Just how much does piece of mind cost? Well in our latest promotion, nothing! That’s right, from 1st November 2014  till 30th April 2015, when you buy a selected LG washing machine or washer/dryer you’ll get a Free 5 Year Parts & Labour Warranty.*

5 Year Free Warranty on LG TrueSteam Washing Machines & Washer Dryers - 9kg 11kg 12kg | Appliance City

LG’s laundry appliances are among the most innovative on the market and their fantastic features such as TrueSteam™ not only make doing the laundry easier and more energy efficient, they give your clothes a more superior clean too. So why choose steam? Just watch this video below to see the great benefits of TrueSteam™  Technology.

LG Washing Machines & Washer Dryers with Free 5 Year Warranty…

12kg Washer Dryers 

LG F1695RDH – 12kg Steam Washer Dryer

12kg Washing Machines

LG F1495BDA – 12kg Direct Drive Washing Machine 1400rpm (White)

LG F1495BDSA – 12kg TrueSteam Direct Drive Washing Machine 1400rpm (White)

FREE 5 Year Warranty - LG F1495BDA - 12kg Direct Drive Washing Machine | Appliance City

11kg Washing Machines

LG F1495KDS6 – 11kg TrueSteam Direct Drive Washing Machine 1400rpm (Black)

LG F1495KDS – 11kg TrueSteam Direct Drive Washing Machine 1400rpm (White)

LG F1495KD6 – 11kg Direct Drive Washing Machine 1400rpm (Black)

FREE 5 Year Warranty - LG F14A7FDSA6 - 9kg TrueSteam Direct Drive Washing Machine | Appliance City

9kg Washing Machines

LG F14A7FDSA – 9kg TrueSteam Direct Drive Washing Machine 1400rpm (White)

LG F14A7FDSA5 – 9kg TrueSteam Direct Drive Washing Machine 1400rpm (Silver)

LG F14A7FDSA6 – 9kg TrueSteam Direct Drive Washing Machine 1400rpm (Black)

LG F14A8FDA6 – 9kg Direct Drive Washing Machine 1400rpm (Black)

FREE 5 Year Warranty - LG F14A7FDSA5 - 9kg TrueSteam Direct Drive Washing Machine | Appliance City

For more information or for help with choosing your new LG appliances just give our team call on 0115 965 1937

or visit  www.lg.com/uk/5yearwarranty

*Register your warranty at: https://www.lg.com/uk/support/registration-login

While stocks last you can bag yourself a FREE microwave on selected LG appliances. It’s worth a whopping £99 and can be yours completely free of charge, when you purchase a selected fridge freezer, dishwasher or laundry product! What’s more you won’t find this offer anywhere else. That’s right, this is an Appliance City Exclusive and once they’re gone, they’re gone, so grab this offer while it’s hot. Just read below for more details!

FREE Microwave with selected LG Refrigeration Products

Energy efficient. bags of space and packed full of handy features to preserve your food, drink and fresh produce.

LG GS9366AEAV – Door In Door American Fridge Freezer

LG GSL545NSQV – American Style Fridge Freezer Ice & Water

Free Microwave on selected LG Fridge Freezers | Appliance City EXCLUSIVE

FREE Microwave with selected LG Laundry Products

These washing machines and dryers are great for large, busy households and bursting with great features to suit your every laundry need.

LG F1495BDSA – 12kg TrueSteam Direct Drive Washing Machine 1400rpm

LG F1495BDA – 12kg Direct Drive Washing Machine 1400rpm

LG F1695RDH – 12kg Steam Washer Dryer

LG RC9042AQ3Z – 9kg Steam Heat Pump Condenser Dryer

Free Microwave on selected LG Laundry Products | Appliance City EXCLUSIVE

FREE Microwave with this selected LG Dishwasher

Give your dishes a superior clean with TrueSteam! Extremely energy efficient, space for 14 place settings and features to make washing the dishes even easier!

LG D1484CF – 60cm Freestanding TrueSteam Dishwasher

Free Microwave on selected Dishwashers | Appliance City EXCLUSIVE

If you need any help with choosing your new LG kitchen appliance, our sales team are just a phone call away. 0115 965 1937 is the number to call.

For a limited period we are offering upto £50 cashback on selected LG washing machines and washer dryers. This is not a manufacturer promotion, it’s another Christmas gift from Appliance City!

These models are all in stock for quick delivery and the price shown on the product page is EXCLUDING the cashback!

If you want to buy online simply place your order at the full price and we will refund the cashback onto your card when we receive the order. Alternatively if you would rather place the order over the phone with our friendly sales team we will simply give you the cashback there and then straight off the price of the product!

