We answer all your questions about our manufacturer Gorenje – Who are they? Where did they come from? What do they have to offer?

Gorenje has been in the white goods sector for quite some time. The company was founded in 1950 in Gorenje, Slovakia. When it first opened it was building and manufacturing agricultural machinery, a far cry from the white goods it produces today.

A short eight years later, Gorenje made the jump from agricultural manufacturing to white goods with the production of its first solid fuel cooker.

Gorenje - Appliance City

Doesn’t look like much, but during the 1950’s it made making dinner much more efficient and accessible in the family home. From their humble beginnings of their first solid fuel cooker, a short eight years later Gorenje launched their first electric cooker.

Gorenje - Electric Cookers - Appliance City

This firmly established their place in the white goods sector. From the 1950’s onward their reach through the white goods market would continue to grow.

By 1960, Gorenje was growing in leaps and bounds and ready to spread its wings. During that year, they moved to their new and current location in Velenje, Slovenia.

The 1960s were a time for massive expansion for Gorenje.

Gorenje - Appliance City - Washing Machines

1965 saw the launch of the first Gorenje washing machine. Their washing machine stood out from others because it wasn’t designed by anyone other than the first Gorenje designer Marjan Dwořák. He would be the first in a long line of Gorenje designers, giving the brand it’s own look and feel that easily identified their products as Gorenje.

Gorenje - Refrigeration - Appliance City

The 1960s didn’t only see the launch of their first line of washing machines, but also their line of refrigeration, which is still popular today. 1961 saw Gorenje’s first white goods crossing borders with its first export to Germany. In 1971 Gorenje went even further and began producing everything from televisions to medical equipment.

The 1970s saw Gorenje’s influence stretch throughout western Europe to countries like Italy, Austria and France. It was also a huge period of design advances. Gorenje brought in a new German designer, Ciril Cesar, to further their brand presence, brand outlook and a new feel to their products. Ciril Cesar was brought in as their head of the new Gorenje Design Centre. Through the 1970s and 80s Gorenje’s look and feel would change dramatically, thanks to this new Design Centre.


From the 1990’s to the mid 2000’s Gorenje’s products started focusing more on the customer interaction, environmentally friendly and cutting edge technologies. Gorenje focused more on the user experience giving homeowners the technology they wanted with a price point they could agree with.  The new strategy in the early 2000s was to offer Everything for the Home, not just one or two of the white goods.

Between 2006 – 2009 Gorenje began introducing truly state of the art technology with innovative fridge freezers, Gorenje Simplicity and Gorenje Retro.

Gorenje - Simplicity - Appliance City

Gorenje Simplicity is beautiful with modern, clean lines and top notch energy efficiency. If you want your kitchen to have a very European, modern feel, Gorenje Simplicity is perfect.

Gorenje Retro does just what it says on the tin. Modern levels of energy efficiency and top of the line features in a retro style case. Classic lines of the 1950’s style fridge freezers that fit perfectly into modern homes. If you want a piece of art that doubles as your fridge freezer and is also affordable. This line is worth a second look, or a third.

Gorenje - Retro - Appliance City

If you’ve never heard of Gorenje, now’s the time to get yourself educated about this sophisticated brand that is making headway through a market with big names.

Check out our full Gorenje range from Retro to the Designer collection. There’s something for everyone from Gorenje.

When I leave for work in the morning it’s dark; when I leave work to go home it’s dark. It’s the time of year when all of a sudden we’re very tired for no good reason other than it’s always dark. When I do get home from work, cooking dinner seems like a chore rather than something I enjoy. Enter the slow cooker, my best friend during the winter months. I’m a morning person so dropping ingredients into my slow cooker and setting it to low is easy and just part of my routine. Not to mention I absolutely love not having to slave over the stove when I get home from work.

There are more recipes for slow cookers than the odd chilli, chicken soup and stew. There is everything from breakfast casseroles to desserts that you can make all in this one convenient home appliance.

Creamy Banana French Toast

Slow Cooker - Recipes - Banana French Toast - Appliance City

Talk about stepping up your breakfast game. This creamy banana french toast in the slow cooker from Diethood is the breakfast of champions. I happen to love french toast, but do I like everyone eating before me and mine getting cold? Not so much. With this recipe everyone is eating at the same time, enjoying the lovely flavour of this hearty breakfast.

Typically everyone will have the ingredients for this recipe to hand on any day of the week. If you don’t pick up a french stick at the supermarket, feel free to use homemade bread, store bought loaf or even something like cinnamon raisin bread. If you fancy blueberries, peaches or strawberries, go for it! The options are endless.

Sausage Casserole

Slow Cooker - Recipes - Sausage Casserole - Appliance City

Doesn’t this just look delicious. Perfect for breakfast or binner – see what I did there – this make ahead casserole is perfect with a side of fresh baked bread or croissants.  The recipe from Creole Contessa is superb and can easily be eaten for any meal throughout the day. It also reheats really well if you fancy taking it into work for a nice brunch.

