The name Smeg is synonymous with classic style and is known throughout the world. 

What originally started as an enameling / metallurgy plant in 1948 by the Bertazzoni family has emerged as one of the leaders of home appliances in the world. The Bertazzoni family knew their cookers, since they were featured in 1906 at the World Expo in Milan. This wasn’t a Smeg cooker, but a Bertazzoni. Little did they know they would become one of the most sought after appliance brands.

Smeg History - Appliance City - Get to know our manufacturers

The 1950’s saw an emergence of range cooker technology from Smeg with the introduction of the earliest gas cookers, with safety shut off and programmer. Smeg’s range cookers have come quite a way since then. They are still innovating the art of cooking with such features as induction hobs, built in rotisseries, pizza stones and removable doors. From cooking your favourite dishes to keeping your oven clean Smeg is covering all the range cooker angles.
Smeg - Meet the manufacturer - Appliance City

Not long after the introduction of the gas range cooker Smeg started expanding it’s empire to include ranges in dishwashing and laundry.  Breaking all the boundaries, Smeg was the go to brand in the 1960s for convenient home appliances.

Smeg Dishwashing at Appliance City

It was the homemakers dream to have someone to do their dishes. In 1970, this dream became a reality. Smeg introduced the first 60cm 14 place setting dishwasher. Goodbye were hours standing at the sink after a big family meal. Adverts were showing happy wives and homemakers relaxing with the family whilst their dishwashers did the dirty work.

The 1970s saw an influx in creation at the Smeg factory when they began producing built in hobs and ovens. During that time Smeg started partnering with world wide architects to produce home appliances that were just as stylish as they were fashionable.

Fast forward to the 1990’s. The time of grunge and garage bands and the introduction of Smegs iconic 1950’s style retro refrigerators. They produced other things but Smeg is very well known for their retro style home appliances. Equal parts style and functionality, think of your favourite modern range cooker with all the bells and whistles that looks like something that stepped straight out of a mid century home.

Smeg - Meet the manufacturer

Here at Appliance City we love Smeg’s line of retro refrigeration. It pairs so well with their Victoria Built in range. If you wondering how your a Smeg retro fridge would look in your favourite colour, you can stop by our showroom in Bunny, Nottingham where we have several different colours on display.

If you are looking for home appliances that serve up style whilst delivering top of the line functionality Smeg is the answer for your white good needs.


Smeg. 2015. Smeg History. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 18 November 15].

Hurrah! It’s National Egg Week. From eggy bread to scotch eggs and everything in between. We’ve rounded up some creative egg recipes to fill your families bellies this autumn.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day you might as well make it delicious!

Indian Style Scrambled Eggs

Appliance City - National Egg Week - Recipes

Indian food is a British favourite. This recipe is a unique twist on a standard scrambled egg on toast breakfast. OxNosh delivers the adult version of a kiddies favourite, packed with all those tantalising Indian flavours we love. It isn’t just for breakfast, it would also make a tasty dinner for one. Trust us, it’s worth getting out of bed for in the morning.

Eggy Bread and Veggie Cobbler

Appliance City - National Egg Week - Recipes

It’s that time of year. The mornings are getting darker, the evenings too. It’s chilly from the time we open our eyes to the time we close them. The morning routine of a bowl of cornflakes won’t warm you to the soul like something as good as this Eggy Bread and Veggie Cobbler from If you’re a bit like me, I can’t eat first thing in the morning, so this dish is perfect for my “brunch”. Packed with delicious veggies, gooey cheese and yummy eggs I look forward to this with a cup of joe whilst I sit down to work.

Smoked Haddock with Watercress and Poached Egg

Appliance City - National Egg Week - Recipes

Lunches tend to be quite samey, samey. Same sandwiches, same soups, same cobs, same blah blah blah. Give yourself a pickup halfway through you day with this Smoked Haddock with Watercress and Poached Egg recipe. Smoked Haddock is one of my favourite fish. The delicious smoked flavour of the flakey white fish is perfect paired with this creamy watercress sauce from The Telegraph.

Kedgeree with Eggs and Tarragon

Appliance City - National Egg Week - Recipes

Autumn is the time of year where our evenings are filled with football practice, dance recitals and other after school activities. By the time we get home and are able to sit down for a meal it’s after 8pm and we’re finding anything to fill our belly. When I have more to-do’s on my list than hours in the day I like to have my “tea” during lunch time. This Kedgeree with Eggs and Tarragon featured on is hearty and filling. My only suggestion would be to use the tarragon sparingly, unless you really love it’s anise flavour.

