Miele really delivers with their latest promotion. On their WDA superior A+++ energy rated washing machines you can receive up to £75 cashback.

Which Award winner for 2015, Miele products are guaranteed to be real winners. This promotion includes the following classics:

  • WDA 211 7kg 1400rpm Washing Machine in Lotus White – £75 Cashback
  • WDA111 / 110 7kg 1400rpm Washing Machine in White – £50 Cashback
  • WDA101 7kg 1400rpm Washing Machine in White – £30 Cashback 

This offer can only be claimed online by visiting www.mieleco.uk/promotions and follow the registration instructions.

Offer valid 1 December 2015 – 31 January 2016.

For more than 100 years Miele has been delivering top quality white goods. 

Miele was originally founded by two families, the Miele family and the Zinkann family in 1899. Their first endeavour was a cream separator which they developed and produced in their factory in Herzebrock near Gütersloh.

Miele - Appliance City

In 1901, Miele went from just separating cream to a full butter churn. Whilst this doesn’t sound so spectacular today it greatly reduced the amount of work done by farmers wives during the 20th century.

Two short years later, in 1903, Miele started producing their first washing machines. A technological advancement at the time, this washing machine wasn’t yet powered and still required a good amount of elbow grease to get the job done. This was a far cry from washboards and was much easier to operate.

Miele - Washing Machines - Appliance City

Miele’s electric powered washing machine wasn’t far behind their original washing machine. In 1911, they released their first washing machine equipped with an electric motor and wringer. It forever changed the way laundry was done in households. I’m sure housewives were grateful for the lack of pruned fingers after this Miele release.

Miele - Washing Machines - Appliance City - 2

It may be a huge leap of an idea but the year following the release of Miele’s first electric washing machine also saw them producing their first and only line of automobiles. From 1912 – 1914 Miele produced automobiles, but thereafter abandoned the expensive venture.

Miele - History - Appliance City

Pre World War I, in 1914, Miele introduced a washing machine driven by water. During this time electricity was both still not widely available and much more expensive than water. This introduction by Miele had a greater customer reach since water was readily available, reusable and much more cost efficient for households at the time.

Miele - Laundry - Appliance City

Miele had faith in it’s products so much that even in 1916 it offered the ability to get a 10 year warranty on request. The 10 year warranty is still offered by Miele and is typically standard!

In 1924, Miele started it’s new line of products with a bang by expanding their facilities. Miele opened a new factory in Bielefeld to start production on a line of bicycles.

Miele History

Miele made changes to the way it manufactured large scale laundry machines in 1925. Looking to get a wedge in the hospital, hotel and restaurant market Miele designed large washing machines that were powered by coal and gas. These oversized washing machines were paired with an equally large tumble dryer.

From cream separators to automobiles in 1931 Miele extended it’s reach in the home appliances sector by offering its first vacuum cleaner. The design they used called the “L Design or Torpedo Design” is still in use today by manufacturers like Kirby.


Housewives, servants and home husbands could say goodbye to taking rugs out to beat them. The laborious task of floor cleaning was forever made easier by this unique device.

Is there anything Miele haven’t done? In 1932 Miele gave a new meaning of quality of life for people who traveled long distances without the aid of an automobile with the introduction of their motorised bicycle.


During the war, production of home appliances and the demand for them was at an all time low. Whilst Miele did still make stoves during the war, things like washing machines were put on the back burner. Instead, they focused on beefing up the bicycles they sold to last longer and wear better.

After the war, Miele was able to focus on their home appliance products again with an increase in demand. They produced their first washing machine with a lid mounted aggitator and ball bearings. Long gone were the wooden barrels of washing machines, the new line from Miele featured galvanised steel ensuring long lasting performance.

Miele washing machines

The 1950s saw Miele introducing eye pleasing aesthetics to their washing machines. Hoping to get into homes that either didn’t feature a basement or outhouse or wanted to do their washing within the home, they changed the exterior of their washing machines to be housed in a clean white metal exterior that wouldn’t stand out like a sore thumb in places in flats.

Motorised bicycles were an idea of the past by 1954. Miele introduced their line of motorcycles and mopeds. They also changed the way that they advertised their products. Instead of just colourful leaflets with product images they began to give customers more of the specifications and information they asked for and required. This started with their line of motorcycles and mopeds.


Post war was a time for growth and opportunity. In 1958, Miele brought the ability to dry clothes to the every day home with the introduction of the electric tumble dryer.