The recipe is in Imperial units so simply convert to metric and off you go. Throw everything in the slow cooker, set a timer and walk away and voila food is ready.

Easy Cheesy Barbecue Chicken

Slow Cooker - Recipes - BBQ chicken - Appliance City

I’m not sure I know anyone that doesn’t love Hunter’s BBQ Chicken. It’s definitely one of my favourite comfort foods during the winter or even the summer. What’s great about this recipe from LMLD is that you still get all the flavours you love from a summer hunters chicken, direct from your slow cooker. There’s only minimal prep involved in it, including precooking your bacon. Let it cook whilst you relax then enjoy the easy cleanup from a slow cooker meal.

Crispy Orange Chicken

Slow Cooker - Recipes - Crispy Orange Chicken - Appliance City

My favourite dish to order from my local Chinese is orange chicken. Nothing is better than having a fakeaway at home that is MUCH healthier than ordering a takeaway. This crispy orange chicken recipe from Crockpot Gourmet quickly became one of my favourite midweek meals to come home to. Sometimes I just don’t feel like cooking but I also don’t feel like gaining five pounds either. This was the perfect answer for nights like that.

Whilst the recipe does require a bit more prep than you normally would have with a slow cooker meal it is definitely worth it. If you aren’t interested in the chicken being crispy, skip this step and go straight to the slow cooker. There’s nothing stopping you from trying your own version of this fabulous recipe.

White Chocolate Bread Pudding

Slow Cooker - Recipes - Bread Pudding - Appliance City

I have to admit I was never a big fan of bread pudding, at least not until I found this recipe from Betty Crocker. Using a French stick and white chocolate, it is incredibly easy to make. It isn’t something you would make before work and leave it cooking all day long, but it is something you could put in before tea and have it waiting for when you are ready for dessert. A perfect warm dessert for winter nights, try it tonight.

Rangemaster is common household name around the world and there’s a good reason for that.

Rangemaster was founded over 200 years ago by John Flavel. Shortly after it’s inception, he built the original factory in Leamington Spa. That factory still remains though I doubt Mr. Flavel would recognise it today. It’s had loads of changes and investment to make it the state of the art range cooker facility that it is today.

In 1833, John’s son William Flavel would go on to invent the world’s first range cooker, then known as “The Kitchener”. Little did William know, the Kitchener would still be manufactured and sold throughout the world nearly 200 years later.

The Kitchener would revolutionise how homes prepared their food from then on. The ability to roast, boil, bake and warm were now available from one compact device in the kitchen. I say compact, but this was in fact a cast iron serious set of machinery built for anything from the smallest of houses to the biggest of hotels. Culinary activities were forever changed.

1851 saw The Kitchener featured at the Great Exhibition at Crystal Palace. During it’s period on display Queen Victoria and the Duchess were taken by it’s majesty and even had one ordered for the kitchens in Kensington Palace. From then on monarchy’s around the world touted The Kitchener as the most sought after appliance to have in the kitchen.

The Kitchener - Rangemaster

Fast forward to 2011. Rangemaster is still producing the historical Kitchener but it looks a bit different. More modern, no solid fuel and much more energy efficient.

The cookers of the modern generation look much different to their original cast iron grand fathers. In 1951, Rangemaster offered the first range cooker that was available in “colour”. Rangemaster would go on to to create features that seemed futuristic like dual fuel and fold away grills. Rangemaster hasn’t stopped being innovative since its beginnings.

In 1995, Rangemaster would up their game and offer the first double oven range cookers. The Rangemaster 110 would go on to be the highest selling range cooker in the portfolio.

Rangemaster 110 - Appliance City

Rangemaster has come a long way from offering fabulous range cookers. They’ve extended their reach, offering built in appliances, refrigeration and dishwashers.

This is where things take an exciting turn. We know that Rangemaster makes range cookers to die for, but what about everything else they make?


Refrigeration by Rangemaster - Appliance City


Rangemaster American and French style fridge freezers provide ample space in both the fridge and freezer sections for even the largest of families. Typically British homes are outfitted to handle a fridge freezer of this size so it is best to have one fitted specifically when you are designing or redoing your kitchen.

If you are looking for top of the line features, Rangemaster American or French style fridge freezers won’t disappoint. Many arrive with built in water and ice dispensers, crisper and freezer drawers and a ultra low decibel rating approximately 45dB. Both fridge freezer styles come in a variety of colours to suit your needs.