Moroccan Merguez Ragout with Poached Eggs

Appliance City - National Egg Week - Recipes

According to national surveys the amount of meals eaten either in a restaurant or ordered as takeaways surge during the Autumn and Winter months. Instead of venturing out into the blistering cold winds and driving rain, why not make a fakeaway? This Moroccan Merguez Ragout featured on Food52 reminds me of a beautiful dish I was served on holiday in Morocco. Not only is it simply delicious, it also reminds me of warmer times like holiday during the dreary English winter months.

Egg Florentine Pizza

Appliance City - National Egg Week - Egg Recipe

Now before you turn your nose up and walk away because….what?! Eggs on Pizza? Hear me out. Egg Florentine Pizza is a time honoured recipe in traditional Italy. Think of breakfast, runny egg yolk over crisp toast and smokey bacon. Now put that together with your grilled tomatoes and a bit of spinach. It’s the breakfast of champions! Well instead of toast this features a crisp pizza crust and is absolutely to die for. The ultimate “binner” (breakfast for dinner) recipe is this recipe from It’s warm, it’s comforting and it’s delicious, what more could you ask for?

If you love the feel of a crisp crust on the traditional restaurant pizza, fear not, with some of the range cookers from Smeg you get a pizza stone. Perfect for making that restaurant style pizza right in the comfort of your own home.

Now typically I do a dessert within our National Week posts, but since this is also National Cake week, I’ll be leaving the mouth watering desserts for another day.


We never need a reason to eat a lovely pizza but with October being National Pizza Month we can indulge even more! For the best, most delicious home cooked pizza we used our Smeg range with built in pizza stone. It delivers pizza just like you’d find in an Italian pizzaria. Molto bene!

Treat yourself to something other than the typical cheese and tomato pizza. Wow your family with one of these recipes of pizza that is to die for.

Healthy Spinach and Ricotta Pizza

Appliance City - Recipes - Pizza with Spinach and Ricotta

Mama mia that’s a beautiful pizza! Pizza doesn’t necessarily have to be full of calories and bad for the waistline. This Spinach and Ricotta Pizza featured on Food Network is the perfect answer for when you are craving a naughty pizza takeaway. Make it at home and you know just what goes in it, how healthy it is and you can add additional toppings if you so wish.

Whilst this is a healthy pizza, if you’re not watching your weight, love traditional pizzas then the following recipes are just up your alley!

Barbecue Chicken Pizza

Appliance City - Recipes - Barbecue Chicken Pizza


Utter drool fest. This Barbecue Chicken Pizza by Lil Luna will make you forget all pizza takeaways.  You’ll never want a greasy alternative again. The recipe provided does ask for a specific American barbecue sauce but nothing is stopping us from using Red’s True Barbecue, Jack Daniels Barbecue or any other barbecue sauce that may be your favourite. It is simply delicious, easy to make and much healthier than ordering out.

Grilled Chicken & Bacon Pizza with Garlic Cream Sauce

Pizza Month - Appliance City - Recipes

Grab a napkin and wipe the drool away. No seriously, this gives me a bad case of pizza envy. This recipe from Diary of a Recipe Collector is absolutely to die for. Imagine chicken carbonara or cheesy chicken Alfredo on a pizza. It’s a tempting treat that will please the whole family. Two types of cheese, spring onions, cajun spices and fresh garlic make this feel more like a creamy garlic bread than a pizza, but hey I’m game for that! This pizza taught me that you can use other bases besides tomato and barbecue sauces.

Seafood Pizza

Appliance City - Recipes - Seafood Pizza

There is something so delicious and fresh about seafood. In this recipe from Katherine Mountford she’s taken pizza to next level healthy. This pizza is gluten and dairy free and contains lots of lovely vitamins. Not on a healthy kick? Then make your own pizza crust, add a ton of cheese and indulge in the crispy, gooey, cheesy goodness.