Whilst Miele enjoyed a successful run at bicycles, mopeds and motorcycles, in the 1960s with the release of their latest motorcycle / moped they ended their production of the product line. Instead they invested their time and energy into the home appliance division with vacuum cleaners, dishwashers and laundry.

Miele - Dishwashers - Appliance City

In 1963 Miele introduced the G45 Dishwasher to the market. It featured the ability to wash up to 12 place settings and had a measured detergent dispenser. Instead of being a standalone appliance it had the ability to be built under the worktop in modern kitchens. This ability ushered in the built in ranges of white goods, creating kitchens that resemble the modern kitchens of today.


In 1974 Miele revolutionised a built in kitchen with appliances that were built with kitchen design in mind. They not only offer the appliances themselves but also a full Miele kitchen. During the 1970s cabinetry fronts were available in vibrant modern colours or classic wood designs. Miele kitchens were a major attraction – think of a high end Ikea of 1970s Germany!


The 1970s also saw the era of the microwave begin. It was an genius invention I must say. Miele introduced its first microwave in 1977, the M 690. Originally, Miele microwaves were built to be on the worktop. Later in the production line, Miele would begin producing a built in version of this highly sought after appliance.

Miele Microwaves Appliance City

The 1980s were a time of massive advances in technology across the world. Energy efficiency and environmental friendly policies and practices aren’t something that recently came about but was also an important endeavour in the 1980s. In 1981, Miele introduced computerised technology to it’s laundry range. They also increased load size and spin speed, reducing energy cost on their models.

Fast forward to 1996. Many changes have taken place within Miele. They are more forward thinking with the manufacturing of full Miele built in kitchens. They’ve fully automated and computerised their system and in 1996 they brought in “the update”.

What is the update you ask? It is a fully computerised, programmable system for Miele laundry. It had the ability to be updated years in the future for the changing of fabrics and trends. Going along with their 10 year warranty it made their products withstand the test of time.

Miele Laundry

The 2000s saw many advancements for Miele, the first of those being the introduction of their honeycomb drum design in 2001. The honeycomb design is still in use in their washing machines today.


2007 saw the introduction of MoisturePlus to their built in cooking range. This feature kept roast meats succulent and baked bread to perfection. Their built in range became more user friendly and all aspects of the models fit perfectly with one another.

Miele - Built in - 2007

Miele ushers in the digital age in style with the introduction of it’s iPhone app in 2010. With the Miele InfoControl Plus you can easily program and access your Miele appliances directly from your iPhone. Programme your coffee machine, turn on the washing machine or set the dishwasher to start after dinner all from the comfort of your bed.


Iin 2012 Miele presented their FlexTouch Induction hobs to the world. This fantastic design allows the user to place a pan anywhere on the hob surface to cook. No longer are you stuck with the traditional burners, the ability to use of pans of all shapes and sizes  is now both a reality as well as simple.


Miele will continue to bring appliance technology to the forefront of our minds with their intuitive designs and ease of customer use. Watch this space for new Miele product lines in the future. If you’re looking for Miele’s amazing PureLine technology why not stop by our showroom where we have it on display?


Miele. 2012. Miele – History. [ONLINE] Available at: http://www.miele.com/en/com/history-2089.htm. [Accessed 24 November 15].

Looking for a new integrated fridge freezer? Then the latest promotion from Miele is sure to grab your attention! From now until 31st December 2015 you can claim £100 cashback on selected Miele built-in fridge freezers.

Miele are renowned for their impeccable build quality with each appliance being rigorously tested to ensure that it’s built to last and so with £100 cashback, you’ve really got a great deal! For more information about Miele appliances or the fridge freezers in this promotion feel free to call us on 0115 965 1937 or start shopping now!

This promotion runs from 1st October – 31st December 2015. Full Terms & Conditions can be found here. 

If you’ve been plotting and planning your dream kitchen then we may just have an offer to make it come to life! Until the end of December 2015 you can claim a whopping £500 cashback when you purchase 5 Miele built-in appliances!

So, What appliances are included in the superb promotion?

Built-in Ovens:

Baking, roasting, grilling, slow cooking… the list goes on and it’s safe to say that with Miele, your creative cooking juices can be well and truly unleashed. Offering a range of cooking functions, pyrolytic models and stunning design, Miele ovens are a great choice for modern kitchens. As you’d expect, Miele Ovens are built and tested for exceptional performance and durability, so you can rely on it to produce beautifully cooked food for up to 20 years.

