. Tines can be folded flat to accommodate a full load of pots and pans or fold up to hold delicate glassware and crystal. Pitch adjustable racks can accommodate normal plates or simply slide and the rack can conveniently stack deep bowls. Wine glass holders ensure delicate glasses are secure throughout the wash and all side racking is fully adjustable to accommodate short stem and long stem glasses. Added retainer clips are ideal for holding chopping boards and plastic containers in position during wash cycles. All this enables a maximum of 7 place settings within each drawer.

Safety Features

DishDrawer™ dishwasher incorporates unique safety features such as Child Lock which both locks the drawer to prevent opening as well as disabling the buttons. In addition it includes three stage flood protection; the high strength hose withstands water pressure several times greater than normal, overfill detection cuts the water supply if limits are exceeded and the back-up switch activates the drain pump to remove any excess water.

Flow through Detergent Dispenser

The DishDrawer™ detergent dispenser ensures that undissolved detergent does not drop into the tub, but instead is mixed as the machine fills with water. This not only cleans each load better but also reduces the possibility of damaging delicate items such as aluminum, cutlery or porcelain glazes.

Independent Drawers

An independent drawer based dishwashing platform is part of what makes DishDrawer™ dishwasher unique. At bench height drawers glide open for easy access, visibility and better ergonomics. In Double DishDrawer™ dishwashers both drawers operate independently so different wash cycles can operate simultaneously to accommodate a variety of loads. Both drawers together can hold a maximum of 14 place settings. Glasses, pots and pans can be washed in separate drawers at the same time.


How many place settings can the DD60DCHX7 hold in total?

It’s all about the kitchen as the social hub of the home and the ease with which one can entertain friends with a Fisher & Paykel kitchen. This is the mantra behind the second television commercial launched as a part of F&P Australasia’s new advertising campaign.
Filmed from the point of view of the male host of the dinner party, this ad communicates the range of emotions commonly experienced when cooking for a group of people – from the chaos of preparation, to the satisfaction of presenting the masterpiece, to the dreaded job of cleaning up – all of which is made easy with Fisher & Paykel.

We stock a huge range of Fisher & Paykel appliances at Appliance City, including the iconic Fisher Paykel Dishdrawers, universally recognised as the world’s most advanced dishwasher. And even that doesn’t do justice to the unique DishDrawer. Put delicate crystal in one drawer, heavily soiled pots in the other, and let the ultimate in dishwashers take over.

The coolest kitchens rely on stylish design with more than a dash of intelligent technology. Nothing sums up that ethos better than the Fisher & Paykel range of ActiveSmart refrigerators. The Emphasis: Fast cooling and freezing, optimal temperatures for a diverse range of items combined with intelligent use of space. The Outcome: Enjoy an ease of use seldom found elsewhere and food as nature intended it to be.

How ActiveSmart Works:

ActiveSmart consists of a microprocessor, door and temperature sensors, independently controlled variable speed fans and multiple air ducts. The microprocessor controls how the refrigerator generates based on changing patterns of use. The sensors continually send information to the microprocessor, which analyses and adjusts the fan speed and compressor operations, to deliver optimum results. Cool air is distributed evenly and efficiently through multiple air ducts creating a consistent stable temperature throughout your refrigerator and freezer, keeping your food fresher for longer.

ActiveSmart Features:

ActiveSmart has a number of unique features that deliver the best possible food care.

The Humidity Control System creates the perfect micro climate in each produce bin. The humidity control lid protects fresh produce from dryer refrigerator air keeping it fresher for longer. Two humidity control slides offer settings for both fruit and vegetables to retain moisture and freshness.

Independent Variable Speed Fans control air flow through multiple air ducts in the refrigerator and freezer. This means greater control when new items are introduced to either compartment as well as rapid chill and freezing to maintain food quality.

Temperature and Door Sensors constantly record changes to fridge and freezer compartments including when the doors are opened and new items are introduced. This information is continuously communicated to the microprocessor which, in conjunction with the variable speed fans, ensures each compartment is kept uniform at 0 – 4 degrees Celsius.

