Neff isn’t a new brand to be gracing our kitchens, it has an illustrious history going back 138 years.

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Originally founded by Carl Neff in Bretten, Baden-Württemberg in 1877 as a stove and oven factory. Over the course of the next 60 years it would continue to innovate the world of cooking, ovens and hobs.

Neff at Appliance City

1919 saw the introduction of the first patented gas oven/burner by Neff. This original invention was meant to be used in a more commercial setting, primarily for confectioners.  It was the beginning of fantastic things for Neff. In 1949 Neff achieved its place in the everyday household with a standalone hob with an enamelled surface. Can you imagine cooking on something this small? In today’s age of 110cm range cookers, this old standalone hob is dwarfed in comparison. At the time it was the must have home appliance for the kitchen, making baking and cooking something everyone could do as a matter of convenience.

Neff - Appliance City

Not long after the emergence of the standalone hob, in 1954, Neff introduced the first microwave oven to Europe. Yes, that little machine that sits on your worktop and heats up your food, defrosts your meat and makes sure your porridge is delicious was brought to us by none other than Neff.  Of course the microwave ovens of the time were nothing like those we have today. They were large taking up a serious amount of space and they were heavy. There was no moving your kitchen around and finding a new place for this kitchen appliance. Once it was there, it wasn’t going anywhere.

Neff - Appliance City

The 1950’s were a time of massive leaps ahead for Neff. They introduced the first thermostats in ovens and brought out their first induction cooker.  Induction cooking wasn’t new to the world, it had been first introduced in the United States several years earlier, but it was the beginning of a line of products it would excel at in the future. Induction cooking was much more efficient than the traditional gas or electric cooking since it used magnetic energy. It wouldn’t fully catch on until later, but these were it’s humble beginnings.

In modern times, Neff is definitely known for its outstanding built in range. In 1961, they brought out their first built in oven, giving homes the ability to design their appliances around their kitchens instead of vice versa. It made their kitchen much more workable and storage spaces much more convenient.

Neff - Appliance City

1971 saw Neff change the oven landscape forever. They released their CircoTherm technology in their ovens. CircoTherm technology added fan driven heat to baking and cooking. This allowed home cooks to achieve even results no matter what they were baking. CircoTherm is where air is pulled from the oven cavity, heated up then driven back into the oven. Heat is evenly distributed throughout the oven so there is no uneven browning or over cooked edges or bottoms occurring.

Neff - Appliance City

Say hello to Neff’s modern built in range of CircoTherm ovens. The one pictured above is also part of their Slide and Hide technology which was first introduced in 2002. Slide and Hide technology allows you to get closer to your food by sliding the oven door away. No more reaching over the door to retrieve or check your culinary masterpieces.

Like the 1950’s the 2000’s saw an influx of new Neff ideals. Neff introduced their built in coffee system, VarioSteam and Flex Induction. All of which would begin shaping the landscape of future kitchens and the technology that homeowners would want when speccing out their new kitchens. Neff - Appliance City

In 2005 Neff brought coffee house style coffee directly to your kitchen with the release of their Compact Cafe. If you’re a lover of coffee (like I am) having a barista in your home would be a dream come true. This is one step in the right direction. Perfect coffees made exactly the way you want them at the touch of a button. Without having your own barista could it get any better?

Neff - Appliance City - Induction Hobs

2011 saw the introduction of FlexInduction, the intelligent way to cook. These hobs are fantastic. Instead of having four or six separate heating zones it is one large heating zone. This allows you to use pans of all sizes and shapes and cook the way you want, in the most efficient and professional way possible.

VarioSteam is the most recent Neff feature to be released into the world of appliances. It combines steam and heat to cook foods to perfection. Over the last two years steam ovens have began to gain popularity as customers realise the culinary opportunities and perfection that is achieved with a steam oven.

Neff isn’t all about cooking they also offer dishwashers and other built in home appliances. Have a browse of our showroom where we have full Neff product lines on display.


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As you may be aware, we’re are currently experiencing severe delays on the new product ranges for Bosch, Neff and Siemens following their European launch earlier this spring. As well as an official statement from the manufacturers, we would like to take the opportunity to apologise for the issues and inconvenience this situation has caused and also we’d like to let you know how Appliance City are dealing with the circumstances and how it affects you going forward.