Goat’s Cheese and Spinach Pizza

Appliance City - Recipes - Goats Cheese and Spinach Pizza

What’s missing from this image of utter perfection? Nothing! This recipe from Good to Know has the earthy taste of pine nuts, the rich, deep taste of sun dried tomatoes and creamy goat’s cheese. If you’re not a fan of pizza sauce bases you’ll be pleasantly surprised that this pizza doesn’t have a sauce. It’s the perfect left over slice for warming up in the microwave at lunch. It doesn’t go soggy!

Celebrate October with a few homemade pizzas instead of the traditional takeaway night. Not only can you make it cheaper than you can buy it, but you’ll also know just what goes in it. Are these the perfect pizzas for everyone? Probably not, but hopefully they will give you a bit of inspiration to try something new!

Cheese on toast is a classic British staple, but for Welsh Rarebit Day we’ve pulled together a few recipes to take your cheese on toast from ordinary to extraordinary.

Back through the ages, cheese on toast seems to originate somewhere in the 15th century according to literary sources from the time period. It has since been a past time favourite of Brits for meals, snacks or just because. The following recipes give your cheese on toast some serious gourmet glam.

Ultimate Cheese on ToastAppliance City - Food & Home

Lea & Perrins brings us a seriously delicious cheese on toast recipe that combines their delectable Worcestershire sauce, cream and wholegrain mustard. Serve over fresh sourdough bread or any freshly sliced bakery loaf and you’ve got yourself one heck of a snack!

Locket’s Savoury
Appliance City - Food & Home

Now this is a cheese on toast worthy of an award. Sudden Lunch creates this toast topped with watercress, fresh ripe pear, crumbled Stilton and finished with a generous sprinkling of fresh crackled black pepper delivers a palette pleasing appetiser or brilliant breakfast.  If serving for lunch Sudden Lunch suggests pairing it with red wine. If you fancy feeling like you’re in an upscale eatery but don’t want to change out of your pyjamas this one is a great choice.

Chilli Cheese ToastAppliance City - Food & Home

Love cheese on toast? Love a bit of spice? This recipe is a mouthwatering combination of fresh chillies,  bell pepper and savoury cheddar cheese. Archana’s Kitchen suggests serving this cut up into bite sized pieces for an appetiser. But with something this good, who wants to share?

Croque-MadameAppliance City - Food & Home

I’m feeling a curtsy coming on, no wait its just the queen of cheese on toast, the Croque Mademoiselle! This recipe for the Croque Madam from Cook All the Things combines luscious Brie, salty ham, savoury dijon mustard and a delicous poached egg to create a cheese on toast recipe to defeat all cheese on toast recipes. This one is a must try and not just for a snack. Perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner, why are you still reading? Get to the supermarket already!

Celebrate Welsh Rarebit day in your own way. Whether you are spicing it up with chillis, going gourmet with Brie or even adding the smoky goodness of Smoked Salmon the options for cheese on toast are endless. Start experimenting with this British classic today on a new Smeg Range Cooker with a separate dedicated gas grill that just begs to cook some cheese on toast!

Title Image Credit: The Gourmet Gab

Do you love a bit of DIY? Want to spruce up your kitchen or do a complete remodel? We’ve searched far and wide for the hottest trends in kitchen design. They span from spacious and modern to country and kitschy. Build yourself a space the inspires you to culinary genius.

Modern Country Kitchen

Appliance City - Food & Home


You don’t have to live in a character home to feature a kitchen with some personality. In this white, modern country kitchen from Modern Country Style there are clean lines mixed with shabby chic. What really completes this look is the retro Smeg fridge freezer.  Made to look like it’s fresh out of the 1950’s but performing like the next generation this fridge freezer is the perfect addition to a modern country styled kitchen.


Asian Inspired Kitchen

Appliance City - Food & Home


Open plan homes are quickly becoming the most popular type of floor plan to have.  They are modern, airy and bright and perfect for growing families. In this Asian inspired kitchen from Cast Architecture classic wood and stainless steel make this kitchen look timeless. It features an American Style Fridge Freezer, a beautiful Range Cooker and plenty of storage and cooking options with loads of worktop space, perfect for those amateur cooks or busy families.


Modern Contemporary Kitchen

Appliance City - Food & Home


One of the most popular kitchen trends this year is mixing furniture inspired architecture with clean lines to create a stunning space loaded with personality. This modern contemporary kitchen features in Forbes is a mixture of black and white, brick and marble and is gorgeous. Even in small British kitchens this look can be pulled off and with lovely built in ovens and gas hobs. Plus built in appliances free up under worktop space for other white goods or storage areas.