 £500 Cashback on Miele built-in appliances


With timeless designs and high quality finishes, Miele hobs fit seamlessly into any kitchen. Engineered with a minimum of joins and seams there are fewer areas in which grease can build up, meaning they’re easy to keep clean. All Miele hobs boast innovative features designed to make cooking safer and more enjoyable, and they’re put through their paces to ensure that they’ll withstand many years of use.

 £500 Cashback on Miele built-in appliances

Cooker Hoods:

The powerful extraction in all Miele cooker hoods is designed to deal with all kitchen vapours, from light steam to heavy grease, to effectively reduce odours and help keep your kitchen clean and fresh. As with all Miele appliances, every model in the stunning range of cooker hoods has been subjected to rigorous testing to ensure that it will continue to offer excellent performance year after year.


Compact Appliances:

Built-in Microwaves / Microwave-Combination OvensBuilt-in Steam / Steam Combination Ovens Warming Drawers. Built-in Coffee Machines 

Every last detail of a Miele compact appliance is designed with your convenience and enjoyment in mind. Some models, such as their coffee machines and microwaves even allow you to save up your favourite programmes, so you can cook or have the perfect cup of coffee at the touch of a button. Whether you’re after a warming drawer, steam oven or indeed a new microwave or coffee machine, you know that with Miele it’ll be built to last.

Built-in Dishwashers:

Miele offer a range of dishwashers which are guaranteed to fulfill your every pot washing need. The features and innovations such as Knock2open or the 3D cutlery tray may differ from model to model but one thing is for sure, they are all designed to last. All Miele Dishwashers are built with a no fuss approach, no unnecessary joins, edge or fixings – just advanced cleaning technology.

 £500 Cashback on Miele built-in appliances

Built-in Refrigeration:

Fridge Freezers. Fridges. Freezers. Wine Coolers

Miele offer a range of built-in refrigeration to suit a variety of kitchens and of course, they are all exceptionally well built and tested to last 15 years. With precision temperature control allowing you to set the temperature to within half a degree, and glass shelves that will hold up to 35kg, Miele’s fridge and freezers put you in control and give you maximum flexibility.

For more information and to read the Terms & Conditions of this £500 Cashback promotion Click Here or for more information about Miele Built in Appliances just give us a call 0115 965 1937.

This offer is valid from until 31st December 2015. Full Terms & Conditions

If you’ve had your eye on the Miele W1 TwinDos Washing Machines, then the latest promotion is sure to impress! Now when you purchase the unique W1 washer, you’ll be able to claim for 1 years’ free supply of UltraPhase 1 and UltraPhase 2 detergent!

Free TwinDos Detergent for a Year | Appliance City

Miele TwinDos

The pre loaded containers dispense the detergent and stain remover when the washing machine needs them, rather than it being in the wash cycle constantly. The Twin Dos system lasts up to 3 months depending on use, you can of course use your own detergent and softener using the empty containers.

Simply load the containers into the bottom right hand side of this machine and get on with your washing! The machine will let you know when it’s running low on detergent and thanks to this promotion, you won’t even need to pay for detergent for a whole year.

Free Miele detergent for a year!

Detergent & Stain Remover – Ultraphrase

TwinDos comprises of 2 stages for a more intense clean, the detergent and stain remover used in the W1 machines is called UltraPhase. The blue Ultra phase 1 is both a detergent and softener, the clear Ultra Phase 2 has stain removing properties. The UltraPhase components are designed to get the best result with both white and coloured garments. Click here to watch how the TwinDos system works. 

Free Miele detergent for a year!

If you  need any advice our team are expertly trained on Miele appliances and would be glad to help. 0115 965 1937

From now until 31st January 2015 you can claim £75 cashback when you purchase a Miele New Classic W1 washing machine. These machines are rigorously tested and built to last up to 20 years, so investing in a WDA100 or WDA110 is a superb choice for growing families and with £75.00 cash back it’s an even better buy! Read below to see what models are included in this cashback promotion and how to claim your £75.00 cashback through Miele.

£75 Cashback on the New Classic W1 washing machines | Appliance City

Miele WDA100 – 7kg Washing Machine 1400rpm (Flat Fascia Control Panel)

You won’t be disappointed with a Miele! Tested for the equivalent of 20 years’ use, the WDA100 freestanding washing machine combines a range of features designed to make washing your laundry easier and more energy efficient. Boasting Miele’s famous 7kg honeycomb drum, it creates a thin film of water that cushions your clothes during the wash cycle, protecting them from the damaging effects of spinning. Team that with with special cycles such as the Express Wash 20 and you’ll be able to wash your clothes quickly and efficiently, whilst maintaining the best possible care for your clothes.