What products are affected by the delay?

The products mainly affected are: Built in Ovens, Compact Ovens and Microwaves, Coffee Machines and Steam Ovens. Across the Bosch, Neff & Siemens brands.

When will my product/s be in stock?

Immediately after the launch, Appliance City ordered a substantial amount of stock in anticipation of the popularity of the new ranges. Because of the severe delays in manufacturing, our stock on order is currently being delivered to us in a very sporadic manner, making it difficult to not only know when the stock will be delivered but the quantity of the products too. We are in constant contact with the manufacturers however the information we are receiving is constantly changing, this is making it impossible for us to give you, the valued customer, solid information. We 100% appreciate how frustrating this situation is and as soon we know your products are here you can be sure that you will know too.

Are you able  to give me a delivery date?

Regretfully, we are unable to guarantee delivery dates at this point in time as the stock availability is out of our control. Please be assured that as soon as stock becomes available we will be in contact with you to arrange the delivery of your products. Please Note: Allocation on available stock will be done on a first order basis.

On behalf of all the Appliance City team, we’d like to thank you for you patience and we sincerely apologise for the inconvenience this matter has caused. For more information, please contact our Sales Team on 0115 965 1937


An official statement from BSH Home Appliances Ltd.

BSH Home Appliances would like to sincerely apologise for the delays you are experiencing in receiving your new appliances.

In April this year, we launched our new range of Bosch, Neff & Siemens built-in ovens and the demand has been phenomenal, far exceeding our expectations.  We have, as a result, experienced stock shortages which have unfortunately left some of our customers waiting longer than we would like for their deliveries.

We know that for many the kitchen is the heart of the home and we understand how disruptive this is for those waiting. It is therefore upsetting to us that our customers are having to wait for their new appliances and we are working hard to rectify this as soon as possible.  BSH has increased capacity across its production facilities by adding some 200 additional workers but unfortunately there are still delays.

We are putting in place steps to make it clear when your oven will be available and your retailer will be in touch again as soon as we have this information.

I would like to apologise once again for this inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

Yours sincerely,

 Andreas Meier        


BSH Home Appliances Ltd.

We have a fantastic promotion for you this Spring, courtesy of the guys over at Neff. From 2nd April – 3rd June 2015, you can save yourself up to £150 simply by trading in your old appliance! That’s right, you could have a new Neff washing machine, dryer, fridge freezer, hob or oven and get rid of your old one at the same time! Sound like a great offer? For more information just give us a call, we’ll be able to give our very best price, expert advice and of course that all important trade in discount!

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Top 3 Neff Appliances with up to £150 off!

1. Neff W5440X1GB – 7kg Fully Integrated Washing Machine

This fully integrated washing machine from Neff boasts an impressive 7kg capacity and a 1400rpm spin speed. The energy rating is A+ and it comes with a two year parts and labour warranty. This unit is designed to sit behind a full height furniture door to match the rest of your kitchen.

Trade In Promotion - Save £100 on the Neff W5440X1GB - 7kg Fully Integrated Washing Machine | Appliance City

2. Neff K8345X0 – Integrated Vitafresh Frost Free Fridge Freezer

This superb integrated fridge freezer from Neff is designed to be fitted into a tall housing unit with your furniture doors on the front. It has an A++ energy rating and boasts an impressive total capacity of 251 litres. This model is classed as a 70/30 split as it has a larger fridge than freezer.

Trade In Promotion - Save £100 on the Neff K8345X0 - Integrated Vitafresh Frost Free Fridge Freezer | Appliance City

3. Neff B44M42N3GB – CircoTherm Single Oven Slide and Hide Door

Trade In Promotion - Save £100 on the Neff Neff B44M42N3GB - CircoTherm Single Oven Slide and Hide Door | Appliance City


As always, we’re just a phone call away should you wish to purchase a Neff appliance or have any questions about this Neff trade in Promotion. The number? 0115 965 1937.

Here at Appliance City we are waiting with baited breath for the imminent launch of Neff’s new range of built-in appliances. Having attended the pre-launch event in London at the end of last year, it’s safe to say that we are very excited to share what Neff have got in store for their new product range.