If you’re more in the market for integrated refrigeration, Rangemaster can still be your solution. With separate integrated fridges and freezers or an integrated 70/30 split fridge freezer, Rangemaster tailors to different designs for different kitchens.


rangemaster integrated dishwasher - appliance city

Currently, if you are in the market for a fully integrated dishwasher, Rangemaster can fulfill your needs. They don’t currently make a freestanding dishwasher, but there’s nothing stopping them from doing it in the future. Their fully integrated dishwashers are built to the highest of standards with A++ energy ratings, room enough for up to 12 place settings and two year parts and labour warranty as standard. Outfitting your kitchen in Rangemaster appliances not only looks good, but is great for the environment as well.

Rangemaster not only does range cooking but built in ovens, hobs and even cooker hoods to match their appliances. What’s stopping you from checking out our full selection of Rangemaster products?


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If you haven’t heard of Elica by now, you’ll wish you did by the end of this blog post. 

Elica was founded in Fabriano, Italy by Ermanno Casoli in 1970. They sought to be the prime destination for distinguished range hoods that added a serious amount of style to a kitchen. The first hoods tended to have customisable panels that made them perfect for each and every customer.

Elica Hood - Star - Celestial - Appliance City

Fast forward to 1997, Elica now has a factory and is making a few different styles of chimney hoods. They start partnering with different design entities to produce high class, high quality hoods. We see the delights of hoods like the celestial above and beautiful Japanese styled hoods in the early 2000’s.

OM hood by Elica

Then came 2004, when Elica revolutionised the industry and changed it forever with the release of the OM hood. Looking nothing like an extractor hood and every bit as artful as a Monet it carved it’s place as a one of kind, exclusive designer.

Just one year later Elica was producing cooker hoods that were hidden in plain sight, as beautiful pieces of art or lighting fixtures. One of our favourite here at Appliance City is the from the Celestial collection.

elica celestial at appliance city

Play a bit of hide and seek with this hood by Elica. Can you point out the cooker hood in this image? No? Thats because it’s devised to look like a beautiful centre lighting piece and is every bit as gorgeous as one, but as useful as a traditional cooker hood. If you’re into the sparkly, shiny and bling this cooker hood would make an amazing addition to any kitchen.

Whether it’s a chimney hood or an island, Elica makes fab hoods in every style. Check out our full Elica range today.

Want something with a bit less bling but is equally as stylish and a sight to behold? This Elektra design is something that looks more like space age technology. If you love your tech and want that theme to continue throughout your home, this would be an optimal choice.

Elica - Elektra at Appliance City

Since then Elica has continued to revolutionise the hoods they make, breaking style boundaries with each and every one. They continue to astound and amaze us with what they come up with and we can’t wait to see what more they have to offer.

If you are looking for something to complete your kitchen that just has that wow factor, you can’t go wrong with one of the stylish, designer hoods by Elica.


Elica. 2015. Elica – Brand. [ONLINE] Available at: http://elica.com/WW-en/brand. [Accessed 10 November 15].

Do you love the exotic lines of Italian supercars? Take those lines and introduce them into range cooking and you’ve got the beautiful, Italian range cookers from Bertazzoni.

You’ve probably only heard of Bertazzoni if you’ve been into a high class white good showroom and found a gleaming, classy range cooker. They aren’t one of the most well known brands, but I can guarantee after this blog, you will know their name and just might have a touch of range cooker envy.

Bertazzoni Range Cookers - Appliance City - Yellow

Bertazzoni is a family run business from a small city next to the river Po in Italy. It’s situated in the same region that claims some of the greatest Italian delicacies like Parma Ham, Salami and Parmesan Cheese. Their location gives them a special niche in the range cooker market. They know food, they know how to cook food and they know just what a range cooker should have to cook every dish to perfection.

Customers and clients of Bertazzoni have featured their beautiful range cookers in images from all over the world. This beautiful yellow range cooker is in a kitchen in Sweden and interior design was done by Kvänum. The yellow of the Bertazzoni range cooker ads a punch of happiness and fun to this otherwise monochrome kitchen. I love the sense of fun it has and let’s be honest, when you love cooking, it is fun.

If you love the feel of a professional kitchen with all it’s beautiful chrome you’ll love this stainless steel Bertazzoni range cooker in an all chrome, modern kitchen.

Classic kitchen

Paired with the black granite worktops and stainless American side by side fridge freezer, this kitchen is an amateur cooks dream. Like the yellow cooker before it, this is a Bertazzoni clients home in Minnesota, USA. The interior design is by Adam Rosengren and Chris Vanklei.

Are you wondering what makes Bertazzoni so much different from all the other range cookers out there on the market?

Bertazzoni’s range cookers come in three styles: Dual FuelInduction and Standard. They also come in a variety of sizes, so there is something for everyone regardless of the size of your kitchen. Bertazzoni Range come with an energy rating of A and a 2 year warranty as standard. But what about the features? With such features as telescopic rails, soft close doors and triple glazing on the door you can tell just by the feel and look of the Bertazzoni it’s there to make a difference in the way you cook.