So lets tell you where we can save you some money – here are the models included in the promotion and the cashback values for each model:

F1480TDS 8kg steam washing machine in white – £30 Cashback

F1495KD 11kg washing machine in white – £50 Cashback

F1495KD6 11kg washing machine in black – £50 Cashback

F1443KDS6 11kg steam washing machine in black – £50 Cashback

F1495KDS 11kg steam washing machine in white – £50 Cashback

F1495KDS6 11kg steam washing machine in black – £50 Cashback

F1480YD6 8kg washer dryer in black – £50 Cashback

F1480RD 9kg washer dryer in white – £50 Cashback

F1480RD6 9kg washer dryer in black – £50 Cashback

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Free 6 Months Supply Of Finish Dishwasher Tablets When You Buy Any LG Dishwasher!

Looking for that extra sparkle from your dishes? No problem. Spending too long pre-washing your pots and pans by hand? Don’t waste your time. LG dishwashers bring bright ideas and the very best new technology to your kitchen.

TrueSteam Technology

Welcome to the new age of steam. There’s nothing new about steam power, but the idea of using the power of steam cleaning to keep your dishes gleaming is unique to LG dishwashers. The new on-board Steam Generator now offers you an option to use high temperature steam to remove stubborn dried-on foods and difficult to remove stains such as lipstick and gravy.

Great results without pre-washing: Steam power also means that you won’t have to pre-wash your dishes before placing them in the dishwasher. Just load the machine, press the Steam Power button and shut the door. The dishwasher will take care of everything else.


Strong yet gentle cleaning: Steam is powerful but it’s gentle too. When you use the Steam Power option on your LG dishwasher it’ll remove the worst stains and dried on food debris from your best tableware and glasses but won’t leave them streaky, scratched or cracked.


Steam power built-in: The on-board Steam Generator creates high temperature steam particles. They are injected into the machine through two steam nozzles. This makes hem capable of penetrating and soaking dried on food remnants and stains faster than just hot water and detergent.


Inverter Direct Drive

LG dishwashers use LG’s extremely efficient, durable and slim Inverter Direct Drive Motor. It gives a variable spray intensity and offers precise control over the motor speed.

Washing performance: The Inverter Direct Drive Motor is an innovative system. It allows the machine to control water pressure more efficiently, so giving better cleaning performance.

Eco friendly: inverter Direct Drive Motors are extremely efficient and can optimise the spray intensity depending on the load. So you get better washing for less energy.


Reliability: LG have always been commited to quality. As a customer, you can expect it from all their products. LG use state-of-the-art technology to ensure that everything they build will give you the performance and reliability you need, now and in the future. LG Inverter Direct Drive Motors are so reliable and durable that they promise you’ll enjoy the same performance in 10 years time as you do today.

The LG dishwasher gives the ultimate “pre-wash free”steam cleaning performance

The LG dishwasher is the only dishwasher on the market that has a built in steam generator. This creates a powerful, high-temperature steam that is capable of removing the toughest dried or burnt-on food remnanats.

Efficient energy and water usage – together with effective cleaning performance

LG dishwashers are designed to provide effective cleaning whilst retaining the highest efficiency standards, All LG TrueSteam dishwashers qualify for the A++ energy grade. This means they are 20% more efficient than other machines with a lesser rating.

Flexibility and functionality to make your life easier

LG’s new SmartRack system now offers more capacity, more flexibility and more functionality. It makes loading easier and means you’ll spend less time washing.

SmartRack: LG’s own SmartRack system allows you to adjust the racks so you can easily load different types of dishes. Loading large and small bowls, plates, pots and pans is easier. Simply fold down the adjustable dividers to fit the dishes you need to wash. The machine’s extra height will make it easier to fit tall dishes such as baking trays, chopping boards and large pans.

Larger space: Thanks to the slim Inverter Direct Drive Motor, the LG dishwasher has about 10 litres more space than conventional dishwashers – so you can wash all those awkward oversized dishes with ease.

Height adjustable 3rd rack: LG’s height-adjustable 3rd rack gives you more space for cutlery. But if you need a little extra – for espresso cups or utensils – it can be adjusted easily.

Need to wash tall glasses with pots and pans in one cycle? Now you can…

The ‘Steam Dual Spray’ programme allows you to customise your wash cycle so you can load wine glasses in the upper rack and large pots in the lower rack. Simply select a different water pressure for each rack. It’ll help to improve you wash and means you won’t have to put it on twice or wash the really dirty dishes by hand.

Steam Dual Spray: Set different intensities for efficient washing of different types of dishes in the upper and lower racks.

Silence-On: The LG dishwasher has features that make it one of the quietest appliances in your kitchen. In fact, with noise levels as just 38dB(A) you might not even notice it’s on. LG dishwashers are fitted with multiple layers of sound dampening materials and use an ultra-quiet and slim Inverter Direct Drive Motor. This emits a noise of just 38dB(A) during operation, making it one of the quietest dishwashers.

Claim your 6 months’ supply of Finish Quantum!

For perfect results from your dishwasher, LG recommend Finish Quantum for an amazing shine and clean. To receive a FREE 6 months supply (that’s 160 tablets) just purchase either an LG D1454TF, D1454BF or D1453WF dishwasher, complete the claim form and that’s it!

Download claim form and T’s & C’s here!