So what can you expect from the new product range? Read on to explore what the brand new Neff Ovens have to offer! We guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Here’s a hint… Pyrolytic Cleaning AND Slide & Hide®. That’s right, the new range will have this absolute winning combination, making it the perfect choice for cookaholics!

1) Slide&Hide® – Get Closer to Your Cooking

There’s no doubt that the famous Slide&Hide® Oven is a cooking enthusiast’s dream! As seen on the Great British Bake Off, the unique disappearing oven door is a firm favourite with us here at Appliance City.

With the Slide&Hide® oven, nothing gets in the way of your cooking, not even the oven door.

Slide®: When you open and close the door, the handle rotates to give you a firm grip.

Hide®: When fully open, the retractable oven door disappears completely under the oven cavity giving you the optimum space to access your food.

Previously the Slide&Hide® oven wasn’t available with other great functions like Pyrolytic Cleaning but that’s a thing of the past with the new Neff range! That’s right, now you cook up a storm and get rid of the evidence in a flash.

2) Seamless Design – Attention to Detail

One of the main attractions about the new Neff built-in range is the design itself and with the new style, seamless trim for stacked appliances, you’ll be at the cutting edge of kitchen design. Whether it’s a steam oven teamed with a Slide&Hide® or perhaps a coffee machine and a combi-microwave, the sleek stainless steel trim gives the appearance of just one appliance, so you can do away with unsightly gaps and embrace a beautifully aligned suite of appliances with impressive visual impact.

Do you have a little more space? Horizontal installations work particularly well for larger kitchens or open plan layouts and the Neff built in range will all match up perfectly.

3) Full Touch Display – Sleek & Simple Operation

These days whilst we want our home appliances to be at the cutting edge of technology, we also want them to be simple and easy to use. With the new Neff oven you get the best of both worlds. You can simply scroll through a wide range of cooking functions with ease and all at the touch of a button on a full touch colour display. With the new Neff Ovens complicated navigation is a thing of the past, instead you’ll have an intuitive display right at your finger tips giving you more time to focus and enjoy your cooking.

Slide&Hide | Seamless Design | Full Touch Display The New Neff Built-In Oven - New Oven Big Ideas Launching Spring 2015 | Appliance City

4) ComfortFlex Rails – Flexible access to your favourite dishes

Pull out your culinary creations safely and easily with the ComfortFlex telescopic rails. The rails can be moved around and positioned to suit you on any of the four levels, making it easier than ever to access and lift hot dishes in on out of the oven.

5) Bake & Roasting Assist – For a little added help

Whether you’re a baking pro, just starting out or when time is of the essence, you’re sure to love the Baking and Roasting Assistant that the new Neff Oven has to offer. Simply use the touch screen or ShiftControl paddle to select from a range of preset cooking functions and the oven will do the rest. So whether it’s a batch of cookies, a tasty pavlova or a roast chicken on a Sunday, the Baking & Roasting Assistant will have you covered. You make it, the Neff oven cooks it.

6) NeffLight® – Putting your cooking on centre stage

The superb NeffLight® shines the spotlight on your cooking like it deserves. Showcasing every inch of the oven with the special LED light conductors, even the darkest corners are illuminated giving you a bright but not dazzling view.

7) Pyrolytic Cleaning & Easy Clean® – The oven that almost cleans itself

With the superb Pyrolytic Cleaning function, the oven heats up to 500°C and incinerates any cooking residues to a fine ash. All that’s left for you to do is simply wipe it away with a damp cloth once the oven is cool. And that’s not all, with the new models, all you have to remove from the oven before a Pyro clean is the wire shelves, whereas before you also had to remove the shelf supports – how’s that for super easy cleaning!

All Neff Pyrolytic Ovens come with EasyClean® and it does exactly what you’d expect! Simply pour around 400ml of water into the base oven the oven and add a drop of washing-up liquid, then select the EasyClean® programme. This super quick and easy cleaning aid softens baked on food residue, making it easier for you to wipe down.