£75 Cashback on the Miele WDA100 Washing Machine | Buy Now at Appliance City


Miele WDA110 – 7kg Washing Machine 1400rpm (Slanted Fascia Control Panel) 

Built to last! We love this superb Miele freestanding washing machine! Tested for the equivalent of 20 years’ use, the WDA110 combines a range of features designed to make washing your laundry easier and more energy efficient. This model features a slanted fascia and a large display making it easy to see how long the cycle has left. Boasting Miele’s famous honeycomb drum, it creates a thin film of water that cushions your clothes during the wash cycle, protecting them from the damaging effects of spinning. Team that with with special cycles such as the Express Wash 20 and you’ll be able to wash your clothes quickly and efficiently, whilst maintaining the best possible care for your clothes.

£75 Cashback on the Miele WDA110 Washing Machine | Buy Now at Appliance City



For all the T&Cs and how to claim your £75 Cashback, visit the Miele Website here.

If you need any help in choosing your new Miele Washing machines, just call our Miele trained specialists who will gladly answer any questions you may have.  Just call 0115 965 1937.

We’ve got a fantastic promotion for you courtesy of the great people at Miele. Between now and 31st January 2015 you will receive £100.00 cash back when you buy any Miele W1 washing machine or MieleT1 tumble dryer. Best of all, if you are looking to invest in 2 brand new products then you can claim £100.00 back on each product! Yes, £200.00 off your brand new Miele washing machine and tumble dryer.

These machines really are of impeccable build quality and have been designed and rigorously tested to last 20 years, so when you invest in a Miele laundry product you know you’re in good hands. What’s more, for added peace of mind, many of the models selected in this offer come with a 5 year warranty as standard!

For more information on how to claim just follow this link.

Ready to shop?

View the range >>  Miele W1 washing machines  | Miele T1 tumble dryers

SHOP & SAVE | £100 cashback on W1 washing machines and T1 tumble dryers | Appliance City

What products are available with the £100.00 cash back?

Tumble Dryers:

TKB 440 WP – 8kg T1 Heat Pump Condenser Dryer

Miele TKB440WP 8kg T1 Heat Pump Condenser Dryer | Appliance City

TKG 440 WP –  8kg T1 Steam Heat Pump Condenser Dryer

TKR 350 WP – 8kg T1 Steam Heat Pump Condenser Dryer

TMG 440 WP – 8kg T1 Steam Heat Pump Condenser Dryer

Washing Machines:

WKF 120 – 8kg W1 Washing Machine 1600rpm

Miele WKF120 8kg W1 Washing Machine 1600rpm | Appliance City

WKG 120 – 8kg W1 TwinDos Washing Machine 1600rpm

WKH 120 WPS – 8kg W1 TwinDos Washing Machine 1600rpm

WKR 570 WPS – 9kg W1 TwinDos Washing Machine 1600rpm

WKR 770 WPS – 9kg W1 TwinDos Steam Washing Machine 1600rpm

WMF 120 – 8kg W1 Washing Machine 1600rpm

WMG 120 – 8kg W1 TwinDos Washing Machine 1600rpm

WMH 120 WPS – 8kg W1 TwinDos Washing Machine 1600rpm

WMR 560 WPS – 9kg W1 TwinDos Washing Machine 1600rpm

SHOP NOW | £100 cashback on W1 washing machines and T1 tumble dryers | Appliance City

Our friendly Miele trained specialists are just on the end of the phone if you have any questions, just call us on 0115 965 1937

As always T&Cs do apply and these can found here over on the Miele website.



Miele fridge freezers are built to last, with rigorous testing simulating 17 years of average daily use, you know with a Miele that you’ll be investing in a fridge freezer that will serve you and your family for years to come.

Every Miele fridge freezer has a minimum of A+ energy efficiency and precision temperature control, meaning you’ll be sure to keep it’s contents at an optimal temperature as well keeping your energy bills in check!

In fact, we love Miele fridge freezers so much, we’re offering you a cool saving of £100 cashback on 3 of the best selling models!

Cool savings on selected Miele fridge freezers

But hurry, this offer is only available on purchases made between 1st August and 30th September 2013.

Browse our Miele fridge freezer range today or check out the models included in the offer below and purchase to claim your £100 cashback!