Industrial Style Kitchen

Industrial style kitchen


A new kitchen design that is trending is the industrial style kitchen. We see distressed woods mixed with the clean modern lines of metal to create an artistic style of kitchen that would suit any modern home. This kitchen featured in Decoist features a gorgeous modern range cooker.  The Mercury Range Cooker is stunning and comes in a variety of colours if you’re wanting to add a punch of colour to your industrial designed kitchen.


Small Kitchen Design

Appliance City - Food & home

We haven’t forgotten that most homes in the UK have limited space. Love a modern look but have limited space? This small kitchen design inspired by AEG Appliances brings fashion and functionality together. The built in oven and induction hob are perfect for kitchens short on space. Not only do they look fabulous they perform up to professional standards.

If you aren’t looking to completely remodel your kitchen, the white goods that you choose can add a flare of personality to your decor. Whether its the Retro or Victorian Range from Smeg, the French inspired design of the Rangemaster Elise range cookers or the ultra modern Mercury line, just a change of a white good can bring a whole new focal point to a kitchen without all the work of a redesign.

Great news! From now until the end of July, we’ve got a great offer for you from the stylish people over at Smeg. When you buy a stunning Victoria range cooker you can also buy a matching Smeg cooker hood for half the price! That a massive saving of up to £250.00* What are you waiting for? Shop the range HERE today!

Half Price Cooker Hood when you buy a Smeg Victoria Range Cooker | Appliance City

Half Price Cooker Hood when you buy a Smeg Victoria Range Cooker | Appliance City

Half Price Cooker Hood when you buy a Smeg Victoria Range Cooker | Appliance City

Half Price Cooker Hood when you buy a Smeg Victoria Range Cooker | Appliance City

Half Price Cooker Hood when you buy a Smeg Victoria Range Cooker | Appliance City

Like what you see? Why not give our friendly team a call who will gladly answer any questions you may have about the Smeg Victoria Range Cookers & Hoods. 0115 965 1937

*Saving based on a Smeg Victoria Cooker hood at £499.00. Actual Half Price Cost – £249.50

It’s fair to say we’re pretty excited to unveil Smeg’s new built-in range here at Appliance City!

Smeg’s passion for cooking and style is ever evident in the new collection and following the huge popularity of the award-winning Victoria Range Cookers, this new built-in range of appliances will not only be a pleasure to use but will certainly enhance the style of your kitchen. The new built-in range will also offer the best of both worlds for those who don’t have the space for a large Range Cooker but want an oven with the right design aesthetics to suit their style.

Smeg Victoria Built-in Range | Appliance City

Smeg Victoria Built-in Range | Appliance City

The new line of Smeg built-in appliances takes all of the style, design and functionality of the Victoria  Range Cookers, and cleverly adapts it to across the built in range including, ovens, combi-ovens, hobs and cooker hoods. The single ovens have a generous 65 litre capacity, plenty of room for a roast and with 12 different functions, including Smeg’s Turbo Circular you’ll have your dishes cooked evenly without the mixing of flavours acroos the shelves. It also comes with a rapid pre-heating setting and 20 automatic programmes.

Smeg Victoria Built-in Range | Appliance City

If you’re looking for all the benefits of combination cooking but don’t have the space to accommodate a large oven, the two types of combi-ovens available in the range would be a perfect choice.

Microwave combination oven. A diverse 45cm compact combination microwave oven, with 14 functions and 20 automatic programmes.

Combination steam oven. This stunning 45cm compact is perfect for the those who like to eat healthily, and features a telescopic water filling system and three cooking levels.

To complete the collection there is also a warming drawer, two gas hobs with either a four or five burner, as well as 90cm and 110cm hoods.

The Smeg built in Victoria appliances are available  in gloss black, gloss cream, as well as white and stainless steel which coordinate perfectly with the rest of Smeg’s range, including the FAB fridges. So if you are after a kitchen full of style, technology and cutting edge design, choose Smeg for you kitchen today!

Smeg Victoria Built-in Range | Appliance City

For more information on the stunning new range just give us a call on 0115 965 1937.

Introducing the all new Smeg Symphony Range Cookers! Previously only available as a 110cm model, we’re very pleased to say that Smeg have extended their popular cooker range which now features a 90cm model complete with three cavities including a separate grill. The new SY93 Dual Fuel and SY93I Induction cookers have a wealth of features to make cooking a daily pleasure and of course being Smeg, they have been designed to look great in any kitchen.