Are you feeling a bit peckish and fancy yourself whipping up some confectionary delight on a Bertazzoni? Then check out our full range and find something worthy to hold a place in your kitchen and your heart.

Many times people will judge a book, recipe or anything really, upon first glance. In the case of recipes it’s most likely to be the title or image of the recipe or the category the recipe falls in. So before any Judgy McJudgerson takes over have a gander at these fine recipes. The plot twist won’t come until the end (no cheating either).

Gooey Pumpkin Spice Latte Chocolate Pudding Cake

Pumpkin Spice Latte Chocolate Cake - Recipes - Appliance City

It is pumpkin season. People are shoving the flavour into any and every dish that they can. This dish is no exception. It is a beautiful combination of chocolate, pumpkin and coffee and is absolutely brilliant. It’s like having a cup of coffee and a slice of cake all in one. The recipe from Oh She Glows is easy to make and would make the perfect finish to an evening Winter meal or even something brilliant to serve Christmas Eve night. Make it a tradition!

Italian Orzo Spinach Soup

Italian Orzo spinach soup - recipes - appliance city

Perfect for a night in, chilling on the couch with a warm bowl of comfort food. This recipe from Gimme Some Oven could quickly become one of my favourite go to comfort food recipes. It has so many of my favourite things in it, spinach and pasta! Whilst I would normally go for a white lasagna, this is easier to make, lasts longer and doesn’t take up nearly as much of my time. Did I say it tastes and smells gorgeous? No. Well it does. Don’t take my word for it, make it yourself. Fill your home full of the scent of this delicious soup, then crack open a window and tease your neighbours with it!

Cheesy Alfredo with Peas and Kale

cheesy alfredo with kale and peas - recipes - appliance city

Happening upon this recipe by Pink Theory was the best thing to happen to me on a Monday. It literally had me at the words “Cheesy Alfredo”. I mean just the thought of Alfredo has my mouth watering. This recipe can easily be made uniquely for your tastes. I happen to substitute spinach for kale. I just like spinach a bit more than the bitter taste of kale. You can also mix in a bit of mushrooms, maybe some red pepper for spice or a bit of red onion. The options are endless. But the fact remains, this recipe is a winner no matter which way you make it.

Chilli Polenta Pot Pie

Recipes with a twist - chili polenta pie - appliance city - recipes

Take your typical pot pie and put a Mexican twist on it and you have this beaut from Potluck. It’s no secret, my favourite type of food is Mexican. I love polenta and mixing it with a fire roasted chilli was genius! It’s almost like my mum’s chilli topped with warm jalapeno spiced corn bread. Perfect for individual portions as it reheats nicely for a lunch!

Oreo Chocolate Mousse Tart

Recipes with a twist - chocolate tart - recipes - appliance city

Bless my chocolate lovin’ heart. This recipe has all the makings of a perfect Sunday afternoon dessert. Who doesn’t love chocolate, and if you say me, we are so not friends. I love chocolate and this recipe from Baking Equals Love is the epitome of chocolate heaven. It has a crispy, crispy chocolatey crust and the middle is silken chocolate. Nothing could be better. Why not try it tonight?

So have you figured out what the twist is yet? No? These recipes look like they are absolutely delicious don’t they? They all are filling, full of flavour and perfect for any family. But here’s the kicker. They are all VEGAN, some are even gluten, dairy and/or egg free. In my last vegan post there were too many nay sayers who immediately turned down the recipes because they were vegan. Look past the word vegan, and try something new. You’ll never know what you’ll like until you try!

Cleaning your home is never the most glamorous job, but with these handmade cleaners it can be safer and more eco-friendly.

The products we tend to buy in our local shops are harsh. They are dangerous for our pets, children and ourselves. The harsh agents in these cleaning products aren’t really what makes them work, so why not make our own? Cleaners that work just as good, but are safe for our families and homes.

Dishwasher Tabs

Cleaning Products that are safe - Appliance City - Dishwasher Tabs

Making your own dishwasher tabs not only ensures that you know they are safe for your family but it will save you a ton of cash. Dishwasher tabs have to be one of the most expensive cleaning products you can buy. This trick for making your own from Easy Home Made costs a fraction of the price and uses ingredients that you won’t mind cleaning the dishes you and your family eat off of.

Furniture Polish

Handmade ecofriendly cleaning products - handmade polish - appliance city

Made with only three ingredients, this handmade polish from Pins and Procrastination is absolutely perfect. It keeps your furniture shining and dust and germ free, plus the lemongrass extract gives it an amazing smell. Make your own polish and I can bet you never go back to store bought polish again. I mean, who wants all those nasty chemical ingredients when they can have this lovely, family friendly, green one?