Adaptive Defrost means that there is no need for vacation mode settings. The microprocessor will select the best time to defrost based on how it is being used. It will recognise lower usage when you are away, saving energy by defrosting less often.

Ice and Water
models have fully integrated indoor water dispensing and internal ice making that doesn’t use any space in your refrigerator providing maximum food storage. The slim line water touch pad means any size or shaped vessel can be filled with chilled filtered water. The ice maker is housed above the freezer and can fill various sized bins for customised storage.

Ergonomic Design – Wide opened spaces and numerous shelving options allow for easy customisation. Secure glass shelving prevents drips and spills falling on items stored below. Quality extension runners allow you to remove storage bins and trays for easy loading and unloading.

ActiveSmart Benefits:

The challenge in any refrigerator is to maintain a stable temperature and even distribution of cool air throughout each compartment. ActiveSmart variable speed fans and multiple air ducts ensure a stable and even temperature throughout your fridge and freezer. Wherever you place your food, ActiveSmart delivers better food care. ActiveSmart does the thinking for you, automatically adjusting the temperature based on what’s inside as well as adapting to different climates and seasonal changes. So no matter what is happening on the outside ActiveSmart will only use the energy required for great temperature control on the inside. Food needs to be chilled quickly in both the fridge and freezer compartments to preserve quality and ensure food safety. ActiveSmart responds quickly to change by rapidly cooling new items being stored. Better food preservation means produce stays fresher for longer minimising food waste so you can get the most out of each shop.

ActiveSmart Family:

We all know every kitchen is different, the ActiveSmart family offers multiple configurations along with a choice of finishes to integrate seamlessly into new and existing kitchen designs.

Cooldrawer combines ActiveSmart technology with a multi temperature draw based fridge which can be placed anywhere in the kitchen, home or entertainment area.

French Door fridges maximise space as well as access bringing theatre into the kitchen through extra wide open shelve spaces and flush mounted ice and water functions.

Bottom Freezer models are designed for what you use most often. The upper refrigerator enables easy access to everyday items as well as ergonomic glass shelves and storage bins that can be configured to suit every lifestyle.

Top Freezer models are a classic configuration ideally suited for those who use their freezer as much as their refrigerator.

In the end it is all about what’s important to you. Whether your preference is freestanding or integrated, under worktop or built in, there is a Fisher & Paykel ActiveSmart refrigerator designed to suit every home.

Have you spotted our celebrity fridge freezer? If not you still have until 27th January!

Designed to maximise space as well as access the French Door refrigerators bring theatre into the kitchen with wide-open shelf spaces and unobstructed access to 800mm wide shelves.

Below, a spacious drawer, full extension shelf and storage bins provide an ergonomic solution for freezer items. The RF540ADUX featured in this series of Celebrity Big Brother also features door alarms, led lighting, humidity control system, external water dispenser and electronic interface – a true celebrity of fridge freezers!

Building on the ergonomically superior design of DishDrawer®, DishDrawer® Wide makes dishwashing easier than ever. A taller drawer means you can now fit large pots and plates up to 315mm with ease, and its flexible racking systems delivers spectacular results on everything from delicate glassware to a heavily stained pasta bowl. And it will look great in your kitchen!

Key features:

  • Holds plates up to 315mm
  • Flow through detergent dispenser
  • Folding tines
  • Fully adjustable racking system
  • 2yrs parts & labour warranty
  • Choice of 9 wash programmes
  • Economical eco option

Express delivery is available so buy now!

Save £150 on this fantastic designer chimney hood from Fisher & Paykel – Now just £369 with free delivery!

The EC901XV1 has a very high extraction rate but relatively low noise levels due to it’s fantastic build quality. We have just purchased the remaining stock from Fisher Paykel but hurry, we only have a few available.

  • Stainless steel design with grey glass insert
  • 3 speed powerful centrifugal motor
  • Air movement 943m³/h (max)
  • Noise level 58dBA – 75dBA
  • Easy to reach front controls
  • 3 micromesh grease filters
  • Can be ducted or recirculated
  • Recessed halogen lights 3 x 20 watt
  • Two piece adjustable chimney section