 Model Shown: SY93I in Stainless Steel

Finished in stunning stainless steel or striking black gloss, the SY93 & SY93I features the modern and distinctive aesthetic that the Smeg Symphony collection has become renowned for, and complements a wide range of other Smeg appliances. All cavities within the cooker boast easy clean enamel interiors for added convenience.

Joan Fraser, Smeg’s product training and development manager, says: “The Symphony range is incredibly popular and the addition of 90cm-wide, three cavity models will make it appeal to even more people than ever before, particularly those that want the benefits of a range cooker combined with the speed of induction.”

Smeg Symphony SY93 - 90cm Dual Fuel Range Cooker - Stainless Steel | Appliance CitySmeg Symphony SY93BL - 90cm Dual Fuel Range Cooker - Gloss Black | Appliance City

The new Smeg Symphony SY93 & SY93I – The Main Oven

The main oven offers a generous 61 litre capacity and nine cooking functions, including Circulaire with upper & lower element, which offers a similar result to rotisserie and allows food to be cooked quickly and effectively. It also has a digital electronic clock/programmer, air cooling system for added safety, four cooking levels and closed door grilling.

The new Smeg Symphony SY93 & SY93I – The Tall Oven

The tall auxiliary oven with side-opening door has a net capacity of 65 litres, nine cooking levels for added flexibility, an air cooling system and Circulaire.

The new Smeg Symphony SY93 & SY93I – The Grill

The 36-litre grill offers two cooking levels, an air cooling system, closed door grilling and a triple glazed removable door.

  Smeg Symphony SY93I - 90cm Induction Range Cooker - Stainless Steel | Appliance CitySmeg Symphony SY93IBL - 90cm Induction Range Cooker - Gloss Black | Appliance City

The new Smeg Symphony SY93I – The Induction Hob

The induction hob has five full power induction zones, including a large central zone, which is ideal for wok cooking.

The new Smeg Symphony SY93 – The Gas Hob

The gas hob on the dual fuel model features six burners with heavy duty cast iron pan stands and wok support and is adaptable for LPG.

For more information on the new SY93 Range Cookers , we’re just a phone call away and we’d be happy to help. 0115 965 1937

We’re delighted to hear this news from Smeg today at Appliance City! After the enormous success of Smeg’s TR4110I cooker with induction hob, Smeg have now expanded the Victoria range. This time it is the TR93, which now comes with the option of an induction hob. The TR93I is Smeg’s 90cm induction range cooker in the Victoria range, and comes with all the same technology and spec that has won the ‘Which? Best Buy’ status.

Offering the perfect blend of traditional aesthetics with contemporary technology, the TR93I offers the best cooking options – the controlability of an induction hob with the temperature consistency of an electric oven.

Buy the Smeg TR93I - 90cm Victoria Induction Range Cooker | Appliance City

Starting with three impressive cooking cavities, the TR93I’s diversity and flexibility really is something to admire. The main oven holds a total net capacity of 63 litres, with 9 different cooking functions. Perhaps the most useful of these functions is Smeg’s ’Circulaire’ function, which ensures that the oven is at a constant temperature throughout. It also contains a four level grilling function and an air cooling system.

The auxiliary oven has an equally impressive array of cooking functions. The tall slimmer cavity of the oven makes it ideal for cooking dishes multiple dishes including a full roast dinner. Similarly, it offers the perfect additional space if you are cooking several dishes for the family and need an extra bit of room. Finally the 36 litre variable grill completes the cooking compartments. All of the cavities also have easy clean enamel and a vapour clean function, meaning that the maintenance of the oven is extremely simple and straight forwar

Smeg TR93IP - 90cm Victoria Induction Range Cooker - Cream | Appliance City Smeg TR93IBL - 90cm Victoria Induction Range Cooker - Black | Appliance City

On the top, the induction hob holds a five induction zones of varying sizes. The hob also features an automatic safety cut out and residual heat inductors to ensure that the unit is not only efficient, but also as safe as it can be.  The black ‘Superma glass’ strength is only matched by its elegance, matching beautifully with the black gloss finish of the oven, or complementing the cream gloss finish.