Laundry Pods

Handmade Laundry Pods - EcoFriendly - Appliance City

Do we even know what is in those little laundry pods we all buy from the supermarket? Sure they smell good, but what exactly are we washing our clothes in? Does it make our clothes wear faster? Does it have built in stain remover? Who knows.

This “recipe” for handmade laundry pods from Pop Sugar is absolutely brilliant. Not only are they completely green, they have a built in stain remover and make your laundry smell awesome! No seriously. You choose your own scent by adding your own favourite essential oils. Essential oils have several purposes and smelling incredible is just a bonus. They last for ages and with the essential oils you can rest assured your laundry still has that fresh scent even two weeks after being washed. No, that doesn’t include wearing them!

Bathroom Cleaner

homemade bathroom cleaner - ecofriendly cleaning products - appliance city

This is no ordinary bathroom cleaner. As you know, the cleaners you tend to purchase in the supermarket don’t actually clean all parts of your bathroom. That spray that has a tangy, chemical odour might be ok to wash down the sink and toilet but does nothing for the tile, grout or shower doors. Well, we’ve found the fix for all of it. This “recipe“, once again from Pop Sugar is brilliant for getting your tile, grout and all surfaces of your bathroom looking squeaky clean. Our only question, who is this Pop Sugar and can we get some of their cleaning / mastermind / inventive brains?!

Need an eco-friendly way to clean your oven? Check out our oven cleaning guide.

If you have you own make at home cleaning recipes, why not share them with us? We’re always looking for ways to go green, save money and make the world a safer place for our family.

Bonfire night is always full of fun and times with the family. I know we’ll be taking our kids to the fun fair, having hot chocolate and eating warm donuts but before we do, it will be time for tea. Bonfire night is the perfect opportunity to spice up your life with one of these recipes with a bang in honour of Gunpowder Day.

Now, I’m not saying to try and serve these recipes to your little ones with a very sensitive palate. They are only reserved for grown ups who can take some heat. Feel like kicking your breakfast up a notch? Do it with these Huevos Rancheros.

Huevos Rancheros

Recipes - Bonfire Night - Huevos Rancheros - Appliance City

What do eggs, avocado and coriander have in common? They are all absolutely delicious. Put them together in a dish with garlic, chillies and cheese and you have the best breakfast on the street. I love this recipe from Woman and Home not just for breakfast but any time of day. Either you can serve it with tortillas which is the traditional method or put it over some lovely toast and give it a bit of English flair.

If you think this is something that your kids will like, you can make an extra pan and omit the chillies and red pepper. This make this delightful recipe palate friendly for little ones.

Spicy Tomato and Prawn Spaghetti

Appliance City - Recipes - Spicy Tomato and Prawn Spaghetti

Summer is over so say goodbye to lunches, unless you absolutely love lunches then, Go You! I’d rather have something warm and filling this time of year and a bit of spice never hurts. This recipe from Healthy Food is easy to prepare and reheat and even easier to eat. What’s brilliant about this recipe is essentially you are making your own pasta sauce. This is great for diets as you know exactly what you are putting in and how many calories you’re consuming. No hidden sugar in this one! Make a big pot and freeze it in individual portions perfect for lunches and leftover nights.

Unsure what chilli to use? Check our interactive periodic table of Scoville Units.

Spicy Saag Aloo

Appliance City - Recipes - Spicy Saag Aloo

Saag aloo is typically a side dish ordered at your local Indian, but if you’re looking for a healthy vegetarian alternative with some spice this makes a lovely main dish! All your favourite Indian spices come together with creamy potatoes to create a lovely dish fit for Autumn. The Mirror originally featured this recipe as part of their spicy dishes for slimmer waistlines and we agree. Keep your favourite Indian flavours without adding on the pounds this Winter.

Now what would this blog post about Bonfire Night, Gunpowder Day and Guy Fawkes Day be without a dessert with joie de vivre?

Chilli Chocolate Orange Cake

Appliance City - Recipes - Chilli Chocolate Orange Cake

Chilli and chocolate being used together is nothing new. Mexican Molé has been around for generations. This recipe from Belleau Kitchen is proof that love does happen at first sight. I saw this cake and knew that it was heaven on a dish. The beautiful chocolate is well complimented by the heat of the chilli whilst the orange adds a touch of sweetness, though not enough to subdue the chilli. Whilst your children will definitely want a slice, I’d recommend making them the cake without the added chilli for their sensitive palates.

These recipes are super hot, they’ll make your local bonfire look like a match. Enjoy adding a bit of heat to your day with these fine goodies.


Are you about to embark on a long-held plan to refurbish your kitchen? Well, before you do let’s settle in and consider some cautionary tales of kitchen refurbishment disasters.
Enthusiasm is fantastic, but rushing into a DIY frenzy can be the difference between a trick and a treat. Let these terrifying kitchen nightmares quell your DIY urges.