* KFN 12823 SD-1 (White)

* KFN 12923 SD-2 (White)

KFN 12924 SD edt/cs-1 (Stainless Steel)


How to claim your £100 cashback:

  1. Purchase one of the selected Miele Fridge freezer models online at appliancecity.co.uk
  2. Visit miele.co.uk/promotions/coldcash
  3. Enter your details on the secure webpage and you will be given a unique code
  4. Write this unique code on your appliance city receipt and send to:

£100 Cashback, Miele Marketing, Miele Company Ltd, Fairacres, Marcham Road, Abingdon, Oxon, OX14 1TW




Miele prides itself on being energy-conscious. All Miele washing machines achieve at least A+ energy rating with over 60% of the range achieving A+++..Every dishwasher is rated A+ or above and use as little water as possible but as much as necessary for perfect results.

That’s why we’re offering £50 cashback on a selection of energy-saving washing machines, tumble dryers and dishwashers – appliances that are gentle on the environment and gentle on your pocket.

miele 2


£50 cashback on energy-saving washing machines, tumble dryers & dishwashers purchased between 1st June to 31st August 2013!

miele 1

Miele believe that design encompasses the outward appearance of an object, as well as the experience of using it. This is the principle on which the new Miele built-in kitchen appliances are based. It results in products that perfectly complement one another within each family in terms of form, function and materials. The new generation of appliances takes design consistency to a completely new level. Discover the new built-in kitchen appliances for yourself.

PureLine – Space for the essentials…..

PureLine is understated. It can easily be integrated as a design element into a modern kitchen where the focus in on a minimalist range of materials. The high proportion of glass creates a calm visual impression. Distinctive features include CleanSteel models with horizontal stainless steel components and an atrractive handle, which seems to float unsupported against a background of jet-black glass.


ContourLine – Self-confident and familiar…..

ContourLine is your self-assured partner in the kitchen. You can sense the technology that lies behind it. The focus is on professionalism and a passion for cooking. Some familiar elements have been reinterpreted. The solid handle forms part of the frame, using high-quality materials and carefully designed structures.

ContourLine CleanSteel

ContourLine in CleanSteel offers a first-class cooking experience in a classic kitchen environment. The pure geometric lines of the handle and frame create a technical, modern effect, while at the same time feeling familiar and accessible.

Combination Options

The fully consistent design of the appliance fronts throughout the entire product family conveys a sense of harmony at all times, regardless of whether the appliances are arranged above or next to one another. The control panel is the same size across the whole range.

The appliances can be combined in a number or ways to meet your needs: in a horizontal row at eye level, in a vertical line to make best use of the room height, in a block or in a unique T-shaped layout.

£111 Cashback on W5872 & T8860WP Laundry

Edition 111 Cashback


To celebrate 111 years of laundry innovation Miele have launched the fantastic new Edition 111 machines.

If purchased in April 2013, the W5872 washing machine and the T8860WP tumble dryer are eligible for £111 cashback!

Click here to view more details……

FREE Miele Care Collection Laundry Starter Pack

miele free laundry care

Claim your FREE Miele Care Collection laundry starter pack, including Miele UltraWhite Detergent Powder 2.7kg, Miele UltraColour Detergent Liquid 2L and Miele Fabric Conditioner Liquid 2L, when you purchase an Edition 111 W3370 washing machine between 1st March and 30th April 2013.

Click here to view more details……

Win Appliances Worth £11,111

miele 111 win appliances

To celebrate 111 years of laundry innovation Miele have launched the fantastic new Edition 111 machines.

To win £11,111 worth of Miele appliances simply purchase a W3164 washing machine from the Edition 111 range, between 1st March and 30th April 2013, to be entered into the prize draw!

Click here to view more details……

Free 10Yr Warranty!

miele 10yr

Buy a W5877 Miele Edition 111 washing machine this March and April and get a FREE 10 year warranty covering full parts and labour (including call out).

Click here to view more details…….

View Miele Edition 111 range here!


For every G4210 and G4420SC sold between March and June 2013, Miele will donate £10 to WaterAid!

WaterAid is a charity which helps provide fresh, clean water and sanitation for families in Tanzania. Did you know that 20,000 babies under 5 years old die every year through poor sanitation?

From now until 30th June 2013, for every Miele G4210 and G4420SC dishwasher sold, they will donate £10 to WaterAid!

£10 a month over a year could pay for a tapstand in Nepal!