Whether it be down to a reduced space, or simply a preference for a smaller appliance, this 90cm induction embodies what Smeg is all about; innovative technology with beautifully crafted design.

Need a wider range cooker? Watch the video below to discover more about the TR4110I, 110cm Induction Range Cooker, just another of the stunning range cookers in the Smeg Victoria collection featuring an induction hob top.

To find out more or to buy a new Smeg Victoria Induction Range Cooker, just call our friendly sales team on 0115 965 1937 who will be happy to help.

You can now visit us and see the Smeg Victoria TR4110BL1 in our showroom we are also stocking the cream version TR4110P1. This high end range cooker has a timeless classic design and built with some great features:

  • 7 gas hob burners
  • Multi-function ovens
  • Separate grill
  • Triple glazed door
  • Telescopic runners


A very highly specified cooker making it very versatile and very helpful. The telescopic runners alone during a roast would make a huge difference to the home cook, additional burners too for those extra veggies! The grilling department offers 2 levels and 36 litres, both oven compartments boast 63 litres each.

These cookers are available in gloss black or cream, we currently have the black on show as per the picture above. The cooker shown here is 110cm wide, however there are 90cm versions available along with matching cooker hoods and splash backs to make this Smeg cooker look like a true centre piece in your kitchen.

For more information call our sales line on 01159 965 1937 or visit our showroom in Bunny.


Do you fancy yourself as a budding new chef? Are you a real foodie lover? Or do you just enjoy cooking simple, honest home cooked food? If your answer to any of these is ‘yes‘, Smeg is interested in hearing from you!
Why not send Smeg your favourite signature dish to be in with a chance of winning some great prizes!

One lucky winner, whose signature dish will be published on the Smeg UK and International websites, will receive a genuine signed copy of Antonio Carluccio’s Cook Book ‘Simple Cooking plus a 6 piece set of Pyrex Wave Dishes worth over £60 (RRP) the perfect addition to any kitchen.
To enter, simply send the details of your signature dish recipe complete with a photograph of the finished dish to Remember, it could be savoury or sweet, just something that always works a treat! To get those taste buds tantelised, and for a little inspiration, why not browse Smeg’s existing collection of recipes here.

The competition runs until 30th June 2013. Terms & conditions apply.  Six runners up will also receive a set of Pyrex dishes.

Happy Cooking!

Don’t Forget 2% Of All Range Cooker Sales Goes To Comic Relief!

A passion for cooking deserves an outstanding cooker, with a harmonious blend of practicality and style. Inspired by the cookers used by the world’s great chefs, Smeg offers genuine design icons where style and elegance go hand in hand with extreme versatility.

Clear combinations of features, technology and style have produced the truly versatile series of Smeg Opera Cookers. The serious cook can select a beautiful design object to enhance the kitchen, which can reflect the skill of its owner by providing excellent culinary results from its wealth of functions and features.

The stylish analogue clock with electronic programming, as well as adding an exclusive touch of class, offers a convenient cooking solution, allowing you to program the start and stop of cooking times.

Cast iron pan stands for a stylish finish guarantee maximum safety with more stability so that pans can be easily moved from burner to burner. Opera Cookers can be co-ordinated with a matching splashback and hood to complete the elegant look.

Apart from the 90cm models with a single extra large 70 litre capacity oven, all Opera range cookers have two ovens. Main ovens are multifunction, with capacities between 60 and 70 litres, all featuring a comprehensive choice of oven functions. All auxiliary ovens feature grills and conventional cooking, while some models also offer a rotisserie and can be fitted with a plate rack as an accessory. Furthermore a spacious drawer under all ovens provides a convenient solution to tidy away kitchen utensils.

Hoods play an important role in the kitchen, both aesthetic and functional. Designed to offer the best combination of styling and functionality, Smeg Opera hoods reflect the elegance and style of the other kitchen appliances with which they are installed.

For this weekend only (8th – 10th March) we are offering a free Opera Cooker Hood worth up to £900 with every Opera Range Cooker!

View list of applicable models below:

Range Cookers: A1P-6, A1BL-6, A1-7, A2-8, A2BL-8, A4BL-8, A4-8, A3-7, A1PYID-6, A5-8, A2PYID-8, A2PY-8
Hoods: KD90N-2, KD90X-2, KD100N-2, KD100X-2, KD120X-1, KD120x-2, KD150X-2