Frightening Fittings

Appliance City - Avoid Kitchen Nightmares

Take note – you can never do too much planning.

There’s no two ways about it, you’ll need a tape measure to fit cabinets, drawers, and doors. The old phrase “measure twice, cut once” was written just for these kitchen fitting nightmares.

Petrifying Paint Spills

Appliance City - Petrifying Paint Spills - Kitchen Nightmares

A can of paint should never leave the floor once opened, and has to be treated with the same care and attention that you’d give to a game of Buckaroo. Paint has a habit of sticking to things – in fact that’s all it does – so make sure you don’t spend this Halloween on your hands and knees cleaning the floor with an old toothbrush!

Don’t want to paint? Find the perfect Colourboutique range cooker from Britannia.

Flat Pack Frankenstein

Appliance City - Kitchen Nightmares - Flat Pack Disaster

If you prefer to move through life ‘winging it’, rather than properly following cryptic flat pack instructions, you might end up with a useless monstrosity which is only suitable to put on show during the Halloween season.

Painful Plumbing Plunders

Kitchen Nightmares

Water does not forgive or forget. This seemingly harmless liquid has the ability to ruin wood, flood a whole house, or even drive a person insane with the sound of a steady drip-drip-drip. When it comes to plumbing, it’s usually a good idea to bring in someone more experienced to tackle this foe. Approach at your own risk!

Tiling Terrors


Tiling requires accuracy down to the last mm, and if you aren’t precise you could end up with a kitchen straight out of a haunted house.

While your wall or floor may look normal at first glance, the more you look, the more likely you or your guests are to spot there’s something a little off. So pay close attention to your tiling techniques before it’s too late.

Whether it’s your walls or your floor, avoid a horror story written in stone with proper planning.

I really think that this should have been my birthday in some alternate universe. 

Pumpkins are fantastic gourds. They are the original halloween decoration, the perfect soup ingredient, fun to carve, perfect for pies and the seeds are addictive. There are so many things you can do with pumpkins this time of year, not just set it on your steps and let it get mushy!

Painting Pumpkins

National Pumpkin Day - Pumpkin treats and tricks - appliance city

Carving your pumpkin can be a serious mess. A fun way to get the kids involved, with no knives and pumpkin guts is to paint the pumpkins. These pumpkins from Parent Map are the perfect example of how creative your children can be with their own pumpkins.

Pumpkin Carving

National Pumpkin Day - Pumpkin Carving - DIY - Appliance City

I’m definitely not the best pumpkin carver in the world. I think the best I’ve ever done was cut a big hole in one, fill it with ice and stick a bottle of wine in the pumpkin. Voila, table decoration a la adult halloween party. Pumpkin carving is a lot of fun with the kids, though it can be quite daunting trying to get one to actually look like something resembling a face. The easiest trick I found was to do the following:

  1. Cut the top of the pumpkin off and clean out the insides (keep the seeds for later)
  2. Find a pumpkin face stencil and trace it on to your pumpkin or draw a face that you would like on your pumpkin
  3. Cut out along the lines of the stencil
  4. Clean up the insides and make sure there aren’t any bits hanging down
  5. Place a votive or tea light candle inside – or in our case we use a battery operated candle so it is safe and lasts a good few weeks

This way your kids can choose whatever design they want to see lit up on your pumpkin and having something to trace makes it a lot easier. Just make sure your knife is very sharp and not serrated. Serrated knives seem to make carving a bit more difficult when you’re trying to make a design or face.

If you don’t have access to the real deal you can always make pumpkin crafts with the kids and decorate the house with them for Autumn. Fun crafts for half term will keep them busy and your house will suddenly be very festive.

Pumpkin Recipes

Of course I’m going to include all sorts of ways you can use pumpkins for things other than decoration. Pumpkins are a fantastic source of vitamins and minerals and it helps that they taste fantastic either sweet or savoury.

Slow Cooker Pumpkin Chilli

Appliance City - Recipes - Pumpkin Chilli

I love recipes that both contain pumpkin and I can make them in my slow cooker. Coming home to dinner already prepared is a mothers vision of happiness. Now if only the dishes would do themselves!

This recipe for Pumpkin Chilli is simple and easy to make. If you are making it as a family meal you may want to omit the jalapenos as children aren’t as keen to eat them as some adults. My Vega has touted this recipe as a vegan one but there is nothing stopping you from adding minced turkey (which is what we did) to bulk it out a bit. We also added cheese to the top and serve it over my family recipe cornbread. It’s one of the recipes I look forward to making every Autumn because when you smell it in the house you know Christmas is well on its way.

Spicy Pumpkin Pasta

spicy pumpkin pasta - recipes - national pumpkin day - appliance city

Pumpkin goes savoury again in this recipe from HGTV. Pumpkins are definitely famous for being made into exceptionally good pies and lattes, but there is so much more that a pumpkin can do. Take this amazing spicy pumpkin pasta for starters. This dish is incredibly simple to make yet tastes so much more complex. There are fresh flavours like mint and hazelnuts combined with pumpkin and parmesan. Think it wouldn’t work? It does, fantastically.