ComfortFlex | Baking & Roasting Assistant | Neff Light | Pyrolytic Cleaning - The New Neff Built-In Oven - New Oven Big Ideas Launching Spring 2015 | Appliance City

8) CircoTherm® – Simultaneous cooking on multiple levels

The benchmark for all fan ovens – say hello to Neff CircoTherm® Technology. Cook, roast and bake different dishes on up to four levels without the intermingling of flavours. So if you’re not in mood for chicken flavoured muffins or raspberry flavoured chips, then there’s no need to worry; with CircoTherm® you can cook a three course meal all at once and everything will come out tasting just like it’s supposed to.  Plus with CircoTherm® technology you can say goodbye to lengthy pre-heating times and turning food on the grill as the air circulates evenly to give you perfect results every time.

9) VarioSteam® & Full Steam – Innovative Steam Assistance

VarioSteam® takes your cooking to a whole new level by adding just the right amount of moisture. There are 3 steam intensity levels to choose from for baking, roasting or just heating up the oven. With VarioSteam® your dishes will come out of the oven with a more intense flavour and a mouth -watering appearance. The newly developed water tank is perfectly concealed behind the fascia panel maintaining the sleek design to oven. Simply press the panel down to reveal the hidden water tank and remove and refill with ease.

10) MultiPoint Meat Probe – Roasts cooked to perfection.

The new MultiPoint meat probe goes the extra mile to ensure your delicious roasts are cooked to perfection. Instead of taking the temperature once, the probe measures the joint’s heat at three points to ensure the right core temperature is reached and the meat is cooked for the right duration of time.

CircoTherm | VarioSteam & Full Steam | MultiPoint Meat Probe - The New Neff Built-In Oven - New Oven Big Ideas Launching Spring 2015 | Appliance City

So there we have it, 10 of the best features of the New Neff Ovens. If you’d like any more information on of the features mentioned or advice on the different models which will be launching very soon, then just give us a call. 0115 965 1937, we’d love to hear from you.

Last week saw the beginning of the Great British Bake Off and millions of us tuned in, with a cuppa no doubt, to see the new line up, their baking skills and hopefully, no soggy bottoms.

Now, over here at Appliance City, we are partial to a brew and a slice of cake but being the ‘appliance geeks’ that we are, we were all on the look out to see what the Bake Off tent was equipped with this year. So without further a do, here are our stars of the show!

Add a Retro twist with Gorenje!

Why we love the Gorenje Retro Fridge Freezers…

With the look of the GBBO tent being a vintage country style, it’s easy to see why they opted for a Gorenje Retro style fridge freezer. The classic champagne finish blends in effortlessly with the soft pastel colours, whilst adding just the right amount of vintage WOW factor.

As well as being rather lovely to look at,  the RF60309OC-L is certainly more than just kitchen eye candy. It offers plenty of space for all the family, 296 litres in total to be precise, and a range of shelves and compartments for you to organise your food and drinks. The freezer features fast freeze technology, so it’s great for getting slightly thawed goods back at the right temperature after returning from the weekly shopping trip.

View all Gorenje Retro Fridge Freezers here

Top class baking with the Neff CircoTherm!

View all NEFF Slide & Hide Ovens here

Why we love the Slide and Hide Doors…

When you roll up your sleeves ready to bake with your carefully chosen recipe and ingredients, it’s only natural that you want your creations to be baked to the best the can be. So with that in mind, it’s no surprise that the folks at GBBO headquarters chose a NEFF slide and hide as their oven of choice.

There are so many features to love about the NEFF slide and Hide Ovens, so we’ll start with obvious, that wonderful disappearing door!

Unique to NEFF, the slide & hide door opens as you’d expect but then effortlessly slides underneath the oven cavity. It then leaves you with space to baste, taste and monitor your food without having to awkwardly manoeuvre around the oven door. It’s great for bakers who need easy access to their creations and it’s also a great choice for those where space is a premium in the kitchen.

Watch the NEFF Slide & Hide in action:

The CircoTherm technology eliminates lengthy preheating times and you’ll achieve the perfect, even temperature in no time at all. It also ensures that flavours aren’t transferred across the shelves, so if you fancied, you could bake a garlic ciabatta on one shelf and a lemon drizzle cake  on the other without the flavours mixing.

For any information on the products featured (or indeed any appliances) just call our friendly sales team, they’ll be ready to answer any questions you may have. The number to call? 0115 965 1937