It’s that time of year, family and friends gathered round the table, enjoying homemade meals with a glass of wine. If you’re like me, you have a go to wine. Mine happens to be a Pinot Grigio, it seems to go with so many dishes, it’s light on the palate and easy to enjoy. Unfortunately, or fortunately, I’m getting to that age where it’s time for me to branch out into different wines, to challenge my palate and my cooking prowess.

It seems like pairing a pasta dish with a deep shiraz would be too easy. So I went with a few bottles of wine from Naked Wines. Trying something new is never easy and you never know if you’re going to even remotely like it, but I went with it.

While I was in this trying new things state of mind, I’ve decided to give lamb a try. Where I come from lamb isn’t something that is either eaten very often or served in many standard restaurants. To be honest, I was completely frightened of eating a lamb, but my friends swear it’s delicious, so here we go.

Moroccan Spiced Braised Lamb Shanks

Appliance City - Food and Wine - Recipes - Braised Lamb Shanks

Of course, I’ve never cooked lamb, but a cabernet sauvignon does go well with both lamb and spicy dishes, especially this Arabella Cabernet Sauvignon.

The wine – this wine is blissfully fruity, made up of a refreshing black currant flavour with an elegant oak, smokiness. It tastes best when it has been decanted and allowed to breathe.

With a wine this perfect, I had to find a meal equally perfect to serve it with or risk drinking the whole bottle and leaving the leftovers to the bin. I found this delicious Moroccan lamb recipe from Elemental Custard and it definitely did not disappoint.

I wasn’t sure to do a meal with the ribs or the shanks, but with the appetites in my family shanks were definitely the go to. This dish combines lovely Middle Eastern flavours with apricot, fresh ginger and vegetables and is garnished with yoghurt. It’s perfect at this time of year when the fog is thicker than pea soup and we wouldn’t dare leave home without a coat or umbrella!

Wine: Arabella Cabernet Sauvignon 2014, perfect decanted and served at 6-8C

After tasting the beautiful notes in the Cabernet Sauvignon I was looking forward to the Sauvignon Blanc. I love a crisp white wine and had my hopes up that this one would pair nicely with a seafood dish.

Ever wondered what temperature is perfect for which wine?

Risotto with Spring Asparagus and Scallops

Scallop risotto paired with sauvignon blanc - appliance city and naked wines

I have a fondness for seafood, but most importantly it must be sustainable and in season. Nothing like doing my bit for the planet! Scallops are widely available in the UK during the winter months and are quite easy to prepare at home. Now the rest of this recipe from Betty Rosbottom does take some time and preparation. It isn’t for the fainthearted as it does take a bit of skill to get the risotto just right.

Risotto, a short grained white rice is a family favourite when either ordering at our local Italian or when I can muster up a few extra hours to make it from scratch. When I tasted the Petit Villebois Sauvignon Blanc I knew that this dish would pair perfectly with it. The wine itself is crisp, clean and slightly fruity. It had a lovely finish and brought out the sweetness in the scallops.

Wine: Petit Villebois Sauvignon Blanc 2014.

Have you tasted these wines yourself? Have a favourite pairing or a suggestion on which wine we should review next? Get in touch!

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Wine is enjoyed by many people all around the world. However, drinking wine is also a very personal choice based on taste and personality. Your love of wine is unlikely to be exactly the same as the next persons. All wine lovers have a preference over red, white or rosé and this choice is usually fairly firm. Did you know that your choice also ties in with your personality type? A study of over 2,000 wine drinkers carried out by French Wines with Style found that the social habits of red wine drinkers were markedly different from white wine drinkers, and these again differed from those who choose rosé. Perhaps we don’t always fit with the stereotype, but generally our choice of wine indicates certain things about our personality.

With this in mind we created a fun little wine suggestion tool – simply enter in the details of what you drink, where you drink and who like to enjoy it with and we will attempt to suggest some music and a book that you may enjoy!

Have fun!

Brought to you by Appliance City

Let’s take a look at the key findings of the study.

Red Drinkers

Red wine is lovely with.....

Appliance City helps you pair wine with food, music and books.

Red wine drinkers are intelligent and confident. They tend to be the most ambitious and are also high achievers. They are generally happy and content in their relationships, and enjoy travelling overseas.

White Drinkers

White wine drinkers are usually quieter, can be shy and are also practical and sturdy. However they are also more relaxed about their position in life and happy-go-lucky. They are home lovers and enjoy holidaying in their home country.

Rosé Drinkers

Generally rosé drinkers are young and outgoing. They are social networking addicts who like to describe themselves as loud, warm and charming.

As well as the type of wine you choose to drink, the setting in which you prefer to drink it and the company you choose can also be telling. It’s another part of your wine lifestyle that indicates who you are, and reveals a lot about what’s important to you, your likes and dislikes.

Savouring the Taste

Some like to enjoy their wine alone, or with limited, selective company. A good glass is quite a treat and should be savoured. Perhaps it is enjoyed over a meal, a good film or book. These wine drinkers would choose their home as their favourite place to enjoy a glass of wine.

Appliance City Wine Guide

Whether at home, at dinner in a restaurant or at the pub, wine is the drink of choice for many.

Social Drinkers

Wine can be enjoyed to help some people loosen up in social situations. It can help them feel more confident or at ease with people they may not be as familiar with. Generally social drinkers will be out at a bar or a pub with a group of people, perhaps they might not choose to drink wine in other situations.

A Glass with Friends

Enjoying a glass of wine with friends can amplify the fun. It can also increase the sense of togetherness, sharing a bottle of something delicious between a close group of people. Wine can be shared in this way in many settings, whether an intimate home environment or a lively, buzzing bar or pub.

When you combine these factors you can begin to build up a picture of a person based on their wine lifestyle. Using these clues, we have identified books and music to suit a wide range of people. It’s all in good fun, so why not try out the quiz to see what we can recommend for you based on your wine lifestyle choices. We might hit the nail on the head, or help you discover something new that you really love. We appreciate that we might also get you wrong, but we’d like to have a try 😉

Simply answer a few questions in our wine lifestyle quiz and see what we can suggest. Let us know how we did by tweeting us with your feedback. Have fun!

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wine cooler blog

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