My variation on this recipe is to forgo putting it all together into one dish. Instead, I puree all ingredients (apart from the pasta) together. I then stuff either tortellini or ravioli with the puree. I top it with a pumpkin Alfredo sauce. The sauce is incredibly easy to make:


  • 1 can pumpkin puree
  • 235ml Cream
  • 3 garlic cloves crushed / minced
  • 100g parmesan cheese
  • 1/2tsp nutmeg
  • 1tbsp olive oil

Combine the olive oil and garlic in a pan and saute’ over low/medium heat, but don’t let it go brown. Add the rest of the ingredients and heat through until the cheese is melted. Voila, pumpkin Alfredo sauce. If you want it a bit runnier, add stock to the sauce.

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip cookies - recipes - national pumpkin day - appliance city

Until National Pumpkin Day came along and I started doing research for pumpkin recipes I had never heard of a pumpkin chocolate chip. Oh have mercy on my waist line I can’t wait to try these. Don’t like pumpkin or chocolate then these aren’t for you, but I’m ok with that because that means more for me! This recipe from My Paper Crush is my new favourite recipe and the next one on my must try list.

In the UK we don’t have vegetable shortening per say. It is sold in stores as vegetable fat (solid) but you can substitute butter if you can’t get hold of this ingredient. The texture of the cookie will be a little bit different without the shortening but will still taste lovely.

It’s National Pumpkin Day, so get celebrating! Decorate your home, fill it with the smells of yummy pumpkin meals. Whatever you do, make it a day to remember with your family.

Don’t mind the pun, it’s World Pasta Day and definitely something to celebrate! 

In the 1960’s spaghetti bolognese became a British staple and commonly a weekly menu item in nearly every household. Since then, things haven’t changed much. Pasta is one of the worlds (and England’s) favourite dishes. Italy and Venezuela eat the most pasta per capita according to a survey done in 2011, here in the UK we consume, on average, 2.5kg of pasta each! Now that’s a whole lotta pasta!

Pasta, spaghetti, angel hair, penne, macaroni, whatever noodle you nosh on it’s time to round up some of our favourite pasta dishes to honour the day. Pasta is relatively inexpensive, simple to spruce up and feeds a load of people with relatively a little. Serve up one of these delicious pasta dishes this weekend.

Creamy Spinach Fusilli with Gremolata Bread Crumbs

Appliance City - recipes - Creamy spinach fusilli

Our pasta adventure begins with the spiral fusilli pasta. Fusilli originated in Southern Italy where pasta chefs would wrap fresh pasta around a metal rod creating a spiral shape. The pasta is perfect for salads and thick sauced dishes as the grooves in the spiral hold onto amounts of sauce making it extremely tasty.

This recipe from Taste.com is simple with fresh flavours and is easy to make as a last minute tea. It really is as quick as boiling your pasta, throwing in some spinach, creme fraiche and crushed garlic and topping it with some crunchy breadcrumbs. Ok, so there are a few more ingredients like lemon and flat leaf parsley but it seriously is a quick recipe that tastes delicious!

Pappardelle with Pumpkin and Bacon

Appliance City - Recipes - Pappardelle with pumpkin and bacon

Pappardelle is the wider cousin of fettuccine. This recipe was originally featured in Masterchef in 2012 by chefs Sophia Young and Jessica Brook. It brings together all my favourite flavours, pumpkin and bacon. Like I’ve said before nothing has ever been ruined by adding bacon to it, it’s absolutely fantastic and this dish is no different.

In the recipe it calls for “butternut pumpkin” I don’t think you would be doing yourself a disservice by using either pumpkin or butternut squash as they are both easily attainable during the autumn season. They each add their own flavour so why not make a pot of each and see which is your favourite? When I make this recipe I don’t top with ricotta, but use goats cheese instead. Goats cheese goes nicely with pumpkin and it adds a sweet flavouring to the dish, use sparingly (unless you love your goats cheese!).

Cook safer with an Induction Range Hob.

Spinach and Lemon Soup with Orzo

Appliance City - Recipes - Lemon and Spinach Orzo Soup

Orzo pasta is easily confused with both rice and risotto. It is very small oval shaped pasta that resembles the later. They are mostly used in soups and stews and are a perfect addition to make things a bit more “meatier and filling”.

This recipe from Gimme Some Oven is a refreshing alternative to your workday lunch routine. While the name of the dish may make you want to think twice, think of it more like an Italian egg drop soup. It’s fantastic. Lemon, egg, garlic and spinach come together with the orzo pasta to create a hearty “soup” that will definitely keep you full until tea time. It’s perfect for make ahead and heats up nicely when you need it.