LG washing machines are designed to make big changes to the way you do your wash. The little details on each machine are designed to help you look after your clothes better, manage your time better and look after the environment better.

The LG F1495BDS in white features True Steam Technology, Direct Drive motor, 12kg load capacity, 1400rpm spin, touchscreen LCD display and the all new ‘Smart Diagnosis’, an almost instantaneous way of diagnosing faults with your machine. View more information on this machine here!

For a limited time we are offering this large capacity steam direct drive washing machine for only £949!!

So don’t delay, call us on 01159 651937 to order yours!

LG Returns As Official Garment Care Supplier For London Fashion Week 2012!

LG Electronics
has announced that it will continue its partnership with London Fashion Week. For the second year running, LG is set to become the Official Garment Care Supplier of the prestigious event.

The partnership will see the Home Appliance manufacturer provide expert support at London Fashion Week during 17th – 22nd February 2012. A dedicated ‘Steam Team’ will be available to help the designers prepare backstage for their Autumn/Winter collection. The trained team will provide support and assistance to designers, making sure that all of the season’s fabrics are showcased at their best and catwalk ready.
Caroline Rush, Chief Executive of the British Fashion Council comments “We’re delighted to have LG on board again as our Official Garment Care supplier for the second year. Our ongoing partnership is a testament to our commitment to working with an unrivalled industry expert. With all eyes upon us during London Fashion Week, it is imperative that we continue to have strong alliances with global brands like LG“.

LG produces premium home appliances which allow customers to really care for their fabrics. Every day women are spending money on clothes, but few think to invest in items that will help keep their wardrobe looking as good as new.

LG’s latest home appliance range includes leading innovations in washing, such as the introduction of 6 Motion Direct Drive Technology. LG’s 6 Motion Direct Drive Technology is designed to give different washing motions to best care for your clothes by using a combination of drum motions to deliver an amazing wash performance coupled with optimum fabric care. With such a range of fabrics used in today’s fashions, LG’s 6 Motion Technology ensures that everything from jeans to delicates, from woolens to silk come out looking and feeling their absolute best as well as thoroughly cleaned.

To view our wide range of LG laundry products, click here to visit our LG page!

LG Electronics has announced that its new TrueSteamTM Dishwasher (D1454BF) has been awarded the ‘Waterwise Recommended Checkmark’.  Using as little as 9 litres of water for a fully loaded dishwasher cycle – typically the same load would use up to 60 litres if washed by hand.

is an independent, not for profit organisation focused on decreasing water consumption in the UK and building the evidence base for large scale water efficiency; as such are the leading authority on water efficiency in the UK.  The Waterwise Recommended Checkmark is a progression from the previous Waterwise award, ‘the Marque’, over 70 Marques were awarded previously, across a broad spectrum of products from dishwashers to showerheads, from water storing gels for the garden to toilets.

Jacob Tompkins, Waterwise Managing Director says “Amazingly the UK has less available water per person than many Mediterranean countries and lots of the country is currently suffering drought. Smart technology and innovation can help us all save water in our homes and Waterwise is delighted that LG’s new dishwasher has been awarded the Waterwise Recommended Checkmark. The clever use of steam means it can wash 14 place settings worth of dishes with less than a washing up bowl of water, it’s a great combination of performance and water saving – that’s what water efficiency is all about”

Dishwashers are still seen as a non-essential appliance, still well under 50% penetration here in the UK, however recommendations from Energy & Water conservation bodies all help to emphasise that the investment of a dishwasher can indeed pay off in energy and utility bills and in turn help in the conservation of valuable resources.

Dawn Stockell, LG Marketing Communications Manager adds: “After introducing our TrueSteamTM dishwasher range back in October, we are delighted that it has been recommended by Waterwise, highlighting its excellent water efficiency in a time when utility costs are on the increase.” 

To find out more information about Waterwise and their recommended products, please go to:  http://www.waterwise.org.uk/pages/products.html

As a customer of ApplianceCity.co.uk we would like to wish you all a Happy New Year, and to tell you all how you can win a fantastic LG 6Motion Direct Drive 9KG steam washer in your choice of colour, Black, Silver or White.

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What is LG 6Motion Direct Drive?

The LG Inverter Direct Drive motor is directly attached to the centre of the drum meaning:

  • Increased stability
  • Less noise
  • Increased durability
  • Increased energy efficiency

6Motion DD technology will wash your clothes powerfully yet gently, just like hand washing them. Not only can the drum turn in both ways, its speed and movement varies according to your laundry type. There are a combination of different motions depending on the programme selected and optimised programmes for every fabric type!

We have a range of LG 6Motion DD washing machines and washer dryers available in various colours…..

Models available include the white F1479FDS washer from only £595, featuring 6Motion technology, Direct Drive motor, A++ energy rating, 9kg drum size, 1400rpm spin and steam clean option.

We also have the black F1480YD6 washer dryer from only £599, also featuring 6Motion technology, Direct Drive motor, 8kg drum size, 1400rpm spin and free express delivery!