Farfalle with Blue Cheese, Prawns and Asparagus

Appliance City - Recipes - Farfalle with Prawns in blue cheese

Farfalle pasta is better known as bow tie pasta and is widely used in pasta salad dishes. They are fun shapes perfect for meals made for families or children. This recipe from She Knows definitely fits the bill.

Asparagus and blue cheese go together like well prawns and pasta, so the entire ensemble is perfection. The only difficult part of the dish is to make sure that you cook the asparagus and prawns perfectly or your could have an epic kitchen fail on your hands. But master these ingredients and this meal will be one to remember, the creaminess of the blue cheese with the rustic flavour of the asparagus is to die for.

Don’t forget, when cooking pasta, nine times out of ten pasta is meant to be cooked al dente. Al dente is to have a bit of bite to it, not be complete mush. Keep an eye on your pasta when it is cooking to keep it from going the way of mashed potatoes.

There are so many pasta dishes and types of pasta out there, we just can’t feature them all. Cook up some cannelloni, master manicotti or have lasagna for lunch. Share your foodie pics with us on twitter with the #pastadayplates and tag us @appliancecity.

Ok, so if you have a peanut allergy this may not be your most favourite day of the year. If you don’t well you’re in luck! I’ve scoured the world wide web and countless recipe books to serve up some fantastic dishes that contain everything from peanuts to brazil nuts and all sorts of nuts in between.

To keep in tradition with other “Days of the Year” posts I’ll feature a recipe with nuts for every meal of the day then throw in a few extras just for good measure.

Sweet Morning Potato with Yogurt, Maple Syrup and Nuts

Appliance City - Recipes - Sweet Potato with Yogurt and Nuts

I know what you’re thinking “Kat….sweet potatoes for breakfast, you’re really taking this too far!” But hear me out. Sweet potatoes are awesome. They are versatile and can be savoury or sweet. We can have sweet potato pie or sweet potato fries, they are the heaven of root vegetables. This recipe from TheKitchn changed my outlook on sweet potatoes from a lunch / dinner ingredient to something I would definitely be happy to eat for breakfast.

This recipe involves baking a sweet potato and topping it with vanilla or plain yogurt, maple syrup and your choice of nuts. I added a pinch of cinnamon to mine and just a tiny bit of butter. It is a seriously filling breakfast but will need some prior preparation because who has the time to bake potatoes in the morning before work. The author of the blog also gives you tips on how to heat up pre-baked sweet potatoes in the morning so you can easily have this fresh at your desk at work or whilst reading the paper with a hot cup of joe in the morning.

Olympic Power Salad

Appliance City - Recipes - Olympic Power Salad

Kick your lunch up a notch with the Olympic Power Salad from Get Me Cooking. This is the ultimate salad for that midday slump on a Monday afternoon. When you need a bit of a pick me up the amount of protein and energy in this lunch is powerful. Packed with chicken, blueberries, lettuce, walnuts and seeds it tastes as delicious as it is nutritious. It’s super quick to make so whipping a few of these up for your work week lunches is a cinch. Get packing!

Thai Chicken with Cashews

Appliance City - Recipes - Thai Chicken with Cashews

That looks absolutely spectacular. Unfortunately, my husband is allergic to nuts so serving something with nuts for tea is out for me. Thai food is one of my favourites, this recipe from The Wanderlust Kitchen looks like it would quickly become something I’d eat all the time. Made with two different soy sauces and fish sauce it has all the classic flavours of your restaurant Thai dish minus the lemongrass. If you’re feeling up to the challenge, instead of going for a takeaway why not make this as a fakeaway and share your experience with me? I’ll live vicariously through your recipe reviews!

Olive Oil and Almond Cake

Appliance City - Recipes - Olive Oil and Almond Cake

When I was a teenager I attempted to make a box cake when my mother wasn’t home. When I say teenager I mean 12, literally. Well we had no vegetable oil in the house to speak of so I thought it would be a good idea to substitute olive oil in the box cake. Wow, what a mistake and it was the grossest cake I’d ever had. Lesson learned. I came across this recipe from Food and Spice that told me “hey, put some olive oil in this cake”. I was dubious after my previous experience with olive oil in a cake but surprise, surprise it came out blissfully wonderful. Almonds are my favourite nut, they are perfect in just about anything. They can go sweet or savoury and add just that little bit more protein. This recipe would be perfect with a cup of Earl Grey first thing in the morning, hold the milk and sugar because this cake has plenty. Don’t take my word for it, make it yourself! It’s like chocolate and chillies, once upon a time we all thought that combination was a bit of a nutter (pun intended).

Celebrate this world nut day with everything from peanut butter and jam sandwiches to peanut brittle. As long as you partake you’ve got a reason to celebrate!